November 21, 2019
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Woman standing over sink, lifts a pencil sketch on paper out of water bath.

Simons' Sketches


The Ford Conservation Center has been treating a series of sketches by Iowa artist George Simons.  The sketches were gifted by a private donor to PACE (Pottawatomie Art Culture...

Horses enjoying the pasture

Gone to Horse Heaven


Dr. Enos Lowe was one of Omaha's pioneer settlers and its first mayor. He also owned a pair of horses, George and Jim, that were inseparable for 20 years. He wrote about them in the Omaha Daily Herald after ...

Marker Monday: U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot


Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past. 

Today we focus on the site of the Navy's largest World War II inland munitions depot, which at one...

Fourteen men pose for a photo. Text below them says "The Ossenkop Jury, Mar. 1st, 1909. Plattsmouth, Neb."

Jury Duty


It's safe to say that jury duty isn't the most enjoyable thing in the world. But for one Omaha jury in February 1893, things got so bad that they actually went on strike!

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Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

Today in Nebraska History

Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

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