The Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission today selected Malcolm X as the next member of the Nebraska Hall of Fame.

In an earlier post we looked at how a 1975 court order addressed Omaha Public Schools’ racial imbalance by requiring the reassignment of students to new schools and bus routes. Today we’ll look at what happened when the busing plan took effect.

The Omaha Public School District was forced to face its racial imbalance and produced an integration plan that would reassign students to new schools and bus routes. 

Communal pre-colonial Indigenous burial site protected in Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.

Since the late 1980s, History Nebraska has repatriated over 1200 sets of human remains and many thousand associated funerary objects to over 35 Indigenous nations and tribes across the Great Plains.

Capitol Hill

This site on Capitol Hill was for a decade the location of Nebraska’s second territorial capitol.

The University of Omaha football team in the huddle during a game. 1935.

The annual debate over the best way to crown college football's national champion is nothing new.

Omaha 1863

To mark the approach of Christmas in 1889 the Omaha Bee published brief recollections by some of the city’s earliest settlers about their first observances of the holiday in Omaha. The Bee’s account, published on December 22, said: “The celebrations were crude. In the absence of homes, churches and social organizations, the male population of the village celebrated the day in a method that made up in vigor what was lacking in decorum.” 

Missouria, Oto, and Ponca leaders.

While Nebraska is known for its remarkable record of Pawnee archeology, the state also is home to an important archeological record of tribes known collectively as Sedentary Siouans

Aerial View of Omaha Little Italy

In recent years some states, cities, and localities have augmented or replaced traditional observances of Columbus Day.

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