1890 & 1911 Gazetteer Index

A database (1890/1911 Gazetteer Index) has been compiled that allows researchers to locate references within the gazetteers. The researcher may input a Name, City, and/or Year (1890 or 1911) and will be given a listing of all the matching name index entries. 
If you entered...   The search results would include...
Name: Smith
City: Lincoln
Year: 1911
  All references to first/last name "Smith" from the city of "Lincoln" in the gazetteer from the year "1911".  Note that only one field is required for a search, if you don't know the Year, and/or City leave those fields blank.


1890/1911 Gazetteer Index Search

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The following information is given for most entries:

  • Name
  • City
  • Year
  • Page
  • Reel


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