Covington, Nebraska’s Sinful City


Most Nebraskans don't realize the town of Covington ever existed, much less that in the late 1800s it was considered one of the "three wickedest places in the world."

Sketch of Oto hunters on horseback by Titian Peale.

Discovering High Plains Horsemanship through Nebraska Archeology


History Nebraska houses collections from archeological sites spanning 12,000 years of human history across the state. Recently, research on broken horse bones from our collections contributed to a greater...

Marker Monday: Axtell, Nebraska


Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past.

This week we're focusing on the village of Axtell, the birthplace of two-time Olympic Gold Medalist...

William Jennings Bryan, arms outstretched, delivering a speech, circa 1905.

Was William Jennings Bryan a Good Newspaper Editor?


Did you know William Jennings Bryan was the editor of the Omaha World-Herald for two years? Or that he didn't do a lot of actual editing in that time?

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Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

Today in Nebraska History

Northwest corner 13th and Douglas, Omaha, August 1868

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