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History Nebraska Seeking Coronavirus Related Objects and Stories for Collections

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What would you save so that people tomorrow could understand today? History Nebraska wants the public's help documenting and preserving the experiences of Nebraskans during the coronavirus pandemic. We've created a portal for Nebraskans to help identify the essential stories to share with future generations. View the portal here.

History Nebraska is seeking objects, photos, journal entries, and other media to document the views and responses of Nebraska individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities. “We are living through a historic moment,” says Chris Goforth, Marketing and Communications Director for History Nebraska. “We want to document the experiences of Nebraskans during this unprecedented time for future generations to look back and learn. We’re asking Nebraskans to go to our website and tell us what they feel needs to be saved.”

History Nebraska has a variety of ways for Nebraskans to contribute materials to their archives. Nebraskans can submit digital content including artwork, video diaries, and digital photos, nominate an object that should be collected to document community response to COVID-19 in the state, and offer objects and archival materials for donation. Some examples of the types of materials History Nebraska is looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • Product packaging created by Nebraska businesses in response to COVID-19
  • Signs representing closures, operating changes, or messages of hope in Nebraska
  • Prototypes of masks or other personal protective equipment made in Nebraska
  • Other objects, photos, and documents that represent volunteer and fundraising efforts in Nebraska

History Nebraska has also created an opportunity for Nebraskans to share their personal experiences by submitting a digital journal. People that wish to participate can go to the website and share their stories and add their voice to the historical record. By contributing, it ensures future Nebraskans have the opportunity to understand and appreciate what life was like in our time. History Nebraska also encourages children to add their stories and share the perspective of a student and young adult during the pandemic.

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