George Dodd Carrington, 1879-1969 [RG1008.AM]


RG1008.AM: George Dodd Carrington, 1879-1969

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska: Superintendent of Schools

Scrapbook: 1916-1968

Size: One volume


George Dodd Carrington, Jr., son of George Dodd and Mary Minerva (Hendershot) Carrington, was born at Brownville, Nebraska, April 5, 1879. From 1904-1909 he served as the County Superintendent of Schools in Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska. According to his World War I draft registration, he served as the Over Seas Secretary for the YMCA in New York City. After World War I, Carrington ran a Navy Exchange ship’s store at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois for twenty-five years. He died in Illinois in November of 1969.


This collection consists of one item, a scrapbook compiled by George Carrington. The scrapbook is composed almost entirely of letters received from various individuals. Also included are a few newspaper clippings, photographs and other ephemera. The materials date from 1916-1968. A name index to the scrapbook was provided by Carrington.  Note: Page 29-30 had been removed and was re-inserted between pages 108-109.



Index to Letters (page number)

Angle, Paul – Chicago Historical Society (79, 87)

Barr, Clinton – of Hastings, Dean of Men-Milwaukee Normal School (92)

Brooke, Edward – Senator, Massachusetts (108)

Brooks, Phillip C. – Director, Harry S. Truman Library (20)

Brownell, Herbert, Jr. – U.S. Attorney General (22)

Brownell, Herbert – professor, Peru State Normal School (24, 25)

Carson, Rachel – scientist, author of Silent Spring (62)

Chase, Stuart – writer (23)

Clark, Ramsey – U.S. Attorney General (89)

Colliers Magazine (75)

Combo, Chiri – high school senior (58)

Comport, Joleen – poem, “Lovely Little Girl Friend” (66)

Cousins, Margaret – writer (with photo) (49, 85)

Cronkite, Walter – CBS broadcaster (65)

Danker, Dr. Donald F. – historian, Nebraska State Historical Society (87)

Davidson, Carter – commentator (38)

Dawson, Jack – post master, Trenton, N.J. (90-91)

Debs, Eugene – (also Theodore D.) – controversial Socialist in prison (27)

Dedmon, Emmett – editor, scholar, Chicago Sun Times (born in Auburn, Neb.) (93)

Dirksen, Everett – senator, Illinois (83)

Douglas, Paul – senator, Illinois (18, 19, 82)

Douglas, William O. – judge, Supreme Court (67)

Drummond, Roscoe – columnist (60)

Eduardo, Frank – news commentator, TV (16)

Fells, Mary – single tax (16)

Ferber, Edna – novelist (55)

Fontaine, Frank – actor, singer, humorist (photo) (63)

Friendly, F.W. – CBS (41)

Fulbright, J.W. – senator, Arkansas (16, 66)

Gallery, D.V. – admiral, U.S. Navy (15)

Garbo, Greta – actress (98)

Goldberg, Arthur – ambassador, United Nations (77)

Graffis, Herb – columnist, writer, Chicago Sun Times (21, 44, 45, 51)

Grazeadei, J.H. – Commander, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy (photo) (88, 94, 95)

Grubert, Carl – cartoonist (The Berrys) (29)

Harriman, Averell – ambassador, ex-Governor of New York (80)

Harris, Fred R. – senator, Washington (109)

Hepburn, Katharine – actress (98, 99)

Hoff, P.J. – weatherman, CBS-TV (with cartoon) (64)

Holly, William H. – judge (8)

Hoover, Herbert – President of the United States (9)

Johnson, F.E. – mayor, Brownville, Nebraska (proc. on Gen. Grant’s funeral) (back cover)

Kefauver, Estes – senator, Tennessee (34, 43)

Kelsey, Frances O. – doctor, HEW Drugs (52)

Kennedy, Edward – senator, Massachusetts (103)

Kerr, Clark – president, University of California (84)

Kiechel, Doane – judge, Lincoln, Nebraska (107)

Kim, Ungyong – Korean genius (96, 97)

Landers, Ann – columnist, Chicago Sun Times (36)

Life Magazine (12)

Lippmann, Walter – columnist, writer (40)

Lovering, Library of Congress, Washington, DC (53, 56, 57)

McCabe, Joseph – historian, writer, lecturer (26)

McInnes, Helen (101)

McNamara, Robert S. – Secretary of Defense (105, 106)

McPhearson, General (6)

Malik, Charles – ambassador, Lebanon (10)

Marshall, G.C. – general, U.S. Army (Marshall Plan) (7)

Mauldin, Bill – cartoonist (76)

Mears, Library of Congress (55-57)

Minow, Newton – Secretary of Commerce (46)

Morse, Wayne – senator, Oregon (17)

Murrow, Edward R. – reporter, TV commentator (13)

Pandit, Mme. Vijaya L. – India, former United Nations President (11)

Pearson, Drew – columnist (48, 50, 61)

Peterson, Val – ex-Governor, Nebraska (59)

Reedy, William Marion – St. Louis Mirror (3, 32, 33)

Reuther, Walter – labor leader (73)

Reynolds, Frank – reporter (30)

Roosevelt, Eleanor – Former First Lady (28)

Sandburg, Carl – poet (47)

Scofield, Lillian – librarian, Auburn (29)

Sevareid, Eric – writer, CBS-TV broadcaster, historian (37, 43, 73, 78)

Sinclair, Upton – novelist (2)

Smith, Howard – TV commentator (39)

Smith, Lois – artist (photo) (104)

Stalin, Svetlana – daughter of Joseph Stalin (photo) (100)

Stevenson, Adlai – Governor, Illinois, U.N. Ambassador (14, 42)

Stienberg, William – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (110)

Strickler, Kenneth – commander, U.S. Navy (68)

Tarbell, Ida – novelist, Lincoln biographer (31)

Thomas, Norman – Socialist leader, presidential candidate (photo) (69-71)

Tracy, Spencer – actor (99)

Traubel, Horace – poet, literary executor of Walt Whitman (1, 5)

Welty, Paul – Political science professor, Northern Illinois Univ. (102)

Weston, Mrs. J.W. – Lincoln’s flower girl, nomination convention (16)

Williams, Mona (Mrs. Meade) – writer (86)

Revised TMM          12-06-2016

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