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Slaughterhouse Creek Excavation

The State Archeology Office (SAO) is the clearinghouse for archeological activity within the state. The office maintains a master file of all archeological projects conducted and sites discovered in the state. It also curates primary records from History Nebraska research as well as that of various other individuals, agencies, and institutions. Archeology Office staff manages and analyzes archeological collections recovered primarily through History Nebraska fieldwork. The SAO also curates collections for other government agencies on a contractual basis.

Staff members are dedicated professionals with academic and practical experience in various aspects of Plains archeology and history. Our team consists of archeologists, collections managers, and architectural historians. We are actively involved in field and laboratory research. Most of these efforts are conducted on a contract basis to government agencies and private concerns involved in land modification projects and subject to various state and federal regulations. The most active component of this research is the Nebraska Highway Cultural Resources Program. The SAO works closely with the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to identify and protect important archeological sites and historic structures in the path of road construction.

The archeology staff also assists local law enforcement when human skeletal remains are inadvertently unearthed and provides forensic expertise. Staff work with descendant tribes and families to ensure remains are properly repatriated.

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