Raphael P. “Ray,” Powers, 1924-2011 [RG4031.AM]


RG4031.AM: Raphael P. “Ray,” Powers, 1924-2011

Legislative files: 1979-1980
Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.: State Senator (9th District)
Size: 2.0 cu.ft.


Raphael P. “Ray” Powers was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on February 21, 1924. He attended Creighton Prep High School, Creighton University and Van Sant Business College. Married on February 20, 1946, to Florence Boyd, the Powers had nine children. Powers was employed by Brandeis Department Stores from 1947-1978, rising from his first job as part-time clerk to the company’s vice president of operations and general superintendent. In August of 1979, Ray Powers was appointed by Governor Thone to fill the unexpired term of the late Bill Barnett, representing the 9th Legislative District, an area that includes most of downtown Omaha and the residential neighborhoods west of downtown. Senator Powers introduced and supported bills relating to alcoholism treatment, the improvement of Omaha, and financial restructuring. Powers resigned his seat in the legislature in December of 1980.


This collection consists of two boxes of manuscript material arranged in two series: 1) Subject Files, 1979-1980; and 2) Legislative Bills and Resolutions Files, 1979-1980. This material relates to Ray Powers’ term in the Nebraska Legislature as the 9th District representative.

Powers’ original filing system was maintained in the organization of the collection. The Subject Files of Series 1 are arranged alphabetically by topic. The Legislative Bills and Resolutions Files of Series 2 are arranged numerically by bill number. Both the subject and legislative bill files contain correspondence from constituents, reports, notes and memos, and position statements. For any particular topic, the researcher should check both series for relevant materials.


Series 1 – Subject Files, 1979-1980

Box 1

  1. Abortion
  2. Accountability Commission
  3. Appropriations Committee
  4. Audits
  5. Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee
  6. Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee
  7. Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee
  8. Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee
  9. Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee
  10. Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee
  11. Banks
  12. Beatrice State Development Center
  13. Budget
  14. Business and Labor Committee
  15. Business and Labor Committee
  16. Business and Labor Committee
  17. Civil Defense Agency
  18. Civil Defense Agency
  19. Compulsory Automobile Insurance
  20. Correctional Services
  21. Credit
  22. Crime Victim’s Reparations Board
  23. Democratic Party
  24. Dentist Salaries
  25. Driver’s Education
  26. Drugs
  27. Education
  28. Election Day Liquor Sales
  29. Electricians and Electrical Contractors Licensing
  30. Energy
  31. Energy
  32. Executive Board
  33. Falstaff Brewing Corporation
  34. Forms Management Center
  35. Furbearer
  36. Gasohol
  37. Governor’s Correspondence
  38. Governor’s Task Force for Government Improvement
  39. Grain Transportation
  40. Grasshoppers
  41. Hearing Impaired, Commission for the
  42. Interim Travel and Expenses
  43. Jaksha Petition
  44. Judiciary Committee
  45. Law Enforcement and Justice Advisory Committee
  46. League of Women Voters
  47. Legislation Quality Committee
  48. Legislative Council Committee meeting schedules
  49. Lobbyists
  50. Lobbyists
  51. Media
  52. Mental Retardation
  53. Miscellany
  54. Miscellaneous Subjects Committee Reports
  55. Motion Picture Fair Competition Act
  56. Motorcycle Helmet Law
  57. National Guard
  58. Native American Survival Program
  59. Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
  60. Nebraska Alliance of Professional Health Care Organizations
  61. Nebraska Association of Resource Districts (NRD)
  62. Nebraska Bankers Association, Inc.
  63. Nebraska Catholic Conference
  64. Nebraska Conservation Union
  65. Nebraska New Car and Truck Dealers Association
  66. Nebraska Rural Electric Association
  67. Nebraska State Education Association
  68. Nebraska Technical Community Colleges
  69. Nuclear Energy
  70. Omaha Public Power District
  71. Orientation
  72. Penitentiary

Box 2

  1. Postsecondary Education
  2. Public Works Committee
  3. Racing Commission
  4. Racism
  5. Regionalism
  6. Road Development
  7. “Rule of 78’s”
  8. Rules
  9. Safety Committee
  10. School District Organization
  11. Sewage Sludge and Paunch Manure Management Plan, Omaha
  12. Small business
  13. Solar Energy
  14. South Africa
  15. State Employees Pay
  16. Taxation
  17. Unemployment Compensation and Insurance
  18. University
  19. Usuary
  20. Water
  21. Water
  22. Water
  23. Women

Series 2 – Legislative Bills and Resolutions, 1979-1980

Box 2

  1. LB35, Welfare Funds
  2. LB60, Public Radio
  3. LB61, Subdivision Lot Size Increase
  4. LB69, Multi-Bank Holding Companies
  5. LB108, Coverage of Bargaining Units for Post Secondary Educational Institutions
  6. LB184, New Veterans’ Home
  7. LB221, Raising Legal Drinking Age
  8. LB228, Retired Teachers Supplementary Benefits Fund
  9. LB261, Supreme Court Judicial District Reorganization
  10. LB276, Accountants
  11. LB306, Joint Tenancy Access Bill
  12. LB308, Revolving Credit
  13. LB314, Building and Loan Association Branches
  14. LB318, Unemployment Benefits
  15. LB361/722, Gas Tax
  16. LB382, Laetrile
  17. LB389, Displaced Homemaker Centers
  18. LB405, Stock Saving and Loans
  19. LB422, Insurance Requirements
  20. LB423, Natural Resources Commission
  21. LB454/460, Utility Ombudsman and Rates
  22. LB483, Adoption Records
  23. LB486, Aid to Education
  24. LB491, Bank Facility Bill
  25. LB496, Securities
  26. LB498, Real Estate Filing Requirements
  27. LB525, Group Homes
  28. LB612, Lottery
  29. LB619, Studded Snow Tires
  30. LB621, Commercial Code
  31. LB622, Property and Alimony Settlements
  32. LB623, Unlawful Employment Practices
  33. LB628, County Sheriff
  34. LB632, Pasteurized Milk Law
  35. LB637, Gasohol
  36. LB646, Insurance for Alcoholic Treatment
  37. LB647, Homestead Exemptions
  38. LB651, Alcoholism Treatment Program
  39. LB663, Displaced Homemakers Service Centers
  40. LB684, Drug Advertising Commission
  41. LB704, Public Transportation
  42. LB714, Insurance Adjusters
  43. LB719, Employment Security Fund
  44. LB732-745, Penalties for Selling Alcohol to Minors-Alcohol Abuse Program
  45. LB738, Dry Bean Resources
  46. LB740, Energy Conservation
  47. LB741, Obsolete Statutes
  48. LB765, Special Education Programs
  49. LB775, Child Care Tax Credit
  50. LB786, Auctioneer Licensing
  51. LB789, Aid for Dependent Children
  52. LB800, Unemployment Compensation
  53. LB813, School Buses for Public Transportation
  54. LB820, Motor Vehicle Licensing Board
  55. LB823, Security Guard Licensing
  56. LB824, Community Colleges
  57. LB843, Public Power Districts
  58. LB847, Nurse Licensing
  59. LB849, Boxing
  60. LB853, Waste Disposal
  61. LB862, Land Reutilization Authority
  62. LB865, State Chartered Savings and Loans
  63. LB882, Property Tax
  64. LB890, Drivers’ Education
  65. LB891, Abortion
  66. LB895, Insanity Defense
  67. LB899, Interest Rates
  68. LB905, Pensions & Individual Retirement Accounts
  69. LB906, No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance
  70. LB912, Securities
  71. LB914, Surplus Property Disposal
  72. LB933, Sanitary and Improvement Districts
  73. LB934, Insurance Licenses
  74. LB939, Racing Commission
  75. LB943, Unemployment Benefits
  76. LB943, Unemployment Benefits
  77. LB943, Unemployment Benefits
  78. LB944, Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance
  79. LB947, Removal of Persons from Public Property
  80. LB954, Energy Conservation
  81. LB961, Motorcycle Helmet
  82. LB972, Corporation Dissolution
  83. LB986, Community Redevelopment
  84. LB993/994, Claims
  85. LB995, State Employees’ Salary Increase
  86. LB998, Per Meal Diem for State Troopers
  87. LB1002, State Aid Appropriations
  88. Legislative Resolutions

Subject headings:

Douglas County (Neb.) — History
Legislation — Nebraska
Liquor laws — Nebraska
Nebraska. Legislature, 1979-1980
Omaha (Neb.) — History
Politics — Nebraska
Powers, Raphael P. “Ray,” 1924-2011

08-06-2007 Revised TMM

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