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Preliminary Operational Survival Plan, part 1 (RG0045)

This Preliminary Operational Survival Plan names Columbus as the new capital of Nebraska in the event of Lincoln's destruction by a nuclear attack.

Preliminary Operational Survival Plan, part 1 (RG0045)

Armadillo Basket  Source: Emil Dahl, Lincoln, 5006

Decline in Armadillo Population Linked to Fashionable Basket Increase

Armadillo baskets became popular after the 1902 New York World's Fair, where they were first exhibited by Charles Apelt, owner of the Apelt Armadillo Company (and Farm) in Texas. Apelt marketed these curios around the country and they made their way into many Nebraska homes.

Fascination Auto brochure  Source: Tom Lutzi, Lincoln,11422-1

The Fascination, touted as a "Space Age Transportation Innovation" by its inventor, Paul M. Lewis, was produced by the Highway Aircraft Corporation of Sidney in 1974. The streamlined, functional design reflected a concern for efficiency and stability. In August 1974 Lewis predicted that fifty more vehicles would be completed by the spring of 1975. Unfortunately his prediction never came true. Lewis resigned as company president in September 1976 under pressure from his board of directors, who felt the company's progress had been too slow.

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