Nebraska Statewide Cemetery Registry

Help us document Nebraska’s cemeteries!

Nebraska Revised Statute 12-1401 requires History Nebraska (Nebraska State Historical Society) to maintain a statewide cemetery registry.

  • This statute asks persons or entities that own or maintain cemeteries to,
  • report the site to the state registry
  • update the report every ten years
  • The law asks for information for all cemeteries, any burial grounds (Native American, etc.), mausoleums, or columbarium’s in Nebraska.

Nebraska Statewide Cemetery Registry Database

  • Internal database built for in-house use of assigned History Nebraska staff after the Nebraska Legislature established cemetery registry in 2005.
  • As of April 25, 2019, we have the Nebraska Statewide Cemetery Registry available online. We would like to thank the late Joanna Ross for helping fund the current online cemetery registry database.
  • The functions on the actual Search page for the Cemetery Registry includes the following:
  • The Search Function where you can search by:
  • Cemetery Name:
  • City:
  • County:
  • Precinct
  • Only one field is required for a search. If you do not know the name for the other fields, leave those fields blank.

To register a site in the Nebraska Statewide Cemetery Registry, you may use the registration form in one of the following ways:

NOTE: At this time, there are technical difficulties with updating and registering cemeteries in the Cemetery Registry Database.  Please do not add or update information using the online form.  Please follow the instructions for using the printed registration form below.

  • Follow this link to the Cemetery Registry Database and follow the instructions regarding how to Search for your Cemetery.
  • If your cemetery is located, review the information.  If it is still current OR needs updated information send a response via Comments. We will respond when we have reviewed the data you sent to us.
  • If your cemetery is not listed and you can provide the information that is requested, click on Add Cemetery.
  • fill out the form and Save Information.  You will be notified when it has been reviewed and accepted for the Registry.
  • Any questions about completing either form, use the Comment section.
  • If you registered your cemetery, etc. after 2010 to April 1, 2019 ONLINE, please verify with us to confirm that we did receive your registration form.  There may have been a delay in entering the form OR we experienced technical difficulties and did not receive it. 
  • If you registered before 2010 (between 2005 and 2009) and NEVER sent an update, your form is now over 10 years old and you should be sending in any new data as per the statute listed previously.

Questions? Use comment section, email, call or write:

Nebraska History Library/History Nebraska Cemetery Registry
1500 "R" Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-1651
Phone: 402-471-4786

OR visit our Reference Room, History Nebraska Headquarters, 1500 R Street, Lincoln for onsite help during Reference Room hours.

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