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Previous Blog Posts Restored!

Blog posts from 2010-2013 are once again up and searchable! After our server was ruined by an electrical storm, posts from earlier than June 2013 were temporarily lost. We were able to recover most of them and re-post them online.

Blog posts often share extra content that isn’t published elsewhere, including pictures, newspaper clips, and artifacts.

For example, this post displays items from the scrapbook of a Nebraska WWII soldier, describing his time as a prisoner of war.

Also check out the blog on this 1934 article from a Lincoln newspaper about the dangers of jazz and dancing, or the one about this photo of Lincoln residents sleeping on the Capitol lawn during the Great Depression.

Other posts provide teasers for longer pieces such as books or articles. This post features photos of unusual Nebraska landscapes taken from an article about early 20th century naturalist Frank Shoemaker.

Type any word into the search bar on our blog and see what you find!

- Joy Carey, Editorial Assistant, Publications

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