Oldest Farmer Contest [RG4296.AM]


RG4296.AM:  Oldest Farmer Contest

Correspondence:  1952
Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska
Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


The “Oldest Farmer Contest” was sponsored by the Omaha World Herald from January to March of 1952.  Entrants were asked to write a letter telling when they started farming or working at farm labor; where they started; and how many years they had been farming.  The contest was open to all men still actively farming in a six state area.  The area included all of Nebraska, and in Iowa: Monona, Crawford, Carroll, Harrison, Shelby, Audobon, Pottawatamie, Cass, Mills, Montgomery, Adams, Fremont, Page and Taylor counties.  In Kansas: Cheyenne, Sherman, Rawlins, Thomas, Decatur, Norton, Phillips, Smith, Jewel, Republic, Washington and Marshall counties.  South Dakota counties included Bennett, Todd, Tripp and Gregory.  Also included in the contest were Atchison and Nodaway counties in Missouri, and Sedgewick County in Colorado.


This collection consists of one box containing letters from and replies to entrants in the Oldest Farmer Contest.  The letters relate to early settlers in Nebraska, as well as the surrounding counties in Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Missouri and Colorado.


Box 1

  1. List of contest entrants by number of years farmed
  2. Correspondence from entrants, 38-59 years
  3. Correspondence from entrants, 60-64 years
  4. Correspondence from entrants, 65-69 years
  5. Correspondence from entrants, 70-74 years
  6. Correspondence from entrants, 75-83 years
  7. Correspondence, incomplete entries, retired or otherwise ineligible


Subject headings:

Agricultural laborers
Farm life
Frontier and pioneer life -- Colorado
Frontier and pioneer life -- Iowa
Frontier and pioneer life -- Kansas
Frontier and pioneer life -- Missouri
Frontier and pioneer life -- Nebraska

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