Thomas Elwood Calvert, 1849-1916 [RG1998.AM]


RG1998.AM:  Thomas Elwood Calvert, 1849-1916

Papers:  1826-1937, mostly 1910-1916

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Construction Engineer, Burlington Railroad

Size:  2.0 cu.ft.


Thomas E. Calvert was born near Newton Square, Pennsylvania, Sept. 10, 1849, the son of Isaac A. and Pheobe R. Calvert. He spent his youth on his father’s farm and attended the public schools in Media, Pennsylvania. At the age of sixteen, Calvert was sent to a boarding school at Norristown where he took a college preparatory course. He then entered Yale University from which he graduated in 1870.

Soon after his graduation, in April 1871, Calvert came to Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and was employed in the engineering department of the Burlington Railroad west of the Missouri River. After several years of preparation, he was appointed Chief Engineer of the Lines West, in 1878. He became General Superintendent of the Lines West Division in 1884 and held this position until 1904 when he was transferred to Chicago as Chief Engineer of the entire Burlington system.

Thomas E. Calvert retired in 1912 and returned to a new home that he built in Lincoln, Nebraska. Calvert Street in Lincoln is named in his honor. Calvert died in December of 1916 and was buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of manuscript material arranged in five series: 1) Correspondence, 1826-1935; 2) letter press books, 1885-1916; 3) Legal and Financial materials, 1890-1916; 4) Scrapbooks, 1877-1895; and 5) Miscellaneous materials.

Series 1, General correspondence, mainly relates to the Burlington Railroad and includes rejection letters Calvert received when he initially sought work with the railroad.

Series 2, Letter Press Books, contains five volumes arranged in chronological order.

Series 3, Legal and financial materials, includes substantial information regarding the construction and furnishings of Calvert’s new Lincoln home.

Series 4, Scrapbooks, consists of two volumes assembled by Mrs. Calvert.

Series 5, Miscellaneous materials, includes blueprints from locomotives and train cars as well as memorabilia from trips Mrs. Calvert took after Mr. Calvert’s death.

Some correspondents include Thomas Doane, 1870-1885; George W. Holdrege 1885-1900; A.E. Touzalin 1885-1889; and Daniel Willard 1904-1935.

Note: See the photo component [RG1998.PH] for photographs.


Series 1 – General Correspondence, 1826-1935

Box 1


    1. Letter from Elizabeth Lewis to Deborah Calvert, 1826 (see oversize)

    1. 1870-1890

    1. 1893-1909

    1. 1910-1911

    1. 1912

    1. 1913

    1. 1914

    1. 1915

    1. 1916

    1. Letters to Mrs. (Cora Hardy) Calvert, 1917-1935

    1. Undated correspondence

    1. Bound volume of letters from Calverts’ overseas trip, 1911-12

Series 2 – Letter Press Books, 1885-1916


    1. 1872-1885 (see oversize)

    1. 1885-1890 (see oversize)

    1. 1891-1900 (see oversize)

    1. 1900-1910 (see oversize)

    1. 1910-1916 (see oversize)

Series 3 – Legal and Financial Files, 1890-1916

Box 1


    1. Automobile Expense, 1912-1916

    1. Barber, H.O. & Sons, (Flour Mill), 1912-1916

    1. C.B. & Q Freight Bills, 1910-1916

    1. Clow, James B., & Co. (Iron Works), 1910-1914

    1. Curtis, Towle, & Paine Co., 1912-1914

    1. Dobbs, Harry (Contractor), 1911-1913

Box 2


    1. Hardy Furniture, 1911-1916

    1. Harvey Enslow Lumber Co. and Enterprise Planing, 1913-1916

    1. Howard and Korsmeyer Electric Companies, 1911-1912

    1. Kunkler Plumbing Supplies, 1911-1912

    1. Lincoln Wallpaper Co. and Green Decorator, 1911-1912

    1. Marshall Oil Co., 1912-1915

    1. Matthews Gas Machine Co., 1912-1916

    1. Nebraska Cornice Works, 1911

    1. Nichols Roofing Co., 1911

    1. Reimers, Kaufman Co., 1911

    1. Sanitary Refrigerator & Table Co., 1915

    1. Steinway, and Welte & Co. (pianos), 1912-1916

    1. Western Brick and Supply Co., 1911

    1. Western Glass & Paint & Supply Co., 1911-1916

    1. Westover Co. (Iron Works), 1911

    1. Wolff, Mfg. and Yates Lumber Co., 1911-1915

    1. Miscellaneous bill statements, 1911-1913

    1. Miscellaneous bill statements, 1914-1917

    1. Miscellaneous materials relating to house, undated

    1. Tax receipts, 1890-1911

    1. Warranty deeds

    1. Miscellaneous financial statements

Series 4 – Scrapbooks, 1877-1895


    1. Cora Hardy Calvert’s collection of greeting cards (see oversize)

    1. Cora Hardy Calvert’s newspaper clippings (see oversize)

Series 5 – Miscellaneous Materials

Box 2


    1. Printed Material

Box 3


    1. Printed Material

    1. Blueprints (Locomotives, cars, Calvert neighborhood)

    1. Genealogy

    1. Marriage certificates of Calvert ancestors, ca. 1700s, 1800s (see oversize)

    1. Postcards collected by Cora Hardy Calvert

    1. Postcards collected by Cora Hardy Calvert

    1. Postcards collected by Cora Hardy Calvert

    1. Miscellaneous notebooks

    1. Cora Hardy Calvert’s diary from overseas trip, 1911-1912


    1. Bound book containing Calvert’s personal notes (see oversize)


Subject headings:

Calvert, Cora Belle (Hardy), 1861-1940

Calvert, Thomas Elwood, 1849-1916

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

Lancaster County (Neb.) — History

Lincoln (Neb.) — History


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