Yates-Gwyer-Glass-Schlossberg families [RG1607.AM]


RG1607.AM:  Yates-Gwyer-Glass-Schlossberg families

Genealogical research:  1842-1961, n.d.
Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; Maryland:
Size:  0.8 cu.ft.; 1 box + oversize


This collection consists of one box of genealogical research.  The bulk of the research relates to the Yates and Gwyer families who eventually settled in Omaha, Nebraska.  Additional families represented include the Glass, Schlossberg, Norris, Hall, Bouton and other related families.  Also included at the end of the collection are folders containing original correspondence, legal documents, certificates, receipts, etc. from members of the families.

Note:  See the photo collection for related images.  See the museum catalog for related artifacts.  See RG2854 for materials relating to Henry Whitefield Yates.


Box 1

  1. Genealogical research (alphabetical), pt. 1
  2. Genealogical research (alphabetical), pt. 2
  3. Yates family research, pt. 1
  4. Yates family research, pt. 2
  5. Yates research (numbered), pt. 1
  6. Yates research (numbered), pt. 2
  7. Gwyer research (numbered), pt. 1
  8. Gwyer research (numbered), pt. 2
  9. Yates family land records, St. Mary’s County, Maryland (see also oversize)
  10. Yates-Gwyer research
  11. Correspondence, 1842-1961, n.d. (see also oversize)
  12. Legal documents, certificates, etc. (see also oversize)
  13. Receipts, 1862-1863, n.d.


Subject headings:

Glass family
Gwyer family
Gwyer, Sarah (Hall), 1819-1882
Gwyer, William Augustus, 1820-1905
Schlossberg family
Yates family
Yates, Anna Lee, 1906-1973
Yates, Idalyn (Gwyer), 1854-1932
Yates, Julia (Norris), 1810-1878
Yates, William Joseph, 1810-1875
Yates, Willis Murphy, 1847-1895


TMM     11-20-2019; 07-31-2020

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