History Nebraska Toolkit

At History Nebraska we know that this is a challenging time for all Nebraskans. That's why we are excited to bring our Nebraska History Museum tour programs out of the museum and into the homes of our fellow Nebraskans! This is one of the programs that we have put together in the History Nebraska Toolkit for teachers and families to help keep students at home entertained while teaching them valuable skills using history. 

From prehistory to the present, from stone tools to DVDs, History Nebraska keeps all manner of objects. These objects can tell us all kinds of stories, but today we're focused on answering just one question:

Why do people come to Nebraska?

This toolkit tour supports the following Nebraska State Social Studies Standards:

  • SS 4.4.1: Investigate patterns of continuity and change over time in Nebraska.
  • SS 4.4.2: Analyze and explain multiple perspectives of events in Nebraska, including historically marginalized and underrepresented groups.
  • SS 4.4.3: Analyze past and current events throughout Nebraska history.
  • SS 4.4.4: Develop historical inquiry and research skills

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