In 2018, the Husker football team started the season 0-6 for the first time in school history. It reminded us of a time when young Tom Osborne thought about hanging it up.

Summer 2010 issue of Nebraska History Magazine featuring Memorial Stadium 1923

The November 10 game was a classic. Nebraska upset Notre Dame 14-7. Between 1922 and 1924, Notre Dame Coach Knute Rockne’s legendary “Four Horsemen” lost only two games. Both were at Nebraska.

The Irish got their revenge in South Bend in 1924, when they pounded the Huskers 34-6 en route to a national championship. Between 1915 and 1925, Nebraska and Notre Dame played eleven times, with five wins apiece and one tie. It was one of the most heated rivalries in college football. Then the series ended in a strange fashion.

Final game at Nebraska Field, November 30, 1922. NSHS RG2758-105-10

By David L. Bristow, Editor

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Memorial Stadium hasn’t always been the home of Nebraska Cornhusker football. Between 1909 and 1922, the team played at Nebraska Field, which was more or less at the same location as present-day Memorial Stadium. The field ran east-west instead of north-south. The photo above is a detail of this one:

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