Missouri River

Cedar County marker

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past.

Today we're focusing on a marker that tells the story of Nebraska's Cedar County, so named because of the area's cedar tree groves.

harness racing

What was a valuable racehorse doing on the icy Missouri River in January 1882? Men from a local packinghouse mobilized, but would they save the horse before it was swept under the ice?

Niobrara on Wheels (RG2118.PH5-17)
Niobrara had a big problem with flooding early in its history, so its residents did the only sensible thing. They moved the town. The whole town.
sketch of steamboat

sketch of steamboat

Venting steam from its nostrils, the serpent-headed white boat moved mysteriously up the Missouri River without sails or oarsmen.

painting of steamboat on river beside bluffs

painting of steamboat on river beside bluffs

How do you find an archeological site that’s been lost for nearly 200 years? Fifteen years ago, NSHS archeologists made the discovery of a lifetime—and they did it using some surprising tools.

Missouri River flooding at Omaha in 1881, NSHS RG2341-898 (right).

Clifton E. Mayne. From Omaha Illustrated (Omaha, 1888) (at left).

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