If you let women vote, will they take away your beer? There was a time when many Nebraska men feared their wives and daughters would do just that.

An 1890s Omaha photo shows three young women dressed in what look like men’s military cadet uniforms. It was frowned upon for women to be dressed in such a manner, so why were they?

A 1902 photo shows man washing clothes, and a woman pointing at him as if giving orders.

Can you imagine living in a country where women are not allowed to vote? And what if most men and women thought it should stay that way? History Nebraska has pamphlets published by local anti-suffrage groups in the 1910s.

US flag with 12 stars

The first US flag had 13 stars. Why does this one have only 12?

Newspaper clipping, headline: "Girls, If You Want to Vote, Tell Your Exact Weight, Height, and Worst of All--Age"

Anti-suffragists reacted to Nebraska's 1917 limited suffrage law with a mix of condescension and actual fraud. But it didn't work.

Young woman reading Daily Nebraskan, 1966

Pre-Title IX University of Nebraska had some pretty ridiculous rules for women students. In this blog post, History Nebraska Board Member Elieen Wirth explores her experience at NU in the 1960s.

Today is National Holocaust Remembrance Day. While the Holocaust might seem many decades and thousands of miles from 2016 Nebraska, we preserve objects and memories so people in the present will not forget the horror and injustice of the past. This is the story of a coat and the families who wore it, saved it, buried it, cleaned it, wore it again, and, most importantly, preserved and documented it.

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During the Nebraska History Museum’s "We the People": The Nebraska Viewpoint exhibit, visitors were invited to tell their own stories in a video booth. Now the best of these recordings have been edited into a five-minute video called We the People: Nebraska Stories of Civil Rights. The video is the work of Joy Carey, a UNL broadcast news major and NSHS editorial assistant in the Publications Division.

Ten Reasons Why the Great Majority of Women Do Not Want the Ballot.

  • BECAUSE they have not lost faith in their fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers, who afford full protection to the community, there being no call for women to relieve them of the task.
  • BECAUSE women realize that when they become voters they will in consequence have to serve as jurors, and be compelled to hear all the repugnant details incident to murder trials and trials for other crimes disclosing unspeakable wickedness. Jury service is abhorrent to every normal woman.

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