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Native American Heritage Month: Photo Collections

 Interior studio portrait of He Dog, a Sioux man. RG2955.PH000007


November is Native American Heritage Month. To celebrate, we will highlight Native American artifacts in our collections every Wednesday during the month of November. (Wild Weather Wednesday will be on hiatus.) Today we are focusing on photo collections. The ones we have chosen to highlight here are just a handful of the collections that include information about the past and present influences of Native Americans in Nebraska. We are very fortunate to have a strong Native American photo collection. We have put most of the larger collections in PastPerfect online. There are many more that have not been fully digitized or cleaned up enough to be shared online. Here are just a few selections from the collections:


  Studio photograph of Good Voice, a Brule Sioux Native American, circa 1880. 



  Indoor studio portrait of Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte after she returned to the Omaha Reservation, circa 1905.



  Portrait of Chief Rain in the Face, Hunkpapa Sioux. Photograph is on a Trager and Kuhn Mount, c. 1890. 



  Interior studio portrait of Sioux Jim. Note: Sioux Jim was killed by American Horse in 1876.



  Children of various ages attending the White River Indian School, ca 1888. The students, standing in front of the log building, appear to be wearing a combination of native and non-native clothing. This photograph was taken on the Rosebud Reservation.   



  Young men working at sewing machines inside a large room at the Genoa Indian School, circa 1930. 



  Richard Hastings with his dog standing next to a tipi on the Omaha Indian Reservation, Thurston County, NE. This is the lower right photo on page 62 of the Omaha Indian Homes photo album.






And each of the Tribes have a general collection:

  Please explore these collections and learn more about Nebraska's rich Native American heritage.  

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