Nose Art in Flight


Robert Merchant Collection: A Nebraska Aerial Photographer's Experience in the Pacific during WWII


Not all of Robert Merchant’s nose art photos were taken on the ground. Several of his photos, shown here, have accompanying images taken in flight as well.


Jolly Rogers [RG5841-4-65]

The tail fins of the B-24 Liberators flown by the 90th Bomb Group (the Jolly Rogers) all sport the skull-and-crossed-bombs insignia.


Moby Dick [RG5841-4-15]

Moby Dick

The B-24 Liberator Moby Dick and four other B-24’s fly in formation above the clouds.

Moby Dick [RG5841-4-41]

Moby Dick 

The small bombs drawn onto the plane signify the number of missions the crew of Moby Dick had flown. The images of the two planes indicate a specific type of aircraft Moby Dick had shot down, and the three ships refer to specific Japanese ships the Moby Dick had destroyed.

Moby Dick [RG5841-6-22]

Moby Dick

An aerial shot of a B-24 Liberator with shark teeth nose art similar to that of Moby Dick.

Moby Dick and Moby Dick Jr. [RG5841-4-13]

Moby Dick and Moby Dick Jr.

This shows the two war planes, Moby Dick and Moby Dick Jr. on the ground. According to an uncredited source, both planes were part of the 320th Squadron, Whale Tale.

Little Beaver [RG5841-6-21]

Little Beaver

The B-24 liberator, Little Beaver.

The Dude in flight [RG5841-4-9]

The Dude

The B-24 Liberator, The Dude flying above the clouds.

The Dude closeup [RG5841-4-8]

The Dude

This shows the B-24 liberator, The Dude with a close up of its nose art.

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