October 29, 2022

Sons of the American Revolution, Nebraska Society [RG2569.AM]


RG2569.AM: Sons of the American Revolution, Nebraska Society

Records: 1890-1935
Size: 7.0 cu.ft.; 14 boxes


The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution was organized at Fraunce’s Tavern in New York City, New York on April 30, 1869. The Nebraska Society was organized at Omaha in February of 1890.


This collection consists of fourteen boxes of material arranged in five series: 1) Correspondence, 1890-1933; 2) Records, 1890-1935; 3) Genealogical material; 4) Miscellaneous; and 5) Membership applications. The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence dating between 1890-1933, relating mainly to financial affairs (dues and membership fees), and to confirming claims to eligibility in the Society. Other materials include reports of the officers, minutes, financial records, genealogical materials, and membership applications.


Series 1 – Correspondence, 1890-1933

Box 1

  1. General Correspondence, 1890-1892
  2. General Correspondence, 1895
  3. General Correspondence, 1896
  4. General Correspondence, 1897
  5. General Correspondence, 1898-1899
  6. General Correspondence, 1900-1904
  7. General Correspondence, 1905-1909
  8. General Correspondence, 1910-1911
  9. General Correspondence, 1912

Box 2

  1. General Correspondence, 1913
  2. General Correspondence, 1914

Box 3

  1. General Correspondence, 1915
  2. General Correspondence, 1916
  3. General Correspondence, 1917
  4. General Correspondence, 1918
  5. General Correspondence, 1919

Box 4

  1. General Correspondence, 1920
  2. General Correspondence, 1921
  3. General Correspondence, 1922

Box 5

  1. General Correspondence, 1923
  2. General Correspondence, 1924
  3. General Correspondence, 1925

Box 6

  1. General Correspondence, 1925
  2. General Correspondence, 1926
  3. General Correspondence, 1927

Box 7

  1. General Correspondence, 1928
  2. General Correspondence, 1929
  3. General Correspondence, 1930
  4. General Correspondence, 1931
  5. General Correspondence, 1932
  6. General Correspondence, 1933
  7. General Correspondence, 1934
  8. General Correspondence, No Date

Series 2 – Records, 1890-1935

Box 8

  1. Minutes, 1890-1905
  2. Minutes, 1905-1933, and accompanying annual and special reports of officers
  3. Registrar’s record, 1900-1904
  4. Register of membership, 1890-1914
  5. Reports, 1910-1935

Box 9

  1. Dues sheets, 1905-1923
  2. Receipts, 1910-1930
  3. Membership rolls, 1909-1934, 1955-1956

Series 3 – Genealogical material

Box 10

  1. Lineage sheets
  2. Family histories, obituaries, records of war service, etc.
  3. Complete genealogies including:
    • “Revolutionary Ancestors of William Henry Grant,” an undated reprint from the Yearbook of the Minnesota Historical Society, S.A.F
    • “History of the Guilford Branch of the Dickerman Family,” 1869
    • Sampson Family Record, 1801-1934, 2 copies of ten each pp, typewritten
    • Huston Genealogy, 1721-1903, 3pp, typewritten

Series 4 – Miscellany

  1. Membership transfers
  2. Records of patriotic activities during World War I
  3. Miscellaneous printed matter
  4. Cards and programs
  5. Papers from the Lincoln Society of Nebraska S.A.R.
  6. Unsorted advertisements, form letters, bulletins from other societies, etc.
  7. 1897 Resolution requesting the collection and preservation of archival materials from American Revolution, resolution proposing an exhibit for the Trans-Mississippi Exposition, 1897, roster of 1897 officers, and envelope from L.P. Funkhouser

Series 5 – Membership applications, 1890- (files by state chapter number)

Box 11

  1. Descendants Index, Ancestors Index – By State Number
  2. Application Forms, K-W
  3. Sons of American Revolution, 1-49
  4. Sons of American Revolution, 50-99
  5. Sons of American Revolution, 100-149
  6. Sons of American Revolution, 150-199
  7. Sons of American Revolution, 200-249
  8. Sons of American Revolution, 250-299

Box 12

  1. Sons of American Revolution, 300-349
  2. Sons of American Revolution, 350-399
  3. Sons of American Revolution, 400-449
  4. Sons of American Revolution, 450-499
  5. Sons of American Revolution, 500-549
  6. Sons of American Revolution, 550-599
  7. Sons of American Revolution, 600-649

Box 13

  1. Sons of American Revolution, 650-699
  2. Sons of American Revolution, 700-749
  3. Sons of American Revolution, 750-799
  4. Sons of American Revolution, 800-849
  5. Sons of American Revolution, 850-899

Box 14

  1. Sons of American Revolution, 900-936
  2. Sons of American Revolution, 937-949
  3. Sons of American Revolution, 950-988
  4. Sons of American Revolution, 989-1024

Subject headings:

Clubs — Nebraska
Dickerman Family
Grant Family
Huston Family
Sampson Family
Sons of the American Revolution, Nebraska Society
United States — History — Revolution, 1775-1783 — Societies, etc.

Revised 07-14-2008 TMM

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