Timeline Tuesday: Nebraska's Bees and Wasps

The Omaha Daily Bee was certainly the largest and most influential Nebraska newspaper to include "Bee" in its name. Its longtime editor, Edward Rosewater (1841-1906), in 1870 entered the newspaper business and founded the Omaha Daily Tribune. Later the same year, however, he retired from the paper and was elected to the Nebraska Legislature, where he sponsored a bill providing for the creation of an Omaha school board, a measure which was to be submitted to the voters of Omaha.

Timeline Tuesday: Drought and Depression in 1890s Nebraska

Nebraska in the early 1890s suffered from protracted drought, and farm prices fell to new lows. Conditions were so unfavorable that immigration, which had more than doubled the state's population in the 1880s, almost ceased. Nebraska's population only increased by seven thousand persons between 1890 and 1900. Some became so discouraged that they sold or gave up their property and left the state.

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