magazine spread with photo of man swinging himself up into a boxcar

What was it like to live as a hobo? And what did hobos experience in Nebraska?

Gravestone reading: "J. R. MacDonald / Leg 1922"

Omaha police officer James MacDonald spent a decade with one leg literally in the grave.

view of early Omaha from hilltop

Everything has a historical context, even the roads you drive on. Omaha's Military Avenue has a history that stretches back to the 1847 Mormon road to Utah.

Sarah Bernhardt at age 53, in 1897

When world famous stage actress Sarah Bernhardt came to Omaha in 1901, it was a big deal. Over 2000 people were overjoyed to watch her perform. But many couldn't understand a single word.

man in Spanish armor on horseback in city street

man in Spanish armor on horseback in city street

Historians long believed that in 1541, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado became the first European explorer to reach the Platte River in Nebraska. By the 1890s, historical and archeological evidence pointed toward central Kansas as Coronado’s farthest north, but the story lived on in popular culture.

Christmas card with rose from 1880

This Christmas card from 1880 depicted a warm-weather scene similar to one actually experienced by Omahans on December 24 in 1889. NSHS 3832-136 (at left).

surface cleaning photograph, dirty cotton swab

Since 2006, October has been designated American Archives Month to raise awareness about the value and work of archives and archivists.  To celebrate, we are sharing information about work we do to help archives in the area.  Check back later in the month for resources available to archivists!

panoramic photo, students, University of Omaha, 1921

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