French Gratitude Train, Household Items


Lace 7144-77

Lace (NSHS 7144-77)

Two small lace pieces with a card attached to one piece with a straightpin that says: “Offert par Madame Louise Prétot P.T.T. Poilaine Vert-Haute Saône, Franch-Comté. En reconnaissance du bienfait de la Croix rouge Américain pendant la captivité de mon mari. Travail fait main. Broderies du pays.” [Offered by Madame Louise Pretot. In thanks for the aid from the American Red Cross during my husband’s captivity. Hand made. Regional embroidry.]

Detail of note:
Detail of note 7714-77a

Detail of Lace:
Detail of lace 7144-77a

Doily 7144-224

Doily (NSHS 7144-224 )

Floral patterned doily with filet pattern open work and an irregular shape. An attached card says: “Madame Macarez, Les Buissonnetes, Caubert, Par Abbeville

Doily 7144-74

Doily (NSHS 7144-75)

Doily with filet pattern and geometrical shapes. Beige and brown cord is interlaced with finer thread lacing within some leaves. Attached card says: “Spécialité de Broderies Sur Filet, Ameublement, E. NARDIN, 8 bis, Rue Pasteur, LUXEUIL-les-BAINS (Haute-Saône), R. C. LURE 5724/301, Producteur Hts-SAONE 216, C.C.P. NANCY 376l07, Téléphone 167

Table throw 7144-208

Table throw (NSHS 7144-208)

Macramé table cover that has floral patterns inset and a geometrical pattern in the center area.

Napkins set of 6 7144-99


Napkins (NSHS 7144-99)

Set of six linen napkins with embroidered figures of two people ringing a bell.

Napkin detail (right)

Napkin detail 7144-99

Doily 7144-69

Doily (NSHS 7144-69)

Macramé doily with a lace pattern of concentric whorls. An attached card says: “Dentelles et Broderies de Luxeuil, MME LAESSER-CHIPPAUX, Fabricant, 6 ter[?], Rue Pasteur, Luxeuil-Les-Bains, (Haute Saône), R.C. Lure 9116, Reg. Prod. Hte Saône 250

Doily detail 7144-69

Doily detail (above)

Table throw 7144-61

Table throw (NSHS 7144-61)

Crocheted table throw with floral designs. Attached card says: “MADAME MACAREZ, les Buissonnets CAUBERT, par Abbeville 

Doily 7144-63

Doily (NSHS 7144-63)

Doily with a linen center that has inset macramé and is embroidered with flowers.

Table Scarf 7144-177

Table scarf (NSHS 7144-177)

Linen table scarf with crocheted floral design on each end.

Doily 7144-65


Doilies (NSHS 7144-65)

Five linen doilies.

Doily detail (right)

Doily detail 7144-65

Doily 7144-66

Doily (NSHS 7144-66)

Macramé doily with two full circle patterns and two one-third circles connecting them. Doily detail (right)

Doily detail 7144-66

Doily 7144-207

Doily (NSHS 7144-207)

Macramé doily with floral patterns surrounding the oval center. (detail, right)

Doily detail 7144-207

Doily 7144-211

Doily (NSHS 7144-211)

Doily with a flower in the center that is surrounded by a macramé border.

Doily (NSHS 7144-72)

Doily with an off-center floral pattern.

Doily 7144-225

Doily (NSHS 7144-225)

Doily with filet pattern open work. An attached card says: “Madame Macarez, Les Buissonnetes, Cauber, Par Abbeville

Doily 7144-205

Doily (NSHS 7144-205)

Lace doily with a geometric design in the center square that is surrounded by lace with floral patterns.

Doily detail 7144-205

Doily detail (above)

Doily 7144-10

Doily (NSHS 7144-10)

Cotton doily that has an embroidered red border and embroidered flowers in each corner. There is a tag that says:
Soeurs de la Charité de Saint Louis. ORPHELINAT de VANNES. (Morbihan) A nos bienfaiteurs, REMERCIEMENTS SINCÈRES.”
[Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis, Orphanage of Vannes. To those doing good for us, our sincere thanks.]

Doily 7144-136

Doily (NSHS 7144-136)

Doily with a solid linen background that has five smaller macramé squares inset.

Doily detail 7144-136

Doily detail (above)

Doily 7144-209

Doily (NSHS 7144-209)

Doily with floral patterns. (Doily detail, right)

Doily detail 7144-209

Table runner 7144-203

Table runner (NSHS 7144-203)

Table runner with varied and finely detailed lace patterns.

Table runner detail (right)

Table runner detail 7144-203


Porcelain figurine 7144-149

Porcelain figurines of a girl frightened by a snake and of a boy and small dog. (NSHS 7144-149)

Dog figurine 7144-29

Dog figurine cut out of an aluminum sheet and attached to an aluminum base. (NSHS 7144-29)

Elephant figurine 7144-113

Carved Ivory elephant with black dots for eyes. (NSHS 7144-113)

Figurines 7144-171, 170, 169, 172

Left to right: 

Female figurine in a folk costume holding a bucket. (NSHS 7144-171)

Male figurine in a folk costume holding a crook. (NSHS 7144-170)

Male figurine in a folk costume holding a crook. (NSHS 7144-169)

Female figurine in folk costume carrying a woven straw basket. (NSHS 7144-172)

Clay figurines 7144-193 to 200

Painted clay figurines. One is stamped on the base with: “Santons et Creches de Potterie, G. CARDOT, Artisanat, 211 Avenue des Chartroux, MARSEILLE” [Pottery religious figurines]. (NSHS 7144-193 to 200)


Vases and Frames

Picture frames

Picture frames made of two round pieces of cardboard with lace. (NSHS 7144-11, 12, 13, 14)

Ceramic boot vase 7144-168

 Ceramic vase that consists of a boot with a painted buckle and a figurine of a girl in period costume that serves as a handle. Attached tag says: “FROM ENGHIEN, France.” (NSHS 7144-168)

Glass jar or vase 7144-144

Glass jar or vase with a metal decorative band. The glass is etched with floral designs. (NSHS 7144-144)

Limoges vase 7144-124

Limoges vase with a figure of a woman with a basket in one hand and the opposite arm extended. Gold trim surrounds that opening and frames the cameo of the woman. On the base it says: “MT Limoges“. Below the cameo signed in gold is the name “Tom.” (NSHS 7144-124)

Wood vase 7144-85

Wood vase with faceted sides and an etching of a woman. “Ambert” is inscribed above the woman. (NSHS 7144-85)

Small glass flower vase 7144-146

Small glass flower vase engraved with two five-petal flowers and leaves. Bottom half has painted black floral and geometric lattice design. Top rim is faceted. Vase is 4.75″ (12 cm) tall and 1.6″ (4 cm) in diameter at the base. (NSHS 7144-146)

Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry

Jewelry box 7144-135

Jewelry box 7144-135

Jewelry-sized, three-drawer mahogany box with inlays of beech or other woods and mother of pearl. The main design on the top is a central medallion consisting of a pair of winged cupids under a crowned centerpiece. There is a seated figure with an inlaid mother of pearl “1748” that surrounds her.

Jewelry box 7144-135 top

Top view (above)

Jewelry box 7144-121

Jewelry box (NSHS 7144-121 [dup2])
Wooden jewelry box with lock and key and a red satin padding inside. Card inside says: “Melle Jeanne Versmée, 113 rue de la Grotte, Lourdes, France HP

Top view (middle top)

Note (middle bottom)

Interior (right)

Jewelry box 7144-121 top

Jewelry box 7144-121 note

Jewelry box 7144-121 open

Jewelry box 7144-129

Jewelry box (NSHS 7144-129 )

Jewelry box with a raised carving of a church on the lid. In white ink on the lid: “Chaudes-Aigues” [warm waters]

Tiara 7144-9 [dup 1]

Tiara (NSHS 7144-91 [dupl])

Tiara made of twisted wire wrapped with white fiber cord. The top is decorated with small berries and multiple gossamer leaves or wings attached to the ear area.

Bracelet 7144-155

Bracelet (NSHS 7144-155)

Plastic bracelet with a twisted design. It is a one piece construction with no clasps. The inside of the case says: “Aux Tortues”, “63 Bd Haussmann, Paris 

Brooch 7144-121

Brooch (NSHS 7144-121 )

Brooch consisting of two pieces tied together. The upper pin consists of a gold colored rosette with a center floral motif. It has a straight pin clasp soldered on the back. The Tower piece is a small gold-colored Eiffel Tower with a safety pin attached to the top of the tower.

Necklace 7144-153

Necklace (NSHS 7144-153)

Rosary 7144-150

Rosary (NSHS 7144-150 )

Rosary with light blue beads and silver alloy chain and Crucifix. Rosary is 18.25″ (46.3 cm) long and has “N.D. de Lourdes” inscribed on the back of the Crucifix.

Smoking Paraphernalia


Ashtray 7144-212

Ashtray (NSHS 7144-212)

Cut crystal ashtray with a mirrored base and green felt backing. Etched on one corner of the mirror: “French Gratitude Train.”

Pipe 7144-175

Pipe (NSHS 7144-175)

Pipe with a round bowl made of turned briar. The half stem attached to the bowl is also briar. Stamped in a white oval on the bit is “ROPP.” In the bottom of the bowl “Aug. Ropp” is also stamped.

Tobacco 7144-180

Tobacco (NSHS 7144-180)

Sealed packet of loose tobacco. Printed below the pipe it says: “Mélange Extra Pour La Pipe” [Extra Mixture For Pipe.]

On the side of the package it says: “Régie Française Des Tabacs Et Allumettes” [French Government Regime of Tobaccos and Matches.]

On the back of the package it says: “SEITA” [ government trade mark.] “40 Grammes

Cigarette paper 7144-178

Cigarette papers (NSHS 7144-178)

Cellophane wrapped carton of Riz-La+ cigarette papers containing twenty-one books of papers. The side of the carton says: “Riz La +, Cigarette Paper Books

The top of the carton says: “Automatic Gummed, The Only Genuine LA + Wheat Straw Cigarette Paper”.

The bottom of the carton says: “Thanks for the friendship trains. Back to you again since 1940, French Made Riz La+, Cigarette Paper Books, Presented by L. LACROIX Fils, ANGOULEME, Paper Makers Established 1728, Ready to resume shipments to U.S.A.”

Cigarette paper 7144-179

Cigarette papers (NSHS 7144-179)

Cellophane-wrapped carton of Riz-La+ cigarette papers has twenty-one books of papers. The books are orange and yellow and the packet has a green rim.

The side of the carton says: “Riz La +, Cigarette Paper Books”

The top of the carton says: “Automatic Gummed, The Only Genuine LA + Wheat Straw Cigarette Paper”.

The bottom of the packet says: “Thanks for the friendship trains. Back to you again since 1940, French Made Riz La+, Cigarette Paper Books, Presented by L. LACROIX Fils, ANGOULEME, Paper Makers Established 1728, Ready to resume shipments to U.S.A.”


More Household Items


Pitcher 7144-139

Pitcher (NSHS 7144-139)

Pewter water pitcher with attached lid. The outside of the pitcher is decorated with an intertwined rose motif at the top neck and a leaf motif around the center. There is a wreath motif with a bow in the front lower section. In the front is a shield or coat of arms design and a large crown. Inside the pitcher there is a card that says: “Pour nos bons amis inconnus d’Amérique 1 Pot en étain et un livre ancien dans nos familles depuis plus de 200 ans. Harmonies de Lamartine 1ere Edition Mr et Mme MEYER. PAUPHILET St Georges s/Cher Loir et Cher

There is another card in the pitcher with an English translation: “For our unknown good friends of America 1 pewter pot and an old book in our families for more than 200 years. Harmonies of Lamartine, 1st edition Mr. And Mrs Meyer-Pauphilet St. Georges s/Cher Loir et Cher”

Pitcher 7144-86

Pitcher (NSHS 7144-86)

Carved wood pitcher with semi-round wooden handle.

Cup 7144-151

Cup 7144-151

Silver cup. The name “Christofie” is stamped in its box.

Cup 7144-163 [dup 1]

Cup (NSHS 7144-163 [dup1])

Porcelain cup with a scalloped top and white handle.

Decorative box 7144-6

Decorative box (NSHS 7144-6)

Satin covered cardboard box with a pink base and white cover. There are French and American flags on top of the cover. The interior is lined with white satin and a long white satin cord serves as the tie closure. The box contains one folded handkerchief with an embroidered butterfly in one corner. There is a card stapled to the handkerchief that says: “Soeurs de la Charité de Saint Louis ORPHELINAT de VANNES.(Morbihan), A nos bienfaieurs. REMERCIEMENTS SINCÈRES.”

Decorative box interior 7144-6

Box interior (above)

Paperweight 7144-56

Paperweight (NSHS 7144-56)

Paperweight with a picture of the Madonna and child visible through the front. Above the two figures it says: “N. D. de Bon Secours” [Our Lady of Mercy]

Miniature bellows 7144-157

Miniature bellows (NSHS 7144-157)

Wooden bellows with leather trip and flexible side portions, attached with small metal nails to brown wood paddles. There is a leather wrist strap. On top it says: “Ranimons la Flamme” [Let us relight the flame]

Pen and Inkwell Holder 7144-156

Pen and Inkwell Holder (NSHS 7144-156)

Pen and inkwell holder with a wooden base.

Letter opener 7144-144

Letter Opener (NSHS 7144-114)

Knife shaped letter opener with a heavy copper handle. The handle has cast letters III set above one another.

Desk Set 7144-37

Desk Set (NSHS 7144-37)

Desk set featuring an upright sailboat model with a turned wooden knob inset in base. Inscription in white ink says: “Le Val André.”

Pots 7144-116, 117

Pots [NSHS 7144-116, 117]

Left: Clay pot with light blue glaze and a brown band around the middle. Right: Clay pot with beige glaze with a brown band.

Mat 7144-19

Mat (NSHS 7144-19)

Woven straw mat that has zigzag red thread around its inner diameter and small green X’s interspersed with the red pattern. The attached tag says: “Madeleine Ch., age réel- 11 ans, age mental- 6ans _, Quotient- 0,54.”

Hot pad 7144-18

Hot pad (NSHS 7144-18 )

Woven straw hot pad with red thread decoration. Attached card reads: “Marie-Louise C, age réel: 11 ans _, age mental: 7 ans, quotient 0.63” [Marie-Louise C., actual age 11 _, mental age 7, quotient .63] On reverse: “Insitut Médical, 7, Rue Arsène Leloup, Nantes

Basket 7144-143

Basket (NSHS 7144-143)

Basket made from woven strips of copper alloy with a wooden base containing a variety of artificial flowers.

Artificial Flowers 7144-118, 119Artificial Flowers 7144-165

Artificial flowers (top: NSHS 7144-118, 119, bottom: NSHS 7144-165

Artificial roses made of small seashells mounted on paper wrapped wire stems. There are artificial yellow stamens on the interior of the roses. 

Basket 7144-7

Basket (NSHS 7144-7)

Linen basket with white lining and a linen handle topped with silk ribbon.

Decorative box 7144-94

Decorative box (NSHS 7144-94)

Box of varnished wood that is covered on sides and top with thick mirrored glass panels with a glass knob on the center of the lid. There is a card inside that says: “Union Nationale des Chabres Syndicales et Miroitiers et de Négociants en verre a vitres, 3, Rue La Boétie, Paris-8e, Tél: ANJ, 60-02

Miniature decorative shoes 7144-148

Miniature decorative shoes (NSHS 7144-148)

Pair of porcelain women’s shoes that have reproductions of works by the painter Miller on top. One one shoe is “The Gleaners,” showing peasants gleaning grain and on the other shoe is “The Angelus,” which shows a peasant pair in prayer in the fields. The number “23” is stamped in ink on the bottom of the heels and “Vichy” is written in pencil on the sole of one shoe.

Pot 7144-162

Pot (NSHS 7144-162)

Clay pot with brown rim. On the bottom of the base it says: “Fayence de France.”

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