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Telephone Booth Sign

A simple phone booth sign reminds us that racial segregation and discrimination were very real here in Nebraska. Our history includes laws against interracial marriage, practices that segregated home buying, and a once-active and virulent Ku Klux Klan. Even during World War II the Nebraska USO clubs that served our brave service men and women had separate facilities for black and white soldiers.

This sign probably dates from the 1920s, but it ties to much larger stories in Nebraska's past. Over the course of the next year the Nebraska State Historical Society will plan and develop exhibits and programs that will explore this important and timely subject more fully.

If you can assist in dating or documenting this sign, please contact hn.reference@nebraska.gov

Whites only telephone booth sign, ca. 1920 (11055-2721)

Source: Nebraska State Historical Society Permanent Collection

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