September 2018

The 20th Century chest that can cook



This curious object is the Thermator fireless cooker, and it was manufactured right here in Nebraska.


Fireless cookers were popular in the early 20th century, and slowly cook food using less fuel. Food was heated in pots on a stove or fire, and placed in the fireless cooker. Soapstone or metal heating plates were also heated and placed under and over the pots. The cooker was tightly closed to retain the heat and not reopened until the food was presumed cooked. Recipe books gave general guidelines for cooking times.

We're Number One!

Over the years, Nebraska has been "number one" in a lot of categories. We've had the nation's highest-rated football team, we've produced more popcorn than anyone else, we've had more school districts, and our state boasts the largest stabilized sand dune formation in the western hemisphere.

Back in '67

According to the Fremont Tri-Weekly, the winter of 1867 was especially warm. The children were barefoot in January and a moneymaking scheme melted away.

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