Nebraska Historical Marker Program

The Nebraska Historical Marker program helps communities and organizations recognize the people, places, and events that are significant to our state's rich history.

Markers interpret

  • Events: broad patterns of history
  • People: significant contributions and where they were made
  • Prehistory and Archeology: what sites reveal about past peoples
  • Cultural Heritage: groups that make Nebraska distinctive
  • State History: significant contribution to Nebraska's state story

To apply:

  • Identify a marker topic and research it. The History Nebraska Reference Department can help.
  • Fill out a preliminary marker application.
  • Send to History Nebraska for staff review and to determine further steps.
  • Once the marker text has been agreed upon and a site approved, payment for the marker must be received prior to order. Markers are delivered roughly 8-12 weeks from the time of order.

By mail:

Historical Markers Program
1500 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

Or email:

Local sponsors are responsible for financing the marker.

State Historical Markers are not available to commemorate individuals, organizations or structures primarily for their longevity, public service or philanthropy. Subjects must meet the criteria for historical significance above.

Historic markers should be located on public property. When possible, the marker should be located at or near the historic site the marker interprets. History Nebraska and the Nebraska Department of Transportation will help find a suitable site.

In addition to the map below, you can also download the basic list of current markers.

Highway Historical Markers; erection or maintenance:
Written consent of History Nebraska required.

It shall be unlawful for any person, public or private corporation, association, or organization to post, erect, or maintain any historical marker, monument, sign or notice, on public property or any place in the state, upon any public street, road, or highway in the state bearing any legend, inscription, or notice which purports to record any historical event, incident, or fact or to maintain any such historical marker, monument, notice, or sign posted or erected after September 20, 1957, unless a written certificate of approval has first been secured from the Historical Land Mark Council or, after December 25, 1969, from the History Nebraska.

Marker Information

All markers are cast aluminum, silver letters against a blue background, with a state seal.

Two posts:
5' wide by 6' tall, 180 words
$6,000 including posts and shipping

42" wide by 30" tall, 80 words
$2,300 including post and shipping

6' wide by 3' tall, 170 words
$3,500 including shipping
Requires wall mounting or a masonry base at local cost

Support your local marker! Repainting a historic marker can be fun for your group or community. Use these marker painting specs. Your local auto body shop may be able to repaint the marker for you or you can gather a group to paint.

Our Explore Nebraska History app is the easiest way to find Nebraska Historical Markers in your area or access marker information from afar. You can download it on the App Store or Google Play. There is also a desktop version.

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