Historic Photos of Fort Robinson

History Nebraska has thousands of historic photographs of Fort Robinson which document the long and varied history of the post. These are a sample of the variety of images in our collection.


View of Fort Robinson, 1887.

1874 adobe officers quarters.

Troop I Sixth Cavalry at Fort Robinson, August 1897.

Lt. John H. Alexander, the second African-American graduate of West Point.  Served at Fort Robinson around 1890.

Tenth Cavalry practice charge at Fort Robinson.

Guard House duty at Fort Robinson, ca. 1898.

Company Mess Hall at Fort Robinson, ca. 1898.

Quarters of Corporal Raymond Jones, Troop A, Twelfth Cavalry.

Kennel at Fort Robinson War Dog Training and Reception Center during World War II.

War dog receiving vaccinations during World War II.

The United States Olympic Equestrian Team trained at Fort Robinson in the summer of 1935.

Polo matches were common at Fort Robinson during the remount era.

Participants in the pack mule race on Quartermaster Day, 1944.

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