Mary's Little Lamb Game

What kinds of indoor activities did you (or your parents) use to keep busy during those hot days of summer?

Image of a corner drug store

Good historical photos can give amazing glimpses into the daily lives of people in the past. This 1934 photo of Rasmussen Drugs in downtown Lincoln does exactly that, with fascinating historic ads and a surprise hidden in a window reflection.

Prior to the Boy Scouts, there were several youth organizations based on King Arthur and the Arthurian legend. One such organization was the Knighthood of Youth. Directed by the National Child Welfare Association, the Knighthood of Youth was intended for school children, 7-12 years of age. Each local chapter or club was known as a “Circle” or “Castle” of the Knighthood of Youth. The goal of the Knighthood of Youth (or “K of Y”) was to provide activities for children that would promote honesty, cleanliness (and other good habits), and good citizenship.

Mrs. Neidacorn feeding her chickens, Buffalo County, 1903.


Quilts, made by volunteer Karen Heiser

A number of communities across Nebraska were devastated by catastrophic tornadoes in 2014.

George Churley with Stumpy and Deputy Duke, two of the original Cartoon Corral puppets.


laughing boys photo, 1915

NSHS RG716-31-1 (above)

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