Federated Church (Aurora, Neb.) [RG0701.AM]


RG0701.AM: Federated Church (Aurora, Nebraska)

Records: 1872-1978
Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska:
Size: 7 reels of microfilm


A Congregational Church and a Presbyterian Church had been in existence in Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska since 1872 and 1873, respectively. In December 1924, committees were appointed by each of the two churches in order to formulate a plan for federating the two groups. In January 1925, the resolution for federation was voted on and passed, enabling the two churches “to form a local union for work and worship.” While the churches planned to “work for the closest possible permanent local union,” each church agreed to continue its own denomination and maintain whatever organizations it deemed necessary to carry out individual functions. Therefore, separate church membership rolls and separately owned property were maintained. The Federation acts as one body in Lord’s Day, mid-week services, evangelistic efforts, community activities, social services, and business affairs.


This collection consists of seven reels of microfilm arranged in four subgroups: 1) Church Histories, 1872-1972; 2) Records of the 1st Congregational Church of Aurora, 1872-1949; 3) Records of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Aurora, 1873-1947; and 4) Records of the Federated Church of Aurora, Nebraska, 1925-1978.

This collection provides histories and records of the 1st Congregational Church, the 1st Presbyterian Church, and the Federated Church, all of Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska.

Subgroup 1 covers Church Histories of the 1st Congregational Church, 1872-1926, and the 1st Presbyterian Church, 1872-1972, both of Aurora, Nebraska. The Article of Agreement, 1925, and the Article of Incorporation, 1929, for the Federated Church, are also included.

Subgroup 2 contains Records of the 1st Congregational Church of Aurora, 1872-1949. Record books contain minutes of the Council and the Board of Trustees and Church Membership Registers. Records of the Congregational Ladies Aid Society, 1893-1928, the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor, 1896-1936, and other organizations are provided. Three issues of “The Gleaner,” 1897, are also included.

Records of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Aurora, 1873-1947, comprise Subgroup 3. Record books contain session minutes, 1878-1926, annual meeting reports, 1898-1928, church registers, 1874-1906, record of pledges, 1926-1929, and certificates of reception and dismissal. Also included are records of the Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society, 1902-1925, Young People’s Christian Endeavor, 1911-1917, and Woman’s Missionary Society, 1920-1935.

Subgroup 4 contains Records of the Federated Church of Aurora, Nebraska, 1925-1978. Record books contain session minutes, church registers, 1925-1978, baptismal records, 1942-1963, dismissal and reception records, 1942-1958, membership certificates, 1950-1963, church directories, 1963-1971, and reports or annual meetings and the church organization. Minutes of the Church Council and the Trustees, 1925-1978, the Woman’s Association Records, 1925-1953, and the Evening Circle Records, 1939-1956, are also included.


Subgroup 1: Church histories, 1872-1972
Series 1 – Histories

Reel 1

  1. Brief History of the 1st Congregational Church of Aurora, 1872-1926
  2. “Historical Review of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Aurora,” by Florence Grosvenor, 1873-1947
  3. Nebraska Centennial History of the Congregational, Presbyterian and Federated Churches of Aurora, 1872-1972
  4. Federated Church Article Agreement, January 21, 1925, and Article of Incorporation, 1929

Subgroup 2: Records of the First Congregational Church of Aurora, 1872-1949
Series 1 – Record books, 1872-1949

  1. Minutes and Church Register, 1872-1892 (including members, baptisms, and officers)
  2. Church Register, 1892-1914 (including members, baptisms, officers, constitution, and by-laws)
  3. Minutes of Council, 1892-1912
  4. Minutes of Board of Trustees, 1892-1924
  5. Minutes of Council and Church Register, 1912-1931 (including officers, baptisms, and memberships)
  6. Church Register, 1935-1949 (including members, baptisms, marriages, and officers)

Series 2 – Records of the Congregational Ladies Aid Society, 1893-1928

Reel 2 begins at v.1, p.74

  1. Minutes, 1893-1900
  2. Minutes, 1901-1908
  3. Minutes, 1909-1914
  4. Minutes, 1915-1928 (includes constitution)

Series 3 – Records of the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor, 1896-1936

  1. Minutes, 1896-1905 (includes constitution and by-laws)
  2. Minutes, 1906-1911
  3. Minutes, 1911-1936
  4. Minutes of the Jr. Society of Christian Endeavor, 1907-1909

Series 4 – Records of other organizations, 1907-1925

  1. Minutes of the Ladies Missionary Society, 1909-1914
  2. Minutes of the Upstreamers Class, 1911-1916
  3. Minutes of the Ladies Bible Class, 1921-1925

Series 5 – Miscellaneous

  1. “The Gleamer,” three issues, 1897, published by the Aurora Congregational Church

Subgroup 3: Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Aurora, 1873-1947
Series 1 – Record books, 1874-1942

  1. Minutes of Session, Church Register, 1874-1906 (including Baptisms, Communicants, and annual reports)

Reel 3 begins, Volume 2, Dec. 21, 1890

  1. Minutes of the Session, 1878-1892
  2. Minutes of the Session, 1898-1926
  3. Minutes of Annual Congregational Meetings (including Financial Reports, 1898-1928)
  4. Record of Pledges, 1926-1929
  5. Certificates of Reception and Dismissal, 1921-1942

Series 2 – Records of the Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society, 1902-1925

  1. Minutes, 1902-1909
  2. Minutes of Auxiliary meeting, 1923-1925

Series 3 – Records of the Young People’s Christian Endeavor, 1911-1917

  1. Record Book, 1911-1917 (including membership, financial reports, and minutes)

Series 4 – Records of the Woman’s Missionary Society, 1920-1935

  1. Minutes, 1920-1935

Subgroup 4: Records of the Federated Church of Aurora, Nebraska, 1925-1978
Series 1 – Record books, 1925-1978

  1. Minutes of Session, Church Register (including Communicants, Baptisms, deaths, 1925-1945)
  2. Minutes of Session, Church Register, 1927-1950 (including officers, communicants, baptisms)

Reel 4 begins, V.2, Membership-Roll T

  1. Church Register, 1946-1966 (including annual meeting minutes and council minutes, register of officers, members, baptisms, marriages and deaths)
  2. Church Register, 1964-1978 (including officers, members, baptisms, marriages and deaths)
  3. Baptismal Records, 1942-1963
  4. Dismissal and Reception Records, 1942-1958
  5. Certificate of Membership, 1950-1963
  6. Membership Transfers, 1974-1977
  7. Membership Transfers
  8. Miscellaneous membership lists, 1950-1951
  9. Reception and Dismissal letters, 1939-1958 (letter case)

Reel 5

  1. Church Directories, 1963-1971
  2. Annual meeting reports, agenda, etc., 1950-1954
  3. Annual meeting reports and agenda, etc., 1960-1973
  4. Reports of church organization, 1966-1978

Series 2 – Minutes of Church Council and Trustees, 1925-1978

  1. Minutes of Trustees, 1925-1956
  2. Minutes of Trustees, 1956-1972
  3. Minutes of Trustees, 1972-1973
  4. Minutes of Council, 1950-1954
  5. Minutes of Council, 1954-1960
  6. Minutes of Council, 1960-1978

Series 3 – Records of the Women’s Association, 1925-1953

  1. Minutes, 1925-1928

Reel 6, begins, V.1, p.138

  1. Minutes, 1928-1930
  2. Minutes, 1930-1932
  3. Minutes, 1932-1935
  4. Minutes, 1947-1953
  5. Minutes, 1954-1957
  6. Minutes, 1960-1970

Series 4 – Evening Circle records, 1939-1956

  1. Minutes, 1939-1950
  2. Minutes, 1951-1955
  3. Minutes, 1956

Reel 7 begins, V.3, Jan. 23, 1956

Subject headings:

Congregational Church in Nebraska
Federated Church (Aurora, Nebraska)
First Congregational Church (Aurora, Nebraska)
First Presbyterian Church (Aurora, Nebraska)
Hamilton County (Nebraska) — Churches
Presbyterian Church in Nebraska

Revised TMM 12-28-2006

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