Lincoln Airplane School [RG4172.AM]


RG4172.AM:  Lincoln Airplane School (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Lesson manual:  ca. 1929

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Size: 0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


The Lincoln Aircraft Company was organized in 1919.  That first year the company employed ten men and produced twelve airplanes.  Ray Page took over the company on August 6, 1920 and renamed it the Lincoln Standard Aircraft Company.  Under Page, the company expanded to eighty employees and produced two aircraft per week.  By the mid-1920s the company claimed to be the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the country.

Ray Page established the Lincoln Airplane School in the same building as his airplane factory at 2409 “O” Street.  Actual flight instruction took place at a field on South 14th Street in the area now occupied by the Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery.  The most famous pupil of the school was Charles A. Lindbergh, who received instruction there in 1922.


This collection consists of one box containing a lesson manual.  The manual, once in book form, is now arranged in folders by lesson numbers.  Lessons covered all aspects of ground training, including a history of aviation, definition of terms, airplane construction, mechanical apparatus use and navigation training.  A student of the school apparently used the manual in 1929.


Box 1


    1. Lesson 1 – History of Aviation and Definition of Terms

      Lesson 2 – Theory of Flight and Plane Construction

    1. Lesson 3 – Landing Gears, Tail Surfaces, and Tail Skids

      Lesson 4 – The Controls and Their Purpose

      Lesson 5 – Aligning, Rigging and Airplane Wires

      Lesson 6 – Fabrication, Doping, and Finishing

      Lesson 7 – The Four Cycle Engine Principle

    1. Lesson 8 – Water Cooled Engines

      Lesson 9 – Air-Cooled Radial Engines

      Lesson 10 – Valve Timing

      Lesson 11 – Soldering

    1. Lesson 12 – Electricity and Magnetism

      Lesson 13 – The Magneto and How It Generates Electricity

      Lesson 14 – Scintilla Aircraft Magnetos

      Lesson 15 – Aircraft Magnetos

    1. Lesson 16 – Precision Tools

      Lesson 17 – The Curtiss OX-5 Motor Disassembly

      Lesson 18 – Wright Whirlwind Engine

    1. Lesson 19 – “Wasp” Engine

      Lesson 20 – Engine Lubrication

      Lesson 21 – Installation and Timing of Magnetos

      Lesson 22 – Spark Plugs

    1. Lesson 23 – Carburetion

      Lesson 24 – Aircraft Carburetors

      Lesson 25 – Aircraft Engine Installation

      Lesson 26 – Aircraft Generators

    1. Lesson 27 – Aircraft Engine Starters

      Lesson 28 – Aircraft Storage Batteries

      Lesson 29 – Oxy-Acetylene Welding

      Lesson 30 – Aircraft Wood and Wing Construction

    1. Lesson 31 – Rib Types and the Slotted Wing

      Lesson 32 – Propellers

      Lesson 33 – Aircraft Instruments and Equipment

      Lesson 34 – Map Reading and Course Finding

    1. Lesson 35 – Navigation

      Lesson 36 – Meteorology

      Lesson 37 – Cloud Formations

    1. Lesson 38 – Airports and Airport Lighting

      Lesson 39 – Air Commerce Regulations

      Lesson 40 – Blue Print Reading


Subject headings:

Aeronautics — Nebraska

Education — Nebraska

Lincoln Airplane School (Lincoln, Nebraska)


AP/pmc                 10-17-1986

Revised TMM        08-13-2018

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