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What’s inside the “Engineer Cantonment” issue of Nebraska History

The Spring 2018 issue of Nebraska History is devoted to the history and archeology of Engineer Cantonment. The 80-page magazine comes with a membership to the Nebraska State Historical Society. Single copies are available for $9.95 through the Nebraska History Museum.

Here’s the table of contents:

“Science and Survival at Engineer Cantonment: Archeological and Natural History Investigations at the Winter Quarters of the 1819-1820 Stephen H. Long Expedition”

Edited by John R. Bozell, Robert E. Pepperl, and Gayle F. Carlson


The 1819-1820 scientific expedition led by Major Stephen H. Long was as an important episode in the history of the American West. The winter stay at Engineer Cantonment is arguably the expedition’s most scientifically significant episode, but for more than a century the site’s Missouri River location was lost. This issue of Nebraska History tells the story of the expedition and of the site’s rediscovery and investigation by Nebraska State Historical Society archeologists.


Part 1: Introduction and the Long Expedition

Robert E. Pepperl and John R. Bozell


Part 2: The Long Expedition Stay at Engineer Cantonment

Robert E. Pepperl


Part 3: Discovering Engineer Cantonment and the Archeological Investigation

Gayle F. Carlson, Robert E. Pepperl, and John R. Bozell


Part 4: Material Recovered from the Archeological Investigation

John R. Bozell, Robert E. Pepperl, Gayle F. Carlson, Carl R. Falk, and Karen A. Steinauer


Part 5: Science at Engineer Cantonment

Hugh H. Genoways and Brett C. Ratcliffe


Part 6: An Engineer Cantonment Bestiary: The Art of Titian Ramsay Peale

Hugh H. Genoways and Thomas E. Labedz


Part 7: Engineer Cantonment and the Archeology of Exploration

John R. Bozell and Robert E. Pepperl



Postscript: 100 Years of Nebraska History


The full issue is not available online, but you can read more about it here. “Science and Survival at Engineer Cantonment,” a special issue of Nebraska History, will be published in March 2018. You can receive Nebraska History part of your NSHS membership. Single copies are available via the Nebraska History Museum, 402-471-3447.

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