Luella's Lightning Shoe

Luella's Lightning Shoe NSHS 13290-1

Carol Pearson was browsing an estate sale in California when she found an old shoe containing a yellowed newspaper clipping and a handwritten slip of paper. In the article, an elderly Mrs. Luella Brown of Chico, California, recalled the day in 1904 when she was struck by lightning near Lakeland, Brown County, Nebraska. The slip of paper read, “I was born in 1894. This happened 1904.”

What Is It Wednesday - July 20: If The Shoe Fits

Today we're changing up What Is It Wednesday. This artifact is obviously a shoe, so we're not asking you what it is. Instead we're asking: what KIND of shoe? In other words, why is this random shoe a part of our collections? Do you think someone famous wore it? Do you think it witnessed a famous event in Nebraska history? Post your guess in the comments and share the photo to let other people guess, too!

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