Moving Image Inventories

The Moving Image Collections held by History Nebraska contain over 6 million feet of motion picture film and thousands of vintage videotape formats, all relating to Nebraska by virtue of their content or production. Moving images date from 1900 to the recent past. The collections contain many genres, such as home movies, sponsored and promotional works, public service films, local television news footage, and Nebraska-made “local talent” films. The content is particularly rich in agriculture and ranching activities, town scenes, domestic life, Native Americans, aviation, railroads, and Nebraska businesses.

Access to the collections is accomplished through consultation with the Curator of Audiovisual Collections. Moving images are digitized on demand, and there may be a cost. Media producers may be required to pay use fees. Please review our fees for the Use of Moving Images and Sound Recordings for more information.

For examples from the moving image collections, see the History Nebraska Youtube Channel’s archival moving image playlist. Additional information about various moving image collections can also be found by searching the online Collections Database.

See the following for inventories and/or shot lists from some of the Moving Image collections:


RG0001MI – Kerrey.pdf

RG0031MI – Nebraska Beautiful – 1938.pdf

RG0031MI – Nebraskaland Days.pdf

RG0039MI – Penitentiary.pdf

RG0052MI – Nebraska Where the Cornbelt Meets the Range.pdf

RG0061MI, S1 – 500 Mile Sculpture Garden.pdf

RG0142MI – Someone Pays the Piper.pdf

RG0721MI – Nebraska Farmer.pdf

RG0782MI – Wilson, L.E..pdf

RG1043MI – Robert Stella.pdf

RG1222MI – Thomas.pdf

RG1488MI – Omaha Lions Club.pdf

RG1636MI – Witschy.pdf

RG1658MI – Geier, Jacob G..pdf

RG1714MI – White Horse Ranch.pdf

RG1758MI – Tatroe Family.pdf

RG1793MI – Hill, Lee.pdf

RG1954MI – Gadd 1.pdf

RG2002MI – Champe Family.pdf

RG2039MI – Sheldon, Addison.pdf

RG2041MI – Hanna Don.pdf

RG2083MI – Jefferson County Collection.pdf

RG2114MI – Kingsley Dam.pdf

RG2133MI – Lancaster County Neb. – Bethany.pdf

RG2133MI – Lancaster County Neb. – Walton.pdf

RG2159MI – Arnold Charles Harrison.pdf

RG2620MI – Storz Arthur.pdf

RG3341MI – Dawson County NE.pdf

RG3372MI – Gage County NE.pdf

RG3422MI – Cherry, L. Dwight.pdf

RG3608MI – Mohrman Charles.pdf

RG3676MI – Krenk Jim.pdf

RG3701MI – Lincoln Interfaith Council.pdf

RG3702MI AU – Oldfield Barney.pdf

RG3926MI – Fleming Fenton.pdf

RG3937MI – Bailey Roy K.pdf

RG3945MI – Selzer Family.pdf

RG4022MI – Neville Keith.pdf

RG4025MI – Koahler Emilye.pdf

RG4169MI – German, Milo.pdf

RG4171MI – Sisel Don.pdf

RG4210MI – Burkey Rod.pdf

RG4219MI – Haxby John.pdf

RG4451MI – Grant George.pdf

RG4580MI – Nebraska Trail Series.pdf

RG4581MI – Avery Jesse.pdf

RG4592MI – New Pioneers.pdf

RG4592MI.08 – Increasing Farm Efficiency.pdf

RG4592MI.15 – The Racing Fool.pdf

RG4599MI – Diers Robert.pdf

RG4614MI – Harmon Family.pdf

RG4615MI – Harrington Ben Collection.pdf

RG4619MI – Hodgkin J. Verne.pdf

RG4644MI – Melcher William.pdf

RG4648MI – Movietonews.pdf

RG4659MI – Newberg Don.pdf

RG4664MI – Omaha Air Races.pdf

RG4665MI – Orton Cecil.pdf

RG4671MI – Rogers, Willard.pdf

RG4684MI – Smith Arthur Jr and Sr.pdf

RG4686MI – Stratford Family.pdf

RG4692MI – Universal News – Disc version.pdf

RG4696MI – Waters George.pdf

RG4697MI – Seaton Wanda Webster.pdf

RG4698MI – Wentz George.pdf

RG4873MI – LeZotte Hugh.pdf

RG4875MI – Meyer Ernest H.pdf

RG4882MI – Galvin Arnold Harold.pdf

RG4909MI – Downey Jim.pdf

RG4917MI – This is Our Town Syracuse.pdf

RG4945MI – Miller Robert.pdf

RG4989MI – Shay Family.pdf

RG4994MI – Feistner Mildred and Gaylord.pdf

RG5006MI – Rasley Georgia O.pdf

RG5057MI – Peterson Harold.pdf

RG5060MI – Walton School.pdf

RG5108MI – Ramsey Ray.pdf

RG5385MI – Benson Studios.pdf

RG5437MI – Phillipson Family.pdf

RG5508MI – H. Thiessen Pickle Company.pdf

RG5615MI – Breede Family.pdf

RG5627MI – Eckwell-Fager-Berquest.pdf

RG5674MI – Alexis Joseph.pdf

RG5675MI – Raasch Frank O.pdf

RG5723MI – Andrus Frederick M.pdf

RG5724MI – First Presbyterian Church (Fremont).pdf

RG5728MI – Saint Augustine Indian Mission.pdf

RG5732MI – Pittenger James.pdf

RG5738MI – Stuart Family.pdf

RG5739MI – Norfolk Home Movies.pdf

RG5773MI – Stock Paul (Murdock Neb.).pdf

RG5774MI – Bishop Robert.pdf

RG5776MI – Young Richard.pdf

RG5942MI – Alice Lowe.pdf

RG6010MI – Meyers Roland.pdf

RG6045MI – Greiner Loren.pdf

RG6070MI – McNally James M..pdf

RG6128MI – Biography of a Bill.pdf

RG6129MI – Mixing Brains with Ink.pdf

RG6130MI – TV Comes to Town.pdf

RG6131MI – Herstedt Rosser Ole.pdf

RG6135MI – Nebraska for the People, Part 1 – Legislative.pdf

RG6135MI – Nebraska for the People, Part 2 – Executive.pdf

RG6135MI – Nebraska for the People, Part 3 – Judicial.pdf

RG6141MI – World-Herald Story.pdf

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