Martin Irenius Brower, 1847-1920 [RG4055.AM]


RG4055.AM:  Martin Irenius Brower, 1847-1920

Correspondence:  1886-1901
Fullerton, Nance County, Neb.:  Lawyer; loan agent
Size:  4.0 cu.ft.; 4 boxes


Martin Irenius Brower, born March 21, 1847, in Richmond, Illinois, was the youngest son of Arlineus and Mary Martha Brower. The family moved to Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois in 1862 where Martin completed his public school education. In 1871, Martin Brower graduated from Lombard College of Galesburg, Illinois. After returning to Pontiac and reading law in the office of L.F. Payson, he soon gained his admission to the bar of Illinois.

After an initial trip with his father to Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska, to purchase land, Martin I. Brower moved there permanently in 1882. In 1884 Brower was admitted to the bar in Nance County and began his career as a lawyer and loan agent in Fullerton. He married Ella L. Clark, daughter of Ezekial and Nancy Williams Clark, on October 27, 1885, at Owego, Broome County, New York. Martin and Ella Clark Brower had three children: Mary, born 1886; Julian, born 1887; and Robert, born 1896. All were born in Fullerton, Nebraska.

Martin Brower was elected Nance County Judge in 1890, running on the Populist ticket. He served one term. His activities as an attorney and loan agent included representing many business interests and friends from Illinois and New York, for which he drew 2.5% commission. In 1900 Mr. Brower helped to organize the Fullerton National Bank and became its first president. He held this post until his death on June 5, 1920.


This collection consists of four boxes of correspondence dating from 1886-1901. The bulk of this collection consists of the business correspondence of Martin Irenius Brower in his capacity as loan agent and attorney for business interests and friends in the east, primarily Illinois and New York. Brower's activities dealt with loans and/or foreclosures on Nebraska farmland. The collection reflects the legal and business aspects of farming in turn-of-the-century Nebraska. The problems encountered by small farmers are shown in the numerous letters written to Brower regarding their situation.

In processing this material, Brower's original filing system was maintained. Therefore, the letters are arranged alphabetically within designated time periods.


Box 1
Folders 1-6   Correspondence A-Z, Jan. 18, 1886-Apr. 30, 1891
Folders 7-12   Correspondence A-Z, May 1, 1891-Feb. 26, 1892
Folders 13-18   Correspondence A-Z, Feb. 26, 1892-Sept. 25, 1892
Folders 19-24   Correspondence A-Z, Sept. 26, 1892-May 31, 1893
Folders 25-30   Correspondence A-Z, May 31, 1893-Jan. 1, 1894
Folders 31-36   Correspondence A-Z, Jan. 1, 1894-May 29, 1894

Box 2
Folders 37-42   Correspondence A-Z, May 29, 1894-Nov. 9, 1894
Folders 43-48   Correspondence A-Z, Nov. 9, 1894-Apr. 26, 1895
Folders 49-54   Correspondence A-Z, Apr. 26, 1895-Sept. 4, 1895
Folders 54a-b   Correspondence A-Z, Sept. 5, 1895-Jan. 26, 1896
Folders 55-60   Correspondence A-Z, Jan. 27, 1896-June 2, 1896
Folders 61-66   Correspondence A-Z, June 2, 1896-Jan. 1, 1897

Box 3
Folders 67-72   Correspondence A-Z, Jan. 1, 1897-May 25, 1897
Folders 73-80   Correspondence A-Z, May 25, 1897-Oct. 5, 1897
Folders 81-88   Correspondence A-Z, Oct. 5, 1897-Jan. 20, 1898
Folders 89-96   Correspondence A-Z, Jan. 21, 1898-May 21, 1898
Folders 97-104   Correspondence A-Z, May 21, 1898-Nov. 1, 1898
Folders 105-112   Correspondence A-Z, Nov. 1, 1898-Feb. 22, 1899

Box 4
Folders 113-118   Correspondence A-Z, Feb. 22, 1899-June 14, 1899
Folders 119-124   Correspondence A-Z, June 14, 1889-Oct. 4, 1899
Folders 125-130   Correspondence A-Z, Oct. 9, 1899-Mar. 10, 1900
Folders 131-136   Correspondence A-Z, Mar. 10, 1900-Aug. 9, 1900
Folders 137-143   Correspondence A-Z, Aug. 9, 1900-Jan. 1, 1901



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Brower, Martin Irenius, 1847-1920
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