Spanish American War

Prairie Imperialists: Expansion from Nebraska to Cuba and the Philippines

As a result of the Spanish-American war of 1898, the United States was suddenly a colonial power, untested in the administration of overseas territory. George Meiklejohn, Charles Magoon, and John J. Pershing were three men who had seen the “taming” of the American frontier, and as they rose to national power they applied what they had experienced in the Midwest to colonies abroad. In the Winter 2014 issue of Nebraska History, Katharine Bjork explains how these three friends with roots in Nebraska had a lasting impact on U.S. colonial policy.

The Value of a Simple Work Shirt

Think about the clothes you save–what are they?  Chances are your family saves things like wedding dresses, christening gowns, military uniforms and other fancy or formal attire.  These get handed down for a few generations (maybe) and sometimes are eventually donated to your local museum.  Museums are happy to have these items.  Clothing collections help illustrate styles over the years, fine local or regional craftsmanship, and even changes in textile manufacturing.   However, what many museums end up with is a collection of formal and fancy attire.  That’s fine but it also doesn’t allow

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