Review and Compliance: Section 106

Review and Compliance: Section 106

Section 106 Review and Compliance might be one of the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office’s lesser-known programs, but it is still a valuable tool Nebraskans have for protecting the places that they love. This law was passed in 1966 as part of the National Historic Preservation Act. Section 106 was created to make sure that all qualified federal projects take into account their effects on historic properties and to allow the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation the opportunity to comment on these effects. A critical part of this process involves notifying and involving the public. Concerned members of the public can request to participate in the process and provide written comments to the federal agency and the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office.

Section 106 of the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act (as amended) aims to protect historic and cultural properties from unintentional federal action. A federal action can be through a permit, license, or funding. Historic and cultural properties include standing structures and archeological sites.


Requires federal agencies to consult with the State Historic Preservation Office to:

· Identify historic properties in the project area and determine their eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.

· Consider the effect of their projects on historic properties.

· Seek ways to avoid or reduce adverse effects to historic properties.


Gives the Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation an opportunity to comment on the project and its effects on historic properties.


Seeks the public’s opinion if review finds adverse effects to historic properties.


Our office has specific guidelines for archeological sites. Please email for questions about these guidelines.


How do I submit a project for review?


Download this form if you have a simple project that involves one or two properties.


Is your project more complex? Please mail the following information to our office.

  • Detailed description of proposed project
  • Name of all funding, permitting, and/or licensing agencies for the project (state and federal)
  • Clear project location map, including project site plan, if applicable
  • Clear, current photos of all standing structures within the project area. It helps if you key the photographs to a site plan.
  • Project address(es)
  • Project plans and specifications, if applicable


Contact us with questions.

This is a State of Nebraska law. Our office reviews and comments when a State Agency within the State of Nebraska wants to make changes to a historic building it owns. Changes must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The Governor has the final say when our office and the State Agency disagree on what the Agency should do to the building.


How do I submit a project for review?


Follow the same process for federal review.


Contact us with questions.

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