Nebraska has an archeological record of a few Siouan-Speaking tribes (Omaha, Ponca, Oto, Ioway, Missouria) that lived in earthlodge villages. 

Missouria, Oto, and Ponca leaders.

While Nebraska is known for its remarkable record of Pawnee archeology, the state also is home to an important archeological record of tribes known collectively as Sedentary Siouans

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight the important stories in our state's past. 

Today, we're focusing on a sad story: the death of White Buffalo Girl during the forced removal of the Ponca from their homeland and the promise that the people of Neligh made to her father, Black Elk.

Interior of a class room at the Genoa Indian School. Students in class, sitting in desks and holding their books. Teachers are standing around the sides of the room. RG4422.1-20


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