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Everett Pitt Wilson [RG1063.AM]


RG1063.AM:  Everett Pitt Wilson, 1868-1956

Papers:  1928-1944

Chadron, Dawes County, Nebraska: Teacher and historian

Size:  1.5 cu.ft.; 3 boxes


Everett Pitt Wilson was born on September 2, 1868 at Princeton, Illinois and came to Nebraska in 1894 after attending Highland Park Normal.  He received his BA degree at Lincoln Normal in 1896 and taught there from 1896-1898.  From 1898 to 1911, he was superintendent of schools at Niobrara, Ponca, Wayne, and Chadron, Nebraska.  In 1911 he became head of the history and social science department at Chadron State Teachers College and remained until 1947.

Mr. Wilson was a member of the Nebraska State Constitutional Convention in 1919-1920 and served from 1923-1931 as a Representative in the Nebraska Legislature.  He was widely known for his historical research concerning this area.  He served as a member of the State Historical Society Executive Board and headed the Society as President from 1934-1936.  Mr. Wilson was also a minister in the Church of Christ for many years.

Mr. Wilson was secretary of the Dawes County Farm Bureau from 1913-1932 and the Chadron Hereford Show was organized in 1931 under his initiative and developed into an outstanding purebred Hereford show in the region.  For many years he taught and wrote about the U.S. Constitution and following his retirement, wrote a final book, The Constitution of the United States, A Bulwark of Liberty, which was published in 1955.  He was recognized as one of the outstanding authorities on the Constitution.

He married Cora Ellen Young at Oakland, Nebraska, in 1897.  At this death he was survived by his wife and their five daughters.  Everett Pitt Wilson died on November 21, 1956.  He is buried next to his wife in the Greenwood Cemetery at Chadron, Nebraska.


This collection consists of 3 boxes of manuscript material arranged in five series: (1) Research material, 1928-1934 (themes and manuscripts by students of Professor Wilson); (2) Correspondence, 1932-1944; (3) Addresses; (4) Pine Ridge Historical Association, 1938; and (5) Miscellany.

The bulk of this collection relates to research projects done by students in Everett P. Wilson’s history class at Chadron State Teachers College, Chadron, Nebraska.  Much of the material relates to Western Nebraska history.  It includes information on the counties and cities of Nebraska, ranches, the cattle industry, and a large amount of pioneer reminiscences.


Series 1 – Research Material, 1928-1934

Box 1


    1. Aeschbucher, J.E. – “From a Missouri Farm Boy to a Prominent Nebraska Sandhills Rancher” (includes information on Sidney Manning; Cattle Drives; Whitman, Nebraska)

    1. Alberts, Marvel – “Ranches of Brown County” (includes information on Louisiana Purchase 1803: President Thomas Jefferson, Nebraska part of purchase; Early settlers and Indians; Brown County naming and organization; Ainsworth town history; Meadville history; Hannah Ranch early history)

    1. Albrect, Helen – “Pioneer Life on the Prairies of Western Nebraska” (includes information on Religious customs; 1884 Nebraska; German Immigrants; Cheyenne County; Frontier County)

    1. Alderman, Florence – “The Pioneer life of My Father” (includes information on Father’s early history; Employed by Robert Furnas; Brownville early history)

    1. Alexander, Rose – “Pioneer Days in Boyd County” (includes Early farm methods; Early vigilantes)

    1. Anderson, Alda H. – “Broadwater County” (includes Parents’ early settlement at Platte River and Sidney)

    1. Anderson, Doris – “The Brief History of a Sandhill Ranch” (includes Spade Ranch early history, 1896; Business methods of ranch; History, Owners of Land Company)

    1. Augustine, Emily Jane – “Conditions in Dawes County ‘84” (includes Cattle Ranches, 1883-1885 in Dawes County; Early freighting history; Chadron and Dry Creek early history; Early schools; First pioneer settlers)

    1. Augustine, T.B. – “A Pioneer of Dawes County” (includes Early settler of Valentine, 1884; Experiences in freighting business)

    1. Austin, Mrs. Florence E. – “Reminiscences of a Pioneer” (includes Pioneer history in Valentine; Pioneer schools in Cherry County; Parents history in Nebraska, 1884)

    1. Barnes, Margaret – “Pioneer Days” (includes Grandparent’s settlement in West Point, 1885)

    1. Bartuneck, Alma – “William Serivin’s History” (Pioneer settler)

    1. Brickner, Gertrude – “Finding a Home” (Parent’s settlement at Hays Springs, 1885)

    1. Bright, Dorothy – “Pioneering Life” (Grandparents, Pioneer settlers; Dutch Flats history)

    1. Brugger, Dorothy – “Across the Plains to Cuming County” (Pioneer traveling of grandparents over Oregon Trail; Take up claim near Weisner, Nebraska)

    1. Busaker, Leona – “A Cheyenne County Pioneer” (History, Grandfather settlement at Lodge Pole, Nebraska, 1887; Prairie fire at Bridgeport, Nebraska, 1890)

    1. Bush, Stewart – “Pioneer Life in Eastern Nebraska” (Grandparent’s history at Holdrege, Nebraska, 1861; Mother, School Teachers at Cuming County)

    1. Callaway, Genevieve – “Life of David McCanles and His Tragic Death” (Born North Carolina, 1828; Sheriff, North Carolina at age 21; Employed James Butler Hickock; Descriptive history of tragedy)

    1. Callaway, Genevieve – “A Tragedy on the Oregon Trail” (George Winslow’s grave on Oregon Trail; History of “Dripping Springs”)

    1. Carlson, Gertrude – “Pioneer Days in Western Nebraska” (Naming of Oclebolt, Iowa; Organization of Deuel County; Garden County history; Pioneer Settlement of Mr. Benzen; Establishment of Mail Route, Julesburg, Colorado, 1886; History of Froid Township; Chappel and Sidney Townships; Swedish settlements)

    1. Carpenter, Mrs. Martha – “Cherry County Cattle Fight” (History of Kinkaiders and Rangers)

    1. Chizek, Mildred – “Western Development”

    1. Churchill, Virginia Irwin – “Irwin Brothers- Western Development” (Hunter and Evans Ranch Location; Spade Ranch History; Early cattle ranches)

    1. Coffee, Beatrice – “My Grandfather’s Pioneer Days in Sioux County” (History- Grandfather settling in Sioux County, 1880; Early Railroads, 1886; Sioux County Courthouse History; Early School History)

    1. Colwell, William – “A Real Pioneer of South Dawes County”

    1. Converse, Caurie – “The Close of Pioneer Life in Furnas County, Nebraska” (History, Hendley, Nebraska; Topography of Furnas County; Early school history of Furnas County)

    1. Cortney, Ruth – “History of Cheyenne County” (History Organization, 1867; Fort Sydney and Sedgewick; Early Post Office history, Sidney; Thomas Kane; First Postmaster and County Treasurer; Sidney early commercial history; Doc Middleton Activities; Cheyenne County History)

    1. Cortney, Ruth – “Irish Immigrants” (Grandfather’s early history)

    1. Coufal, Mary – “Pioneers of Holt County”

    1. Coyle, Miles’ “Railroad Without Stakes” (John Ryanly History; Construction Engineering Union Pacific Railroad, Cheyenne County)

    1. Crawford, Edith B. – “Pioneer Days of Box Butte County” (Nonpareil, County Seat to 1891- officers; Alliance, County seat established in 1899, Courthouse removal to Alliance; Early land settlement and sails; Cattle history; rustlers and ranchers; Kilpatrick Ranch; Sheep and Cattle industry

    1. Crews, A.L. – “Early Days in Southwest Nebraska” (Early traveling to Benkleman, Nebraska, 1880)

    1. Daily, James – “Ace” Remsburg (History as Cowboy; Ranches of early Nebraska)

    1. Davis, Echo – “Western Development” (Settlement in Omaha, 1873; Cattle Branding; Herd Cutting; Indians and Cattle Ranches; Cattle Ranches; Cherry County Naming)

    1. Davis, George – “My Cowboy Experiences” (Description of Texas Longhorns; Trail herding cattle from Texas to Wyoming)

    1. Dewing, Donald L. – “Western Development” (Grandfather settling, Sheridan County, Nebraska, 1883)

    1. Dueker, Dorothy – “Pioneering It” (John Severson Family; Box Butte County; Kearney County; Pawnee County; Grandparent’s life in early Nebraska)

    1. Edney, Bessie O. – “Mrs. Smith, Pioneer of Blaine County, Nebraska” (Smith- County Clerk, Blaine County)

    1. Edwards Viola – “Pioneer Days (Hays Springs)” (Luther Bowman- Physician Hays Springs, 1886; Hays Springs Pioneers)

    1. Fast, Perley – “Pioneer Life” (Grandfather’s pioneering in Brown County, 1882; Johnstown, Nebraska, Pioneer Commercial History)

    1. Fatig, Josie M. – “Pioneer Life in McPherson County” (G.M. Brooks Family, Pioneer settlers of county, 1882)

    1. Fernley, Mrs. Nettie – “Pioneer Days in Southeast Nebraska” (Grandparent’s pioneering at Brownville, 1863)

    1. Finch, Laura – “Ft. Phil Kearney” (Grandfather’s military history; Indian War, 1864)

    1. Fitzgerald, Kathryn – “Box Butte County”

    1. Gaughenbaugh, Nellie – “Early Days in Holt County” (Biography of Anna Gallager (her Grandmother))

    1. Gibson, Marion – “A Homestead in Western Nebraska”

    1. Glassburn, Velma – “The Experiences of a Schoolteacher in Antelope County in the Early Days” (History, Antelope County, 1879)

    1. Green, Edith L – “The Capture of Kid Wade”

    1. Gregory, Mildred – “Old Time Rancher” (Grandparents’ Early History)

Box 2


    1. Hall, Lucy Dee – “Lerdy Hall, Pioneer” (Early banking history, Crawford, Nebraska)

    1. Hammon, Vesta Elaine – “Reminiscence of Pioneer Life” (Grandparent’s Biography; Stanton County, early history; Commercial and social history; Incorporation of Stanton as village)

    1. Hansen, Roas – “Early Happenings in Dundy County” (Organization of County; Benkelman as county seat; Commercial and social history)

    1. Hayes, Grimm – “American Democracy- Saline County” (Grandfather’s Biography)

    1. Heady, Belle – “Southwestern Nebraska” (Grandparents’ Pioneering in Nebraska)

    1. Hempel, Edna – “Fifty Years in Cherry County” (Pioneering Kilgore, Cherry County, 1855; Valentine, Pioneer History)

    1. Hersh, Verna – “Experiences of a Pioneer Family” (Grandfather’s pioneering, Custer County, 1874)

    1. Hill, Edna M. – “Pioneer Days and Experiences” (Grandparent’s settlement on the Niobrara River, 1897 (vague))

    1. Hill, Wendell K. – “Pioneering Experiences of the Nelson Family” (Nelson Family Pioneering in Dawes County, 1878)

    1. Holcomb, Mrs. Elsie – “The Custer Massacre” (Massacre data given by Tom Rivington to Elsie Holcomb; General Belknap Indian Agent appointed by President Grant; Custer’s inspection of Indian Agent affairs; General Terry and Custer Controversy; Indian Chiefs: Crazy Horse, Gall, and Sitting Bull)

    1. Hood, Ida – “Pioneers of Western Nebraska” (Grandparent’s pioneering to Alliance. (No Dates))

    1. Huff, Lulu – “Wheeler County Pioneer” (Grandparents’ pioneering at Greeley, 1893; Ranch life, Wheeler County)

    1. Hughes, Bessie – “The First Sheriff of Rock County” (Henry Harris, early history; Settlement of Greeley County; Bohanen Arnold Horse Thieves; Harris, Rock County Sheriff, 1888; Naming and organization of Rock County)

    1. Hulthug, Helen Louise – “Camp Clark Bridge” (Scottsbluff naming, origin; Construction history, Camp Clark Bridge; Erected, Henry Clark, 1875; Bridgeport, Nebraska; Naming of bridge; Service duration of bridge)

    1. Irwin, Virginia – “Westward Movement” (Irwin Brothers history; Moses and Steven Austin history; Texas uprising against Mexico; Newman Cattle and Jim Dahlman; Spade Ranch established and sale)

    1. Jarvis, Hilda M. – “The Days Before” (No dates or historical facts.)

    1. Johnson, Norma – “The Life of a Pioneer Family” (Collins family history at Fort Laramie)

    1. Johnson, Olga – “The Story of my Parents Trip Across the Plains and Something About Their Early Pioneer Life in Nebraska”

    1. Johnson, Viva Ann – “Pioneer Life” (Grandparents History, No dates)

    1. Jones – “Pioneering in Western Nebraska”

    1. Jones, Lillian Tuma – “A Story of the Tuma and Jabens Families, German Immigrants Who Settled In Dodge County, Nebraska” No dates

    1. Jordan, W.B. – “Story of B.A. Jones, Pioneer of Sidney, Nebraska” (Grandfather’s history; Pioneer lawyer and Banker, Sidney)

    1. Karr, Opal – “Settlement of Central Nebraska” (Grandfather’s pioneering at Cozad)

    1. Kellogg, E. – “Early Days in Cherry County” (Railroad camp and construction, Cherry County; Valentine, Nebraska, History; Cherry County, organization, naming of; Press history of Cherry County; Land office history, 1883)

    1. Kemplin, Myrtle Taylor – “Homesteading Days” (Early homesteading at Big Springs, Nebraska, 1884)

    1. Kime, Mrs. H.F. – “Cherry County- Early Day Incidence”

    1. King, Mrs. Florence – “Pushing Back the Frontier” (Railroad building; Construction crews; Sod House construction)

    1. Knowles, Mary – “History of Dawes County” (Dawes County History, 1878; Cattle Ranches, 1878; Edgar Bronson, first cattle ranch; Dawes County Organ, 1885; Origin of Name; First Settler; Crow Butte history; Chadron history)

    1. Laing, William M. – “The Life of Mr. C.A. Newberry” (Established a hardware business in Alliance, no dates)

    1. Larson, Yvonne M. – “Pioneers of Nebraska” (Grandparents’ history, York County, Nebraska)

    1. Lenhart, Lillian – “Settlement of Western Nebraska, Cheyenne and Morrill Counties” (Biography of Henry T. Clarke; History of Camp Clarke Bridge; Cheyenne County history; First Bridge, Platte River, 1876 (3 miles from Bridgeport); Morrill County history; Industries; Early Settlers)

    1. Libby, Myrtle – “Pioneer Days” (No historical facts)

    1. Lindquist, Bernice – “Rancher and Homesteader”

    1. Livoni, Mrs. M. – “Looking Backwards” (No dates or historical facts)

    1. Longan, Clara R. – “Mrs. Frank Putnam’s Contribution to Pioneer History” (Cattle History, North Platte Valley, 1878; Early cattle ranches; Burlington Railroad, early construction; Early pioneer settlers)

    1. McCormick, Esther – “A Brief Sketch of the Life of George W. McCormick” (Grasshopper scourge, 1874; Gates College, Neligh, Nebraska, est. 1881-1882)

    1. McMurray, Wilma – “A Pioneer Schoolteacher” (Early schools in McPherson County)

    1. MacKenzie, Jean – “Early Cattle Ranching” (Cattle trailing from Texas, 1880-1882)

    1. Madison, Dorothy – “Early Settlers of Garden County” (Early pioneer experiences)

    1. Mann, Eva – “Story of Hon. Charles Mann”

    1. Manson, Grace – “Overland Traveling” (Pioneer traveling to California gold fields)

    1. Marks, Leone – “Sketch of Pioneer Minister and Indian Scout” (Grandfather’s history)

    1. Martens, Mrs. Amanda – “American History, Martens Family” (Oldenburg, Germany; History of D.G. Martens; Settlement, Seward County, Nebraska, May 1876)

    1. Massingale, Frances – “Western Development – The Life of My Grandparents” (Grandparents’ history; Early homesteading, Valentine, 1882)

    1. Melton, Mary – “Life of a Pioneer”

    1. Miller, Irene – “A True Western Story” (Cattle rustlers’ activities)

    1. Miller, Irene – “Headed for the Setting Sun” (Grandfather’s history)

    1. Mitchell. Retha – “A Hero of the Middle West” (William Bassett, pioneer rancher, Bridgeport, Nebraska)

    1. Naber, Alvena M. – “In the Days of the Vigilantes” (Vigilantes’ early activities; Holt County, Barrett Scott, history)

    1. Noakes, Myrtle J. – “Reminiscences of Major A.L. Green” (Biography of Major Green; Activities among Indian Tribes)

    1. Oestreich, Mrs. Margaret – “History of Harrison, Nebraska”

    1. Ormesher, Mildred Johnston – “Pioneer Days in Nebraska” (Parents in early Keya Paha County)

    1. Ormesher, Ralph – “Pioneer Days in Western Nebraska” (Grandparents’ pioneering at Valentine, Nebraska, 1890)

    1. O’Rourk, Sarah Jane – “History of Gordon, Nebraska” (First Pioneer settlement of Gordon, 1885; Name origin of Gordon and Sheridan County)

    1. Ostrander, Irene – “The Golden West” (Early Pony Express; Central and Union Pacific Railroads; Early pioneers, Cherry County)

    1. Overton, James – “The Life of Chief Red Cloud”

Box 3


    1. Patch, Vera – “Pioneer Life in Rock County” (Grandparents’ settlement; Pioneer ranches)

    1. Pedersen, Rhoda – “A Western Nebraska Pioneer” (Peter Nelson)

    1. Phillips, Cecile – “An Incident Which Occurred During the Civil War”

    1. Piihl, Johanna – “Our Personal Experience”

    1. Primus, Eva – “My Father’s Pioneer Days”

    1. Quein, Mattie B. – “Just A Memory” (Pioneers, southeastern Gage County)

    1. Riggs, Mr. Johnnie

    1. Riggs, Eva – “Life of John Riggs”

    1. Richter, Emily – “Into the West” (No historical facts)

    1. Ring, Helen- “The Story of a Nebraska Pioneer” (Grandparents’ history)

    1. Robinson, Irene – “The Turkey Creek Mother of the Osage Boys” (History of Benjamin Lessert)

    1. Rogers, M. – “Pioneer Family Life” (Grandparents’ pioneer life)

    1. Romig, Marvin – “Great Happenings in the West” (History of Roy Beckwith; Early cattle trailing)

    1. Roquet, Fyrne – “Early Settlement and the Development of the North Platte Valley”

    1. Rowan, James E. – “My Interview With Charley Foster” (Pioneer, Scottsbluff County; Early ranches, Chadron)

    1. Russell, Hazel – “Pioneer Days In Nebraska” (Pioneers, Johnson County)

    1. Russell, Viola – “Pioneers” (Custer County Pioneers)

    1. Sandall, Blanche – “Pioneering as Related to me” (Grandparents and great-grandparents; Pioneering to Nebraska)

    1. Sandoz, Caroline – “Jules Ami Sandoz” (Early history of Father; Pioneering to Nebraska; Cherry County History)

    1. Scott, Edith – “Life of L.M. Kennedy” (Early military history, 1864)

    1. Scriber, Edna – “Experiences of Grandma Swadley’s Pioneer Life”

    1. Seger, Gertrude – “Pioneers of 1878” (Atkinson, Holt County, Pioneers)

    1. Sharp, Elizabeth Hobson – “Pioneering” (Father’s Pioneering at Valentine, Nebraska, 1870)

    1. Slawson, Mrs. Flora – “Pioneer Days” (Brothers’ pioneering at Lodgepole, Nebraska 1886)

    1. Smith, Rae – “Pioneering in the Sandhills” (Pioneer history, Brewster, Nebraska)

    1. Spindler, Will H. – “Early Holt County Days” (Parents’ pioneer days, Holt County)

    1. Stasch, Agatha Marie – “Pioneering in Western Nebraska” (Parents’ in Cherry and Keya Paha Counties)

    1. Sturdevant, B.E. – “Letter to Hazel B. Stolte About Coming to Nebraska and Living as a Pioneer”

    1. Sturgeon, Evelyn – “Early Days In Sheridan County” (Parents’ pioneering in Sheridan County, 1884; Early Cherry County history and Hays Springs; Data on Jules Sandoz)

    1. Sweet, Jane – “My Grandparents”

    1. Thomson, Inez – “Early Ranching Days in Rock County” (Bassett Ranch, Bassett, 1871; Opp Brothers Ranch, Pony Lake; Braveton Ranch; Kraft Ranch; Doc Middleton Data)

    1. Thompson, Louise – “A History of Whitney”

    1. Thompson, Louise – “Dawes County History” (Dawes City, Early History; Whitney, Nebraska, History, 1876)

    1. Thompson, Verla – “History of Rock County” (Location and boundary (topography data); County organization; Ranches; Middleton and Kid Wade; Cattle trails)

    1. Tomjack, Evelyn – “Life in Pioneer Days” (Grandparents’ trip from Poland to Nebraska, 1871)

    1. Trensvold, Hazel – “Early Pioneer Life” (Grandparents pioneering, Rushville, Nebraska, 1885)

    1. Uglow, Wilma – “Pioneer Life Along the Niobrara River” (Grandparents’ pioneering in Nebraska)

    1. Uncapher, Anna – “Southern and Southwestern Nebraska”

    1. Waddill, Joella – “Opening of Sandhills” (Newman Ranch, location)

    1. Warren, Serial – “A Homesteader’s Life” (Clay County)

    1. Wefso, Margaret – “The Story of My Father’s Life” (Pioneering, Rock County)

    1. Wesley, Mrs. Grace – “Pioneering in Boyd County”

    1. White, Virginia – “Pioneer Life”

    1. White, Helen Louise – “Early Pioneers”

    1. Wilson, Charlotte – “History of Fort Niobrara” (Established June 1879; First Military companies; Location, Cherry County organization; Land Homesteading and Land US game reserve; Valentine)

    1. “My Grandmother’s Story” (no author listed)

    1. Wilson, Mrs. – “My Yesterdays” (Parents’ early history in Nebraska, 1870; Box Butte Sawmill, 1886; Chadron, early history; Burlington Railroad, early history)

    1. Wilson, Lucille – “Just a Pioneer Story” (Grandparents’ pioneering in Nebraska)

    1. “Nebraska Western Development” (no author listed)

Series 2 – Correspondence, 1932-1944

    1. 1932-1933

    1. 1936

    1. 1937

    1. 1939-1940

    1. 1944

Series 3 – Addresses

    1. Addresses, including:

      Better Rural Schools for Less Money – Address given before the annual convention of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, 1929

      Annual Address of President E.P. Wilson at the Annual Business Meeting of the Society, Oct. 3, 1936

      The Pine Ridge, Nebraska, Historical Monument Project – Address before the annual meeting of the Nebraska State Historical Society, Oct. 1, 1937 (several copies)

      The Historical Society Building; Where Shall it be Located?, n.d.

Series 4 – Pine Ridge Historical Association, 1938

    1. Correspondence, clippings, articles of incorporation, etc., 1938

Series 5 – Miscellany

    1. Miscellany, including:

      The Constitution: An Expression of the Fundamentals of American Life – How Shall We Teach It? by Everett Pitt Wilson, 1943

      Biographical information about Everett Pitt Wilson


Subject headings:

Cattle industry and trade — Nebraska

Cities and towns — Nebraska — History

Custer, George Armstrong, 1839-1876

Educators — Nebraska

Fort Niobrara (Nebraska)

Fort Laramie (Wyoming)

Fort Phil Kearny (Wyoming)

Frontier and pioneer life — Nebraska

Historians — Nebraska

McCanles, David Colbert, 1828-1861

Pine Ridge Historical Association

Ranches — Nebraska

Red Cloud, 1822-1909

Sandhills — Nebraska

Sandoz, Jules Ami, 1858-1928

Wilson, Everett Pitt, 1868-1956


DDS/DS/pmc          07-21-1972

AIP/ksa                   12-00-1993

TMM                      02-04-2017


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