Stoddard Family [RG4036.AM]


RG4036.AM:  Stoddard Family

Papers: 1849-2018, n.d.

Brock and Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska:  Farmers

Size:  4.25 cu.ft.; 5 boxes


Collins DeWayne Stoddard was born near Copenhagen, New York on September 9, 1843.  He moved to Nebraska in the 1860s where he taught elementary school and eventually opened a store in DeWitt, Nebraska.  On October 22, 1871, he married Katherine Dunn.  They had three children, Mattie May, born May 2, 1873; John Francis, born April 10, 1876; and Charles Thomas, born in January of 1879.  Katherine Dunn Stoddard died on January 26, 1887, leaving Collins to raise three children.

In July of 1887, Collins started writing to Nella Aldrich, whom he had known previously.  Collins and Nella were married on October 6, 1887.  After the store in DeWitt failed, they received 50 acres of land from Nella’s father, Benton Aldrich.  They built a house and started farming.  Collins and Nella had three more children including Lois, born in 1888; Wayne, born in 1893; and Hugh, born in 1898.

Collins DeWayne Stoddard died at Auburn, Nebraska on January 13, 1901.  Nella Aldrich Stoddard died on December 24, 1938.  Lois Stoddard died on July 15, 1942.  Wayne Stoddard died on August 4, 1976.


This first two boxes of the collection consist almost entirely of financial records kept by various members of the Stoddard Family of Nemaha County, Nebraska.  The majority of the collection consists of various account books (farm, personal, etc.) dating from 1886-1965.  Also included with the account books are income tax statements and various receipts dating from 1909-1941, as well as the typescript diary of Lois Stoddard (1888-1942) edited by Robert Stoddard in July of 2006, and a folder of correspondence to John Irwin from Hugh Stoddard and others regarding Irwin’s research into the Aldrich and Stoddard families.  Additional materials were added in 2019.  These materials are unprocessed, but an inventory is available.

Note:  The photograph component of this collection [RG4036.PH] consists of various prints and negatives of Stoddard family members as well as a few relating to Benton Aldrich and the Aldrich Family.  Also included are images of the Clifton School and various other sites in Nemaha County.  Additional materials relating to the Aldrich Family may be found in the Benton Aldrich collection [RG3264].  Several publications by Hugh Stoddard are located in the Library collections.


Box 1


    1. 1886-1887, personal account, Nella Aldrich

    1. 1887-1888, ledger book

    1. 1905-1914, account book

    1. 1905-1911, account between Benton Aldrich and Nella Stoddard

    1. 1908, account book, Nella Stoddard

    1. 1909, account book, Lois Stoddard

    1. 1914-1942, account book

    1. 1915-1923, account book

    1. 1916-1917, farm account, Wayne Stoddard

    1. 1917-1918, farm account

    1. 1918-1922, farm account books

    1. 1921-1931, personal account, Lois Stoddard

    1. 1923-1926, personal account, Nella Stoddard

    1. 1924-1932, account book

    1. 1925-1928, account book

    1. 1927-1930, account book

    1. 1930-1933, farm account, Hugh Stoddard

    1. 1931-1934, poultry account

    1. 1931-1941, garden/planting record

    1. 1931-1941, automobile record, Lois Stoddard

    1. 1932-1940, personal account, Lois Stoddard

    1. 1933-1935, account book

    1. 1933-1941, farm account

    1. 1933-1942, household account

    1. 1935-1941, poultry account

    1. 1936-1938, account book

    1. 1939-1942, account book

    1. 1941-1942, personal account, Lois Stoddard

    1. 1943-1946, account book

    1. 1947-1951, account books

    1. 1952-1957, account books

Box 2


    1. 1958-1965, account books

    1. 1909-1941, n.d., income tax, receipts, etc.

    1. Diary of Lois Stoddard (1888-1942) edited by Robert Stoddard, July of 2006

    1. Correspondence to John Irwin from Hugh Stoddard and others regarding Irwin’s research into the Aldrich and Stoddard families (2018.0125)

Addendum: 2019.0017

Box 3


    1. Benton Aldrich and the Clifton, Nebraska, Farmers’ Library by John William Irwin, 1972

    1. Letters from Grandma, Mary Farrar Aldrich

    1. Farrar

    1. Aldrich Ancestors

    1. Newspaper items re. Stoddards

    1. Mattie, Francis, Tom

    1. Wayne & Family

    1. Essays by Lois Stoddard

    1. Lois Stoddard: Her Diaries plus letters, diaries, etc. from other family members

    1. Lois Stoddard

    1. Historical Sketch of Rosewood School District No. 11

    1. Hugh’s writings

    1. Hugh Stoddard

    1. HPS Discard 1

    1. HPS Discard 2

    1. Collins & Nella Letters (photocopies)

    1. Nella Aldrich

    1. Love Letters on the Prairie

    1. Collins & Nella Letters (transcribed)

    1. C.D. Stoddard diary, 1870

    1. Collins D. Stoddard

    1. Lavinia Stoddard hair book

    1. Pettet

    1. Stoddard relatives

    1. Lewis County Stoddards

    1. Stoddard Family Tree

    1. J.B. Robertson: Farmer & Agent to the Omaha

    1. Clifton School

    1. Wood glossy reprints

    1. Ponca & Omaha

    1. Harshman

Box 4


    1. Dougherty

    1. Butterfield-Stephens

    1. Margaret Aldrich Cooper & relatives

    1. Aunt Martha Aldrich

    1. Aldrich copies #1

    1. Aldrich copies #2

    1. Aldrich copies #3

    1. The Biography of a Builder of Nebraska: Martha Jane Harshman Aldrich

    1. Mary Aldrich (Gallop)

    1. Nella Aldrich Stoddard

    1. African-Americans in Nemaha County

    1. Benton Aldrich’s letters to Farrar cousins, 1895-1915

    1. Benton’s letters, 1855-1880

    1. Aldrich letters, misc. & extracts

    1. Benton Aldrich

    1. Photocopy of Benton’s day book

    1. Historical Society materials on Aldrich/Stoddard

    1. Supplements to letters from Nainie Robertson to Hugh Stoddard

    1. Letters from Nainie Robertson to Hugh Stoddard from the fall of 1924 until their marriage in August 1927

    1. Diary of Nainie Robertson Stoddard, 1918-1953

    1. Nainie’s diaries

    1. Nainie Robertson Stoddard

Box 5


    1. Journal of Spanish-American War, 1898-1899, J.H. Robertson

    1. Journal of John H. Robertson, 1898-1899 (Span. Am. War)

    1. Robertson letters, mostly 1860s

    1. Hattie’s diary, 1861

    1. Diary of T.H. Robertson, 1849 & 1861

    1. Letters of T.H. and Harriet Robertson, 1856-1867

    1. Letters of T.H. and Harriet Robertson, 1856-1867

    1. Harriet Hogeboom & others

    1. About & by T.H. Robertson

    1. Diary of T.H. Robertson, 1849

    1. Newspapers reporting deaths of T.H., Harriet, Richard & Della Robertson

    1. “About T.H. Robertson” prepared by Bob

    1. Diary of T.H. Robertson, 1861

    1. Misc. Robertson letters

    1. JBR duplicates

    1. J.B. Robertson, Indian Agent

    1. About J.B. Robertson & Ohio relatives

    1. Robertson ancestors

    1. Hamlin

    1. Foote

    1. Frank & Lucretia Wood

    1. Letters

    1. Stoddard family tree

    1. Misc. unsorted letters, diaries, notebooks, etc.


Subject headings:

Aldrich family

Aldrich, Benton, 1831-1918

Aldrich, Martha Jane (Harshman), 1836-1913

Aldrich, Mary (Farrar), 1805-1887

Agriculture — Nebraska — Nemaha County

Auburn (Nebraska) — History

Brock (Nebraska) — History

Farming — Nebraska — Nemaha County

Nemaha County (Nebraska) — History

Robertson family

Robertson, John B., 1797-1875

Robertson, John H., 1869-1950

Robertson, Harriet A. (Hogeboom), -1875

Robertson, Theodore Henry, 1824-1871

Stoddard family

Stoddard, Collins DeWayne, 1843-1901

Stoddard, Hugh P., 1899-1988

Stoddard, Lois, 1888-1942

Stoddard, Nainie (Robertson), 1895-1967

Stoddard, Nella Aldrich, 1857-1938

Stoddard, Robert Hugh, 1928-2018

Stoddard, Wayne, 1893-1976


TMM                      03-31-2008

Revised TMM        05-17-2019

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