Hunting Wild Game on the Prairie


As they moved out onto the prairies, many European and American settlers were astonished by the abundance of game. This, of course, made hunting a popular pastime for many westward migrants.

Terence Duren, Shelby's Famous Artist


Terence Duren's journey to becoming one of Nebraska's leading artists began at age 6 during a battle with polio.

Marker Monday: Mayhew Cabin, 1855


Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past. Today we're focusing on one of Nebraska's oldest structures, one with a connection to famed abolitionist John...

Horses of a Different Color


It's always satisfying to see a restored piece come out of the Painting Lab, but this work we did for the Frontier Army Museum really brought this painting back to life.

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Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

Today in Nebraska History

Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

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