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Welcome to this page especially for you! Curiosity plus primary sources means student-driven learning and we’re so excited for this!! We look forward to providing experiences with compelling questions and artifacts via Virtual Field Trips and On-site visits. Click on any of the links below to learn more including how to register for these programs or access the online resources. Click here to download a list of our spring programs.

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Available September, 2021-May, 2022
Click this LINK to request any of these tours

Active Tour K-12:  History Now! (60 min., 10-60 students): 
Students arrive at the Museum, receive their press passes and our museum educator will whisk your group up to the “Newsroom”. Your student-reporters are much needed. The public needs all the information possible on these questions, ASAP! Students are assigned to “interview” one of over 100 primary sources. After the interview, all reporters return to the Newsroom room for an important “Going to Press” meeting. Participating students and their adults are free of charge. Donations are always welcome!

If you’re scheduling your History Now! Tours between Feb 14 - May 13, please choose one of these two exhibits for your tour focus:

  • Nebraska Unwrapped (150 objects sharing stores from 200+ years of Nebraska history from multiple perspectives). Reporter Questions for this Exhibit: For K-3rd graders, “What has changed?”. For 4-12th graders, “Is it better to change or to stay the same?”
  • Bison (Objects, photos and stories that explore the past and present value of bison on the Great Plains). Reporter Question for this Exhibit: “What is the value of a Bison?”

If you’re scheduling your History Now! tour before February 14 and after May 13, 2022 your tour will focus on the amazing 150 objects of Nebraska Unwrapped.

Semi-Guided Tour K-12: See the museum + guided activity (60 minutes, 10-75 students):
In the warm-up, the museum educator invites the students to imagine they are curators, choosing objects for a class exhibit. After the warm-up, teachers and students walk in groups through the museum’s three exhibits. The students look at objects that are interesting to them. Each group is assigned one exhibit where each student chooses one object for the class exhibit. Each student completes this worksheet to collect information about their object. 

 In the wrap-up, the museum educator helps students share their selections and a special guest shares more information on a few “premium” objects. We can structure the walk-through and activity location based on your student-teacher ratio. Pencils, worksheet copies and writing boards provided.


Artifact Analysis Worksheet



Self-Guided Tour K-12: Walk-through + worksheet (30-60 minutes, 10-125 students):
Teachers and students free-walk through the museum with this worksheet to help them think more deeply about a few favorite objects.  Pencils, worksheet copies and writing boards provided.

Museum Excursion


Chronologically Nebraska 9th-12th grades: (45 minutes, 10-50 students):
Test your knowledge of Nebraska History as you explore the Nebraska History Museum! Groups can build their own timeline of Nebraska historical events using our Chronologically Nebraska card game and the information you find in the museum! Play as one big team or small groups to prove your historical expertise or as a fun way to explore the museum!

Chronologically Nebraska (Museum) (1)

History Nebraska educators are available to facilitate for the 2021-2022 school year.
Learning can be done from anywhere! History Nebraska's digital learning resources are aligned to Nebraska academic standards and aim to promote critical thinking, empathy, and curiosity. Virtual field trips, primary resource packets, lesson plans, and other digital resources put Nebraska History into the hands of students and educators.

Join us online and explore Nebraska history. Click this LINK to request any of these tours.


Piecing Together the Past (2)


Piecing Together the Past in 10 questions or less!
Explore 13,000 years of Nebraska history with this virtual field trip! This lesson centers around answering the most common questions asked of History Nebraska archeologists and asking students critical thinking questions to learn about archeology and Nebraska history. This lesson covers archeological sites, Nebraska’s indigenous populations, bones, and more! This virtual field trip is an overview of the “Piecing Together the Past” exhibit on display now at the Nebraska History Museum. This 30-minute virtual field trip is recommended for 6th-grade learners and is facilitated virtually by History Nebraska educators and History Nebraska archeologists.


SENATOR GEORGE W. NORRIS The Life of a Public Servant


Senator George W. Norris: The Life of a Public Servant
Students learn about the life and triumphs of one of Nebraska’s most important public servants George W. Norris. What does it take to be a public servant? What was life like for Nebraskans of the past? These two 30-minute lessons can be facilitated virtually by a History Nebraska Educator or teachers in their own classrooms and are recommended for 4th-grade learners. 


Nebraska Piecing together A State


Nebraska: Piecing Together a State
Slave or Free? Industry or Agriculture? Grapple with the tough decisions Nebraskans had to make as they formed the puzzle that would eventually become the state of Nebraska. Using primary sources students will examine the issues that made Nebraska the state it is today and consider how they would have pierced together Nebraska themselves. This lesson is recommended for 8th-grade learners and can be facilitated virtually by History Nebraska educators or by teachers in their own classrooms.


The Oregon Trail: Chance Choice and Chimney Rock


The Oregon Trail: Chance Choice and Chimney Rock!
Walk along the historic path of the Oregon trail as students explore choice, chance, and opportunity at Chimney Rock!


BISON in Nebraska


BISON in Nebraska
Explore Bison’s past, present, and future And Nebraska’s deep connection to Bison! Available until May 15th.

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