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Noon Bites Lecture: Learn All About Cattle Brands


Actual cowboy Marlen Luff stopped by the Nebraska History Museum to share what he knows about the history of cattle branding and show off a few of his own brands. Catch the whole lecture below.


Marker Monday: Lewis and Clark Campsite


Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past.

Lewis and Clark's journey west included a stint in Nebraska. While camping in what later became Knox...

Replacing Old Dobbin With a Delivery Truck


The advent of cars radically changed personal and professional transportation for Nebraskans. The 1911 Nebraska State Journal cheered this revolution with an article about all the good that would come from it....

Watch Where You Sit!


Dr. John Dorwart of Friend, Nebraska wanted to ensure each of his nine children always had something to remember him by. So he made them furniture out of horns.

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Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

Today in Nebraska History

Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

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