Throwback Thursday Photograph

With the rise of automobiles in the 1920s, school safety patrols grew out of concerns for the well-being of students as they walked to school. 

Selling pears from a train car (RG3372.PH000013-000019)

We hardly think of pears as rare or exotic fruits anymore, but in 1914 it was a big deal when a refrigerated train car rolled up filled to the brim with pears.

Corn Girl by Solomon Butcher (RG2608.PH0-002934)

This 1907 Solomon Butcher photo is fittingly titled Harvest Queen. We don't know who the woman in the photo is, but we do know she is ROCKING that outfit.

1930s Lincoln loved novelty food stands. Our favorite was the root beer stand that was shaped like root beer, but if root beer had eyes and hair and could smile.

NSHS Archeology Lab, May 14, 1935 (RG4290.PH0-002931)

A glimpse into History Nebraska's own past! This photo shows three men working in our Archeology Lab in 1935.

Wash Day on the Trail Farm, Otoe County, 1905 (RG2352.PH000010-000003)

Doing laundry now is unpleasant on the best of days. This 1905 Otoe County laundry day looks especially rough.

Jo Ann Grimes with toy sewing machine, 1929 (RG5385.PH000029-000065)
Flooding at 12th and O Streets in Lincoln, 1912 (RG2158-24-7)

Lincoln has seen a lot of rain this week, but not quite as much as these two.

Lincoln Bowling Parlors, 1946 (RG2183.PH1946-218-1)

Lincoln Bowling Parlors, 1946 (RG2183.PH1946-218-1)

We hope today's Throwback Thursday photo is right up your alley. The Boyden Pharmacy bowling team gather around the ball return at the Lincoln Bowling Parlors, 236 North 12 Street, on February 18, 1946. Bowling has been a long time favorite pastime in Nebraska. Where is favorite place to knock down a few pins?

Jubilee Singers (RG2608.PH766)

In 1909, Lexington Business College hosted the legendary Fisk Jubilee Singers. The occasion was recorded by Solomon Butcher. 

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