Nebraska Prisoner Records Database

This is an index compiled from Nebraska Board of Pardons and Parole (RG0034) registers. It includes prisoners from the state penitentiary, the men's reformatory, and the women's reformatory.

Researchers should be aware that this database is INCOMPLETE, as it contains information on ONLY THOSE inmates who appeared before the Board of Pardons and Paroles. If you would like our reference staff to check for an inmate in the complete Descriptive Record of Inmates, Department of Correctional Services (RG0086) files, contact Library/Archives ( for procedures and cost for initiating a search.


To use this database, the researcher may input a Name, County, Crime, Prisoner Number, and/or AliasName and will be given a listing of all the matching name index entries.


If you entered...   The search results would include...
Name: Abarr
County: Lancaster
Crime: Grand Larceny
  All references to the last name "Abbar" from "Lancaster" County imprisoned for the crime of "Grand Larceny". Note that only one field is required for a search, if you don't know the County, Crime and/or Alias leave those fields blank.


Prisoner Records 1870-1990 Index Search

Enter Name:

Enter Alias:

Enter Prisoner Number:

Enter County:

Enter Crime:



The following information is given for most entries:

  • Name
  • When Born
  • Prisoner Number
  • County
  • Crime
  • Sentence
  • Photo (marked with an 'X' if there is photo on file)
  • Alias Name
  • Remarks
  • Reel Number



 The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Inmate Locator contains prisoner information from about 1975 (inmate number 30,000) to the present.


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