Nebraska I-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Corporation [RG1858.AM]


RG1858.AM:  Nebraska I-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Corporation (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Records:  1973-1977

Nebraska:  Public sculpture project

Size:  Approx. 14.5 cu.ft. of records


The manuscript portion of this collection consists of the records of the Nebraska I-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Corporation, 1973-1977.  Included are correspondence, financial records, contracts, reports, and other materials documenting the sculpture competition [files on the winning artists and sculpture concepts, blue prints, and expenditures of the works in progress].  This is a partially processed collection, but the following container list is available.

Note:  Associated materials can be found in the photo component [RG1858.PH].


Box 1

A-1 – Articles on Public Sculpture

A-2 – American Revolution Bicentennial Administration

A-3 – Arts Projects Information

B-1 – Bicentennial Projects Information

B-2 – Brochure

B-3 – Business Committee for the Arts

C-1 – Chambers of Commerce (non I-80 towns)

C-2 – Chambers of Commerce, 1st I-80 tour

C-3 – Chambers of Commerce, 2nd I-80 tour

C-4 – Sample Contracts

C-5 – Chautauqua 1976

D-1 – Department of Roads

D-2 – Department of Economic Development

D-3 – Dedication Ceremonies, July 4, 1976

D-4 – Dedication Press List

E-1 – ETV

F-1 – Foundries

Box 2

G-1 – Gibbon, Give Erma a Home Committee

G-2 – Grants and Contracts

L-1 – Legislature

L-1.01 – State Legislature

L-1.02 – Federal Legislature

L-1.03 – Governor Exon

L-1.04 – Lt. Governor Whelan

L-2 – Legislative Council, 12/1 through 2/75 Public Meetings

L-2.01 – Group Mailings

L-2.02 – Mailings to I-80 Committees

L-2.03 – Letter of Support

L-2.04 – Letters Against

L-2.05 – Hearings, miscellaneous

M-1 – Gifford Mullins

M-2 – Miscellaneous

N-1 – An organizational analysis, Doane College, 1976

N-1.01a – NBSP, I-80 History

N-1.01b – Final Report

N-1.02 – Budget

N-1.03 – Insurance

N-1.04 – Incorporation

N-1.05 – Minutes of Corporation (NO FILE)

N-1.06 – Fund Raising Luncheon, November 27, 1974

N-1.07 – Luncheon, March 6, 1975

N-1.08a – Cash Donations

N-1.08b – In-Kind Donations

N-1.09 – Personnel & Equipment

N-1.10 – Tax Forms

N-1.10b – Loan Information

Box 3

N-1 – Nebraska I-80 BSC (continued)

N-1.11 – Mailings to Board of Directors

N-1.12 – George Cook

N-1.13 – Norman Geske

N-1.14 – Goldwin McLellan

N-1.15 – Ronald Roskens

N-1.16 – Harry Seward

N-1.17 – Willis Strauss and Bill Green

N-1.18 – Durward Varner

N-1.19 – Tom Yates

N-1.20 – James Zumberge

N-2 – Nebraska Arts Council

N-3 – NAC Bicentennial Advisory Panel (with N-2)

N-4 – Nebraska Art Association, Grant Sculpture Seminars

N-5 – National Endowment for the Arts

N-6 – Nebraska American Revolution Bicentennial Commission

N-7 – Nebraska Photographic Documentary Project

N-8 – NETV

Box 4

P-2 – Publicity

P-2.01 – Press Release

P-2.02 – Publicity, early and miscellaneous

P-2.03 – Mailing Lists

P-2.04 – Press Conference, July 9, 1975

P-2.05 – Press Conference Responses

P-2.06 – Art teachers mailing

P-2.07 – Interviews

P-2.08 – Speaking Engagements

P-2.09 – Press Kit and Information Requests

P-2.10 – Publication Requests

P-2.11 – Slide Requests

P-2.12 – Film Requests

R-1 – Rudder and Finn

R-2 – Resource

Computer Sheets

Box 5

Expenditure Reports

General Office

Past Months Not Yet Billed

Payroll Distribution




Grand Island




North Platte






Box 6

S-1 – I-80 Sculpture Selection

S-1.05 – Jurors final selection

S-2 – Sculpture Competition Requests

Negatives of Sculptures and Sculptors

George Baker


Record of Expenses


Richard Field


Record of Expenses


Bradford Graves


Record of Expenses


Linda Howard


Record of Expenses


Box 7

Anthony Padovano


Record of Expenses


John Raimondi


Record of Expenses


Jerry Rothman


Record of Expenses


Steve Urry


Record of Expenses


Hans Van de Bovenkamp


Record of Expenses


Box 8

Paul Von Ringelheim


Record of Expenses


T-1 – Thompson Personal Files

T-1.01 – TIAA-CREF

T-1.03 – Personal

T-1.04 – ELKANAH

T-1.05 – TAFY

T-1.06 – 3-R Ride

T-1.07 – MACAA Conference, October 1976

T-1.08 – Jobs

T-1.09 – Nat. Sculpture Conf., Jonesboro, ARK 1977

W-1 – Weather/Wind

July 4th Dedication

Food Service


Photo Prod.




Artists Photos and Model Sheets

Background Sheets

Bulletin Board

List of Committee Chair people

Box 9

Letterhead and jacket emblem


Public Hearing Transcripts, Dec. 1-5, 1975

Purposes, Procedures, and Benefits


Sculpture Project Fact Sheets

List of State Senators

Unveil Winning Monumental Sculpture Concepts

Tape, KUON-TV, Dateline, February 10, 1976

Tape, KUON-TV, Today Show, October 3, 1975

Tape, Face Nebraska with Bradford Graves

Tape, Voice of America, July 9, 1975

The following are copies of articles:

Geysers Article

NI-80 BSP List of Sculptors

NI-80 BSP In-Kind Donations

NI-80 BSP Nations 1st Sculpture Project

NI-80 BSP Photo 1

NI-80 BSP Photo 2

NI-80 BSP Photo 3

NI-80 BSP Photo 4

Sets of Renderings

Renderings – Original Print Negatives

Photos of renderings, models, etc.:









Van De Bovenkamp

Von Ringelheim

Box 10

Photos, contact sheets, and negatives

Box 11

Blueprints, Nebraska Wind Sculpture (2 sets)

Blueprints, Cozad Eastbound Rest Area

Blueprints, Kearney Westbound Rest Area

Blueprints, Kimball Eastbound Rest Area

Blueprints, Seed of Nebraska by Jerry Rothman

3 sets but each looks a little different

Box 12

Records relating to Thomas Yates’ work with the Nebraska I-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Project.  The materials date from ca. 1973-1986 and include correspondence, speeches, press releases and newspaper clippings, etc.  Also included are 81 color snapshots, 18 slides (35mm) and 5 negative strips of sculpture dedication programs/events.

Addendum: 2016

Boxes 13-16 (Unprocessed)

Records relating to the Nebraska I-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Corporation.  Materials mostly date from the 1970s and include correspondence, artist/sculpture files, articles and clippings, publicity packets, etc.


Subject headings:

American Revolution Bicentennial Administration

Art and State — Nebraska

Art — Nebraska

Art patronage — Nebraska

Baker, George

Field, Richard

Graves, Bradford

Howard, Linda

Outdoor sculpture — Nebraska

Padovano, Anthony

Raimondi, John

Rothman, Jerry

Sculpture — Nebraska

Urry, Steve

Van de Bovenkamp, Hans


KFK                     08-08-1996

Revised TMM      07-19-2016


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