Federal Government Records

Image of the U.S. Post Office and Federal Courthouse, Hastings, Nebraska.

U.S. Post Office and Federal Courthouse, Hastings, Nebraska. [RG2923.PH000002-000020]

History Nebraska holds some federal government records related to Nebraska history. Most  are microfilm duplicates of originals stored at the National Archives, but some collections include original records from the U.S. General Land Office and the Works Projects Administration (WPA). Contact our Reference Services Department for more information about these collections.


1860 Nebraska Census guide.pdf

1910 Nebraska Census guide.pdf

Adjutant General, Office of the U.S. [RG535].pdf

Agriculture Department, U.S. [RG522].pdf

Air Force, U.S. [RG538].pdf

Army Continental Commands, U.S. – Department of the Platte [RG533, SG1].pdf

Camp Sheridan, Nebraska [RG507].pdf

Census, U.S. Bureau of the [RG513].pdf

District Court, U.S – District of Nebraska [RG512].pdf

Dredge, Captain Meriwether Lewis [RG525].pdf

Economic Opportunity, U.S. Office of [RG523].pdf

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Malcolm X Surveillance file [RG539].pdf

Fort Atkinson, Nebraska [RG502]

Fort Crook, Nebraska [RG519].pdf

Fort Hartsuff, Nebraska [RG504].pdf

Fort Kearny, Nebraska [RG505].pdf

Fort Laramie, Wyoming [RG520].pdf

Fort McPherson, Nebraska [RG503].pdf

Fort Niobrara, Nebraska [RG506].pdf

Fort Omaha, Nebraska [RG517].pdf

Fort Randall, South Dakota [RG521].pdf

Fort Robinson, Nebraska [RG501].pdf

Fort Sidney, Nebraska [RG518].pdf

General Land Office, U.S. [RG509].pdf

Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S. [RG528].pdf

Indian Affairs, U.S. Bureau of [RG508].pdf

Interior, U.S. Department of the [RG511].pdf

Interstate Commerce Commission, U.S. [RG536].pdf

Justice, U.S. Department of – Court of Claims [RG530].pdf

National Archives and Records Service [RG524].pdf

National Fish Hatchery, U.S. – Crawford, Nebraska [RG537].pdf

National Park Service, U.S. – Region II, Omaha [RG532].pdf

National Park Service, U.S. – Scotts Bluff National Monument [RG532].pdf

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska [RG550].pdf

Post Office and Courthouse, U.S. – Lincoln, Nebraska [RG514].pdf

Post Office Department, U.S. [RG529].pdf

Provost Marshal General, U.S. [RG544].pdf

Rural Electrification Survey, Nebraska [RG0526].pdf

Supreme Court. Wyoming – Trial of Dwight J. McCann, 1880 [RG516].pdf

Surveyor General, U.S. [RG510].pdf

Territorial Papers of the U.S. [RG534].pdf

War Department, U.S. [RG500].pdf

Works Project Administration, U.S. (WPA) [RG515]

Works Project Administration, U.S. (WPA), Interviews, [RG515].xlsx


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