Nebraska Hall of Fame: Robert W. Furnas

Newspaperman, Governor, Agriculturalist, Soldier, & Historian 

Robert W. Furnas (1824 - 1905) came to the Nebraska Territory in 1856 with experience as a printer, editor, and publisher. Shortly after his arrival, he started the Nebraska Advertiser, a publication in Brownville, Nebraska, and founded an agricultural periodical called the Nebraska Farmer in 1859. 

Furnas later served as a military colonel in the Civil War and as Nebraska's governor for one term from 1873 - 1875. 

Among other things, he was also an agent of the Omaha Indian Agency, an organizer of the State Board of Agriculture, and an organizer of the Nebraska State Historical Society. 

Robert Furnas was inducted into the Hall of fame in 1979-80.


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