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Painting Conservation

Our Painting Lab has helped both individuals and organizations preserve their histories by caring for, preserving, and treating their precious works of art.

Our past work includes everything from fantastic works of art, pieces of historical importance, and beloved personal objects.

We have worked on materials and techniques, including:

  • Traditional and contemporary
  • Oils and acrylics 
  • Modern Materials
  • On-site murals in public or private buildings
  • Canvas and board
  • Stage curtains or backdrops

In addition to the History Nebraska collections, we have worked with many museums, university libraries, and private clients. Anyone wanting to discuss a project or get some artifact preservation advice is encouraged to contact us.

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We are currently in the process of hiring a new paintings conservator. Please call us at 402-595-1399 or send an email

Painting Lab Success Stories

One of Willa Cather’s Inspirations

One of Willa Cather’s Inspirations

Curtain Call

Curtain Call

The Mysteries of a Painting

The Mysteries of a Painting

Beauty Behind the Grime

Beauty Behind the Grime

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