Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Silver Link Rebekah Lodge #14 [RG1279.AM]


RG1279.AM:  Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Silver Link Rebekah Lodge #14

Records:  1884-1989
Geneva, Fillmore County, Nebraska
Size:  2.0 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is a non-political fraternal order originally founded in 1819 in Baltimore, Maryland.  The order is also known as the Triple Link Fraternity, referring to the order's "Triple Links" symbol.  The symbol alludes to the IOOF motto, "Friendship, Love and Truth".  Beginning in 1851 the IOOF became the first national fraternal organization to accept both men and women when it formed the Daughters of Rebekah.


The collection consists of records of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Silver Link Rebekah Lodge no. 14, Geneva, Nebraska.  The collection includes various record books, membership ledgers, financial registers, etc., dating from 1884 to 1989.


Box 1

  1. Record book, 1904-1917
  2. Record book, 1917-1923
  3. Record book, 1923-1930
  4. Record book, 1931-1939
  5. Record book, 1939-1948
  6. Record book, 1948-1956
  7. Record book, 1956-1963
  8. Record book, 1963-1971

Box 2

  1. Record book, 1972-1980
  2. Record book, 1981-1986
  3. Record book, 1986-1989
  4. Membership ledger, c.1905-1930
  5. Journal, 1904-1927
  6. Membership ledger, c.1970-1990
  7. Membership ledger, c.1948-1972
  8. Roll call book, 1948-1956
  9. Roll call book, 1928-1946
  10. Membership ledger, c.1924-1949
  11. Semi-Annual Financial Abstracts book, 1911-1927
  12. Receipt book, 1884-1916
  13. Visitors log book, 1915-1955
  14. Minute book, Hakeber Kensington Club, Geneva, 1924-1936


Subject headings:

Fillmore County (Nebraska) -- Societies
Fraternal organizations
Geneva (Nebraska) -- Societies
Hakeber Kensington Club (Geneva, Nebraska)
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Silver Link Rebekah Lodge no. 14 (Geneva, Nebraska)


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