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What was a valuable racehorse doing on the icy Missouri River in January 1882? Men from a local packinghouse mobilized, but would they save the horse before it was swept under the ice?

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As we enter another month of winter, here are some cold-weather-related items from the Nebraska History Museum collections, legacies of winters past:

1912 blizzard in Fairbury, Nebraska (NSHS RG2083-4-48)

1912 blizzard in Fairbury, Nebraska (NSHS RG2083-4-48)

The four men standing between snow banks in Fairbury in 1912 illustrate the aftermath of a snowstorm described by the Fairbury Journal on March 1 as “about the heaviest ever experienced in this vicinity.” The first man in line is resting his arm atop a drift, perhaps to impress upon the viewer how much snow has been heaped along the sidewalk.

“What Is It Wednesday” Revealed – every Wednesday we post an unusual artifact from our collections and encourage viewers to guess the object. While this object is not on display, please visit the newly-renovated Nebraska History Museum at 15th & P Streets in Lincoln to see interesting Nebraska history like this on exhibit now!

When Nebraska Territory was organized in 1854 one of the judicial appointments went to Edward Randolph Harden of Georgia. 

May 16, 1912 Blizzard

Chicago man who tried to drive a buckboard twenty miles through a blizzard on the Nebraska prairie and his narrow escape from death.

A train engine and cars stuck in snow near Western, Nebraska

The passengers snowbound on the Missouri Pacific train between Eagle and Elmwood were released late Friday, but not through the clearing of the track.

An ice skater was photographed on a frozen Sandhills lake in Cherry County by Solomon D. Butcher in 1901. NSHS RG2608-2913 (detail) (Left).

The early settlers of Nebraska faced many hardships, a great number of these weather and climate related. Among the most destructive of natural disasters were the sudden prairie blizzards. The blizzard of January 12, 1888 had an immense impact on the lives of all who remembered it.

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