Kenneth S. Wherry, 1892-1951 [RG3559.AM]


RG3559.AM:  Kenneth S. Wherry, 1892-1951

Papers:  1938-1952

Pawnee City, Neb.:  Lawyer, U.S. Senator

Size:  35.0 cu.ft.


Kenneth Spicer Wherry was born at Liberty, Nebraska, on February 28, 1892, the son of David Emery and Jessie Comstock Wherry. He received his education in the public schools of Pawnee City and graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1914. In 1915, Wherry studied business administration at Harvard University and began a business and legal career shortly thereafter opening his law offices at Wymore and Humboldt, Nebraska. From 1918 to 1930 he was also a distributor of automobiles, farm implements and furniture. He later became a licensed embalmer, maintaining offices in Nebraska and Kansas.

Wherry began his political career as a member of the City Council of Pawnee City and served two terms as mayor of that community from 1929-1931 and 1938-1943. Wherry also served as a member of the Nebraska State Senate in 1929 and 1931. In 1933 he ran for governor of Nebraska as a Republican but was defeated. Two years later he was defeated as a candidate for United States Senator.

In 1939 Wherry became State G.O.P. Chairman and in 1942 won a surprising victory over incumbent U.S. Senator, George Norris for the Senate seat. He became the first freshman Senator to secure the important post of Senate Whip. Senator Wherry easily won re-election in 1948, and the following year became Republican floor leader of the Senate.

Senator Wherry’s political career ended with his death on November 30, 1951. At that time, speculation was increasing about Wherry’s possible candidacy for President of the United States.

Senator Wherry was survived by his wife, Marjorie (Colwell) Wherry whom he had married September 15, 1920. Other survivors include his son, David, and daughter, Marilyn. Wherry was active in numerous civic and professional organizations including the Nebraska and American Bar Associations, the American Legion, and the Masons. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and served on the Board of Trustees at Nebraska Wesleyan University.


This collection consists of twenty-one boxes and various oversized volumes of manuscript material arranged in five series: 1) Congressional files, 1943-1951; 2) Speeches and Press Releases, 1943-1951; 3) Special Article files, 1943-1951; 4) Miscellany and 5) Scrapbooks, 1938-1952.

The bulk of this collection consists of Congressional files relating to Kenneth S. Wherry’s service in the United States Senate, 1943-1951. These files primarily consist of correspondence, printed matter, Congressional bills and committee reports arranged alphabetically by year. The material generally reflects the legislative programs advocated by Senator Wherry as well as his views regarding general legislation. Included are materials relating to domestic and foreign affairs, national defense, agriculture, atomic energy, the national economy, education, labor and national and state politics. Little of the correspondence reflects Wherry’s political philosophy or his relations with other members of the Congress or of the government. Senator Wherry conducted much of his personal political business via the telephone and no record survives.


Series 1 – Congressional Files (Alphabetical)

Box 1 (1943)


A Miscellaneous

A Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 5-1-43

Agriculture Appropriation Act, H.R. 2481

Agriculture Credit Data

Agriculture Farm Equipment


B Miscellaneous

B Miscellaneous 4-1-43 to

Bankhead Bill

Bryson Brothers (Livestock Commission)

C Miscellaneous 5-1-43 to

C Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 5-1-43

Casket Limitations

Cattle Market

Ceiling Prices

Ceiling Prices Livestock

Ceiling Prices Mailing Products

Civil Aeronautics Administration Airport – Omaha

Civil Aeronautics Administration Airport – Beatrice

Civil Aeronautics Administration Airport – Fremont

Congressional Record

Constitutional Amendment (4th Term)

Constitutional Amendment (Pres. tenure of office)


D Miscellaneous

Doorley, Mrs. Henry

E Miscellaneous

F Miscellaneous

G Miscellaneous

Gasoline Rationing

General Topics: Aluminum Extrusion, Anaconda Copper, Harold Kramer

General Topics: Republican Party

H Miscellaneous

I Miscellaneous

J Miscellaneous

K Miscellaneous

KFAB Radio Transcriptions, Part 1

L Miscellaneous

M Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 4-1-43

N Miscellaneous

National Convention of County Officials, 1943

Navy General

Nebraska Stockgrowers Association

Nonessential Expenditures Employees

O Miscellaneous

Office-Claims-Reports of Sen. Wherry on various claims, 1943

Office-Nebraska Radio Broadcasts, Part II

Office-Speech comments

P Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 5-1-43

P Miscellaneous 5-1-43 to

Pay-As-You-Go Tax Plan


Sam Pettingill

Postmastership Appointments

John Quinn – Lincoln

R Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 5-1-43

R Miscellaneous 5-1-43 to

Reciprocal Trade Treaties (Correspondence)

Reclamation – Missouri River

Reclamation – Republican River Valley


Rent Control

Republican National Committee

Republican Party

Roll Back Prices – Livestock

Ruml. Tax Plan

S Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 4-1-43

S Miscellaneous 4-1-43 to

Sam Waugh Lincoln

Senate File 729

Senate File 730

Senate File 914

Senate File 914 (for Correspondence Repeal of R.A.C.C.)

Senate File 914 (for Correspondence Repeal of R.A.C.C.)

Senate File 1389 (for the relief of Jesse V. Craig)

Senate File 1530 – Reed-Clark-Wherry-Centralize Petroleum Gas, Coal

Senate Legislative Counsel Bill for Penalty Mail

Senate File 769 – Bombing Damage, Sioux County

Box 2 (1943)


Sub-Committee of Committee on Education and Labor

Sugar Rationing

T Miscellaneous

Tentative – Congressional Record

Tire Rationing

U Miscellaneous

Union Stockyards Company – Omaha

V Miscellaneous

Victory Tax

W Miscellaneous 1-1-43 to 5-1-43

W Miscellaneous 5-1-43 to

War Casualties

War – Government Contracts, Renegotiation

Wherry – Material Housing Investigation

Wickard Letters

Wickard Letters and Concur. Res. #6 III R.A.C.C.

X-Y-Z Miscellaneous

Box 2 (1944)


Agriculture – General, 1944

Agriculture – R.E.A.

Commerce – C.A.A. Airport, Norfolk

General Letters and Inquiries, 1944

General Recommendations and Applications, 1944

General Presidential Tenure of Office

General Radio Broadcast

General Republican Party

General Republican Party Reorganization

General Resolutions

General Speech Comments, Press Comments

General State of Nebraska

H.R. Wherry Amendment (FEPC)

Amendment to (S.2065) H.R. 5125 Wherry applying money to retire Pub. Dept.

INT-Reclamation, Cambridge Project

INT-Reclamation, Republican River Valley

INT-Reclamation, Missouri River

Legislation Proposed (Wherry Constitutional Amendment re: delegate to U.N. Council)

Office-Special and Interesting letters



Post Office-Postmastership Appointment

Republican Party-National Committee

Republican Party-Special file on Quigley-C.H. Gunn letter

S.J. Res. 197-Investigation of State Department

S.J. Res. 132-Wherry, et al Amendment to Constitution of U.S. and poll tax

S. Res. 309-Wherry et al Special Committee of five Senators investigation; Agriculture

S. Res. 307-Wherry Smithsonian Institution

Amendment to S. Res. 319 Wherry-Lists of full and part-time employees

S. 1764 Wherry Amendments

S. 1764 Amendment by Wherry to Emergency Price Control Act

S. 1767 Clark & Others, including Wherry (G.J. Bill of Rights)

S. 1688 Bushfield, others & Wherry Farm Credit Administration and Secretary of Agriculture to adjust or cancel indebtedness

S. 1913 Murray-Wherry Small Business in War Effort

S. 1976 Provide for returning to use of standard time

S. 2010 Wherry-Amendment Internal Revenue Code

Box 3 (1944)



Sub-Committee Committee on Judiciary Herbert Wechsler-Asst. Attorney General, RE: Treasury letters

Treasury General

War Agencies-Selective Service General

Whip Correspondence

Box 3 (1945)




Forbes Magazine Article, November 15, 1945

Food Shortage-Nebraska


General Letters & Inquiries, 1945

House Roll 3001-3050

House Roll 3100-3199

House Roll 3600-3699

House Roll 4700-4799

Leg. Mexican Water Treaty, 79th Congress

Miscellaneous, 1945

Miscellaneous, 1945

Miscellaneous, 1945

National Metal Trades Association, 1945

O.D.T.-Midwest Truck Strike

Press Release: Northern Ohio Personnel & Executive Conference, Carter Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, November 17, 1945

Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act

Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act, H.R. 2652 & 3240

S.2 McCarren-Federal Aid, Airport Act

S.J. Res. 19 (Farm Draft)

Shipstead-Wherry Amendment (Rec. Trade) statement

S. Con. Res.


S.J. Res. 1 to 50 inclusive

S.J. Res. 51 to 100 inclusive

S.J. Res. 101 to 150 inclusive

S.J. Res. 101 to 150 inclusive

S.J. Res. 118 Rev.-Special File-Hearings and letters from Sen. Murray

Sen. Con. Res. 8 in RE: Farm Draft

Sen. Con. Res. 9 Wherry Daylight Saving Time

S.J.R. 30 O.P.A. Extension

S. Con. Res. 33 Committee RE: Wages

S. Res. 47 (Aviation Exhibit Smithsonian)

S. Res. 60 Committee on Fuel Oil West of Mississippi

S. Res. 96 Agriculture Bill

S. Res. 102 RE: S. 77 Continuance

S. Res. 179 Atom Bomb

S. 191 – A hospital surveying construction act

H.J. Res. 266

S. 293 R.R. Retirement

S. 326 “All American Flag line Act of 1945” McCarren

S. 380 Full Employment Act of 1945 Murray

S. 472 To Amend Internal Revenue Code

S. 540 Bretton Woods Agreements Act

Box 3A (1945)


S. 555 Missouri Valley Authority

S. 557 War Time

S. 557 War Time & Sen. Con. Res. 9 War time (Nebraska letters in re: )

S. 584 V.A. re: Statute of limitations

S. 585 Estimate of a pool for farm machinery for release to vets who desire a farm

S. 599 Copper-Prohibit transportation of alcoholic advertisements

S. 623 (Liquor advertising on radio)

S. 634

S. 992 Ball-Wherry and Others

S. 1013 Wherry-Butler

S. 1122 Wherry Relief of Charles Bryan

S. 1171 Hatch-national Labor Relations Act, Amendment

S. 1274 Kilgore, et al Unemployment Compensation

S. 1282

S. 1285 Magnuson-Promote progress of science and the useful arts

S. 1302

S. 1463 Johnson-Atomic Energy

S. 1551 Wherry – Sale of equipment to Officers in service

S. 1580 U.N.O.

S. 1661 (HR4908) Labor

H.R. 4800-4899

State Department

State Department-Dean Acheson Appointment Assistant Secretary of State

Box 4 (1945)


Treasury-British Loan

Treasury-General Taxation, 1945

V.A.-Hospitals, Omaha

Copy V.A. Hospital Sites Western Nebraska; Kenneth S. Wherry

V.A. Pensions and Inquiries, 1945

V.A. Pensions and Inquiries, 1945

War Agencies-O.P.A. Ceilings, general

Whip legislation

Whip legislation

Sen. Wherry-European trip

Wherry-Shipstead Amendment S.J. 30 Pro

Wherry-Shipstead Amendment S.J. 30 Con

Box 4 (1946)


Miscellaneous correspondence, 1946


Armstrong, Paul

Audit and control


General-General #2

General-Applications, Appointments, Reservations



General-Labor First half of 1946


General-National Republican Chairman

General-Nebraska Convention

General-Nebraska The World’s Fair of Aviation

General-Nebraska Founders Day

General-New Deal Criticisms

General-Pending Legislation

General-Republican Party

General-Veterans Administration, 1946

Hastings Convention, 1946 G.O.P.

H.R. 3051 to 3099

H.R. 4000-4199

H.R. 4122-Case of Guy B. Slater and Grace M. Collins

H.R. 4908

H.R. 4908-Case file-Sen. File

H.R. 5100-5199

H.R. 6000-6049

H.R. Res. 371 – O.P.A.

Independent Offices-Federal Communications Commission

Investigation of starvation in Europe, January 29, February 1 and 7, 1946

Labor-Case bill and President’s Emergency

Mail to and from the Senator (Pawnee City)


Box 5 (1946)


Stock Growers Association

O.P.A. 1B1 – Special material on H.J.R. 371


O.P.A.-General, 1946 first half

O.P.A.-M.P.R. 246 farm machinery

O.D.T.-Grain Car situation

Republican Party

Republican Whip

Republican Party-Letters to state and Congressional elects and to State Republican Committee and Chairmen

Senate Small Business Committee Reports (Fuller), 12-16-46

State-Anglo American Petroleum Treaty

State-Pearl Harbor



S. 84-Hill providing for a Department of Armed Forces

S. 101-Fair Employment Practices Commission

S. 146-Wherry Farmers Irrigation District

S. 487

S. 615-O’Mahoney Corporations-Prohibits acquisition of assets of another corporation

S. 707 Retirement for employees of National farm-loan & of production, credit association

S. 1050 Wagner-National security health and public welfare

S. 1349 Minimum Wages, increases in

S. 1518

S. 1606

S. 1678

S. 1717

S. 1797-wearing of uniforms

S. 1815

S. 1924-surplus property

S. 1953

S. 1983-Mrs. Anna Runnebaum

S. 2028

S. 2177

S. Res. 28-Committee on American Small business enterprises

S. Res. 62 (Also see S. 1606)

S. Res. 77 (RE: Borrowed personnel)

S. Res. 231-Loans to foreign countries

S. Con. Res. 51-German relief

Treasury-balanced budget


War-agency O.P.A. General

War Army-Fifth Army Command

War Dept.-Engineers, flood control, etc.

War-Doolittle committee

Wherry-personal secretary

Wherry Day, Omaha, Nebraska, 10-31-46

Box 5 (1947)


Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1947

Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1947

Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1947

Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1947

Box 6 (1946)




Appropriations-80th Congress-1st session interior, H.R. 3123

Appropriations-General-Interior Letter to the President

Appropriations-Interior-Complimentary letters regarding Sen. handling of hearings, 1947

Arbor Day

Atomic Energy Commission











General-Walter Winchell Re: George Viereck, 1947

Hearings-Presidential Succession

House Rolls-1-50 80th Congress

H.R. 157-Senator had thought to introduce a similar bill

H.R. 468-Curtis-Personal Holding Companies, Senator very much interested in

H.R. 1030-letters Re: Amendment Senator

H.R. 2157-Wherry Amendment to

H.R. 3342-Voice of America

House joint resolutions (80th Congress)

Box 6 (1947)


Majority Conference

Marshall Plan

Rent Control Correspondence, 1947

Republican Party

Republican Party Campaign

Republican Party-Delegate File

Republican Party-Whip, Wherry as

Republican Party Whip

Resolution to be introduced by Sen. Wherry – Re: Committee Personnel & money expended

S. 59-Statehood, Puerto Rico

S. 70-Wiley-Postal to postal wages

S. 753-To amend Society Security Act

S. 1070-Capehart-cancellation of capital stock of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

S. 1126-Labor Bill Taft

S. 1130

S. 1566-Wherry-Efficiency of Military government

S. 1757-Foreign relief

S. 2202-Copies of bill and articles

S.J. Res 77-I.R.O.

S.J. Res. 104-Wherry-Burial of deceased veterans overseas

Senate Small Business-Newspoint Hearings, 3-4-47

State Department

State-Proposed substitute to Marshall Plan

T.N.M.E.-Air Force General

War Army-General Pick


Box 7 (1948)


Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1948

Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1948

Miscellaneous correspondence and material, 1948

Agriculture Appropriation-Soil conservation, flood survey

Agriculture-Soil Conservation Service

Appropriations-2nd deficiency-Hoof and Mouth Disease

Appropriations-War Department


Campaign-Congratulations on Senate re-election

Campaign-National convention

Congressional Record

Defense Office-Department of Air Force

European Recovery, 1948

Executive-Meat rationing


Executive-Office of Government reports


Executive-Special Session-Speeches by Republicans in response to President

Executive-Special Session, 40 cent chicken

Filing Announcements for Re-election

Foot & Mouth Disease




General-Personal invitation


General-Nebraska Founders Day

General-Nebraska-Award Trip for Sen. Wherry

General-Nebraska State Historical Society




H.J. Res. 296-Co-sponsor when voted on

H.J. Res. 341-Fort Kearney Stamp Curtis

H.R. 3484

H.R. 4751-4800 (80th Congress)

H.R. 6712-80th Congress special file-Brandeis Store and Pettis, Loucks, J.A.C. Kennedy

Independent Offices-FWA-Meeting with Mr. Follin at Omaha

Independent Offices-United States Atomic Energy Commission

Legislation-81st Congress

Medicine Creek Dam Dedication, 1948

Box 8 (1948)


Oil-Senate Small Business

Republican Party-General

Republican Party-Policy Committee

Republican Party-State Convention, 1948

Republican Party-Whip

Republican Party-Whip

S. 18

S.563-Wherry-Relief of P.S. Cook

S. 829

S. 847-Wherry-Relief of Guy Albert Wheaton

S. 866-Taft-Housing Bill

S. 2086

S. 2109-(SSB) Steel & iron scrap

S. 2202-Proposed amendment by Ball, Cain, Hawkes, Wherry

S. 2202-Erp

S. 2412-Communists

S. 2639-Minimum diet in occupied Germany and to amend immigration law

S. 2655-Draft bill, Senator’s amendments

S. 2753-Wherry-to coordinate F.W.A. activities in disaster areas

S. 2815-Wherry-relief of P.S. Cook Company-Lincoln

S. 2912-Wherry (& others) Inland Waterways Corp.

S. Con. Res. 44

S. Con. Res. 48 – arrangements for President elect, 1-20-49 Wherry, Brooks, Barkley

S.J.R. 111

S.J.R. 213-Prohibit exportation seamless and welded steel pipe, carbon steel, etc.

S. 2393

Box 9 (1948)


S. Res. 239

The Special Session, July 28, 1948

S.S.B. Oil-letters to President Truman

S.S.B.-Export licenses

State-reciprocal trade agreements


Testimonials-used in 1948 campaign

Treasury-Bureau of Internal Revenue

Wherry campaign letters


Wherry Personal-campaign

Box 9 (1949)


Miscellaneous correspondence and other material, 1949

Agriculture-International Wheat Conference (Sen. Wherry a member)

Appropriations-General 81st Congress

Appropriations-Government spending

Atomic Energy Commission

Committee-Armed services

Creighton, Nebraska 75th Anniversary, 1949

Congressional Record-American dollars for British socialism

E.C.A.-prepared statements by Sen. Wherry


Executive drop in prices



General-Good Contacts







H.R. 2632-First deficiency

H.R. 2734

H.R. 3333-Appropriations-Labor, Federal Security and Related Independent Offices, National Medical Board, and R.R. retirement

H.R. 3838-Interior 1st session-General correspondence, 81st Congress

H.R. 3838-Interior Thank you letters Re: Sen. Vote on S.W.P.

H.R. 4046-Appropriations, 2nd deficiency

H.R. 4830-E.C.A.-Foreigh Aid Appropriation Bill

H.R. 5524-Civil functions department of the Army

H.R. 6481-Gov. Corp.


Nebraska Soil Conservation Committee

Nebraska Stock Growers Association

Republican Party-Nebraska

Republican Party-Founders Day

Republican Party-Omaha meeting

Republican Party-Minority leader

Republican Party-National Committee

Rules Subcommittee, cloture hearings

S. 211-Wherry-extra copies of bill

S. 211-Inland waterways

S. 364-Butler, Wherry-Relief Bloom Typewriter Exchange

S. 365-Butler, Wherry & Thye free importation of twine

S. 1008-Moratorium on basing price systems

S. 1184-Only copies of bill amendments-not to be given out

Box 10 (1949)


S. 1184-Wherry-Housing

S. 1184-Wherry-Housing correspondence with departments

S. 1184-Official file of bill, includes only copy of hearing

S. 1184-Explanation of

S. 1209-Sen. Wherry’s amendment to

S. 1209-Conally-amend E.C.A. Act of ’48

S. 1594-Gillette & Wherry Re: Imported fats and oils

S. 1986-Wherry & others Reserve Officers Association of the United States

S. 2358-(H.R. 5837)-Wherry & Butler – Harry Strunk Lake

S. 2341-Wherry and others amend to

S. 2388-Knowland, Wherry, others-Amendment to aid to non-Communist China

S. 2709-Wherry-Relief of Mrs. Miriam G. Byorth

S. 3022-Relief of Sadie L. Porter and her children

Senate Resolutions-General

S. Res. 1-Wherry & Barkley appointed to Advise Pres. A Quorum pres. for joint session

S. Res. 28-Wherry & Murray Authorization of fund of $12,668.24

S. Res. 15-Compromise on Cloture

S. Res. 55-Wherry Senate Small Business

S. Res. 56-Indonesia

S. Res. 58-Holland-Wherry Correspondence

S. Res. 114-Wherry survey of Missouri Valley Basin

S. Res. 115-Wherry and others-Re: Bureau of Budget

S. Res. 161-Birthday of Hon. Charles G. Dawes

S. Res. 171-Disposal of Surplus American wheat

S. Res. 187-Wherry-dismantlng of German Plants

S. Con. Res. 1-Sen. Wherry appointed teller

S. Con. Res. 16-Byrd, Wherry, and others Gen. Appropriations Bill

S. Con. Res. 18-Byrd, Wherry, and others consolidated Gen. Appropriations Bills

S. Con. Res. 38-Wherry and others Re: budget correspondence

S. Con. Res. 38-Budget

S. Con. Res. 59-Birthday greetings to Hon. Herbert Hoover

S.J. Res. 2-Electoral college lodge

S.J. Res. 31-Lucas & Wherry Re: Freedom Train

S.J. Res. 97-Wherry (others) Budget (correspondence)

S.J. Res. 97-Wherry (others) Budget Bill file

Saudi-Arabian Pipeline final recommendations to Standing Committee

Box 11 (1949)


Senator’s reservation to the Resolution Ratification of North Atlantic Treaty

Senate Concurrent Resolutions-81st Congress

Senate Small Business Committee, material sent to storage

State-Foreign relations

Small Business Committee, disposition of records

T.N.M.E.-Navy-Marine Corps

Box 11 (1950)


Agriculture-Production and marketing administration

Committee-Joint Economic Report


Congressional Reprint: Protect the American People from the Blunders and Mismanagement for the Administration, 81st Congress

Congressional Reprint: Remarks of Eugene O’Sullivan Re: Sen Wherry

Congressional Reprint: Legislation enacted by the 81st Congress Senate Statement Re: Senate Document #237

Congressional Reprint: Effects of Inflation on Business

Congressional Reprint: Re: Meat inspection service

Federal Trade Commission and Antitrust Division Appropriations

General-Autographs and Pictures




General-Invitations-T.B. Strain Dinner

General-Invitations other than speeches

General-Nebraska-Jim Berryman letter Re: Nebraska Admiral



House bills, 1950

H.R. 4016-Appropriations, State, Justice, Commerce and Judiciary

H.R. 6551-6600

H.R. 8920-Amendment to (Kem) Re: Shipments to communist nations

H.R. 9526-Supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending 6-30-51

H.R. 9526-Amendment to Wherry “Strategic Materials”

Labor-Federal Security Appropriations

Republican Party-General

Republican Party-Nebraska

Republican Party-Nebraska State Pre-Primary Convention, June 13, 1950

Republican Party-Nebraska County Post-Primary Convention, August 24, 1950

Republican Party-Nebraska State Post-Primary Convention, September 9, 1950

Republican Party-Nebraska 1950 G.O.P. Caravan

Republican Party-Founders Day

Republican Party-National Committee

Miscellaneous Senate Bills, 1950

S. 958-Butler & Wherry-Relief of Alma Cooperative Equity Exchange

S. 1008-(1950) Special File

S. 1487-Wherry-Relief of Katherine L. Anderson

S. 2929-Wherry & others-return of property from alien received as gift from an American citizen

S. 3021-Wherry-Relief of Rai Bahadursingh

S. 3229-Wherry-for himself and Butler-Genoa Indian School

S. 3290-Wherry-Relief of Rodolfo Raminez Morales

S. 3296-Tydings-Wherry and others-Housing

S. 3304-Amendments to including Sen. Wherry or introduction by him

S. 3319-Yisdro, Gonzales H., Manuel S. Morales, and Guillermo Valenzulla

S. 3471-Wherry-Relief of John Chisdoulias

S. 3724-Wherry-Relief of Maria Sulibourka Forbes

S. 4037-Amendment to Wherry (Strategic materials)

S. 4233-Wherry-Relief of Col. Harry F. Cunningham

S. Res. 231-Ferguson & Wherry Amendment to subpoena State Department for loyalty

S. Res. 235-Martin Wherry-Grave of Re: Phineas D. Gurley former State chaplin

S. Res. 241-Missouri Pacific Railroad Co., Conally, Wherry and others

S. Res. 280-Hill, Wherry and others, homosexual and other moral perverts

S. Res. 295-Capehart Wherry-Re: Amerasia case

S. Res. 371-Kem Wherry, others Re: Discussion of President with Atlee

S. Con. Res. 89-Wherry-Winnipeg flood

S. Con. Res. 98-Wherry and others Re: Printing of hearings on S. Res. 231

Senate Joint Resolutions

Senate Small Business

State-Foreign Affairs

State-Foreign Policy



Box 12 (1951)


Miscellaneous correspondence, 1951

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1951

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1951

Cloture rule and Anti-Poll Tax legislation before rules and administration. Letter to Sen. Hayden in re. Committees-Rules

Congressional reprint-Taft’s speech

Congressional record-U.S. Public works spending cuts overshadowed by foreign aid billions for similar project

H.R. 3587-E.C.A. amendment to Kem, Byrd, Wherry, Malone

H.R. 3709-Amendment to

H.R. 3880-Amendment to budget cuts

H.R. 3973-Amendment to meat inspection

H.R. 4309-Reduction in taxes

H.R. 4386-Amendment to Ferguson’s motion

H.R. 4400-4499

H.R. 4407

H.R. 4550-Amendment to Re: Exports to Russia, etc., to amend H.R. 3587

H.R. 5113-Amendment to Dirksen-Wherry

Nebraska, Kansas and Western Iowa newspaper editors

Box 13


Nebraska reclamation association

Observations for the benefit of new senators

Letters and telegrams re: S. Res. 8

S. Res. 8 – Correspondence

S. Res. 137-Amendment to

S. Res. 281-Wherry-Relief to Col. Harry F. Cunningham

S. 282-Wherry-Relief of Richard Gregory Rundle and Baliquette Adele Rundle

S. 283-Wherry-Relief of Akoko Mitshuta

S. 284-Wherry-Benefits for armed forces in Korean Theatre

S. 349-Sen. Amendment (withdrawn)

S. 349-Extensio of Wherry Housing Act

S. 719-McCarran, Wherry, others basing point

S. 959-Butler & Wherry-Relief of Farms Cooperative Equity Exchange Republican City, Nebraska, H.R. 2585

S. 1358-Wherry-Relief of George P. de Seversky & Isabelle de Seversky

S. 1390-Nixon, Wherry, others to prevent dismissal of government Employee because of testifying

S. 1487-Butler & Wherry-Transfer of land from Ft. Robinson Remount Station to city of Crawford

S. 1586-Holland-Wherry-Educational aid to Koreans

S. 1632-Wherry-To amend section 22 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act

S. 1656-Wherry-Relief of Nagakulo (also known as Roy Mervin Nelson)

S. 1694-Ellender-Wherry and others-extend and amend Sugar Act of 1948

S. 1717-Defense Production Act Wherry-Maybank Amendment

S. 1717-Amendment to

S. 1789-Butler & Wherry-Limiting the application of the Federal Power Act to States and Municipalities

S. 1979-Relief of Helen Stembera

S. 1987-Kem-Wherry, Byrd, Malone-Term of assistance to foreign Countries exporting war materials to Russia

S. Res. 2-Wherry-Senate ready for business

S. Res. 8-Correspondence

S. Res. 31-Wherry-Membership Re: Committee on appropriations

S. Res. 148-Ferguson, Wherry, etc. estimate of Veterans Committee

S. Res. 203-Wherry others, cloture

S. Res. 210-Kem Wherry Study of Department of Agriculture

S. Res. 220-Butler & Wherry Death of Hon. Karl Stefan

S. Res. 228-McFarland re: Sen. Wherry’s illness

S. Res. 229-McMahon-Wherry re: Missouri Pacific Railroad

Box 13 (1951)


S. Res. 132 Wherry-Foreign policy

S. Con. Res. 5-Wherry-Committee to prepare Leg. Budget

S. Con. Res. 24-Invitation to Gen. MacArthur

S. Con. Res. 27-Byrd, Wherry, others general appropriation bill

S.J. Res. 46-Watkins, Wherry re: Treaty with Italy

S.J. Res. 51-Anniversary celebrations signing of Declaration of Independence

S.J. Res. 51-Amendment to

S.J. Res. 80-Bennett-Assistant to American Relief for Korea

S. Doc. 85-Democrat Congress Fails the People

Box 13 – Special subject file, A-Z, 1943-1951


Agricultural Adjustment Administration

American Petroleum Institute



Indians of Nebraska

Nebraska tour re: European trip, 1945

Box 14 – Special subject file




Price Control Act, 1942



Radio Broadcasts-Nebraska




Wherry for President

Series 2 – Speeches and Press Releases

Box 15 – 1943-1946


Speech-January 30, 1943; Dayton Ohio McKinley Birthday Celebration

Speech-April 29, 1943; Pittsburg, Radio Town Hall Broadcast

Speech-May 27, 1943; Chicago, Ill., Bankers Convention

Speech-July 12, 1943; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dry Goods Wholesalers

Speech-October 21, 1943; Chicago, Ill., National Funeral Directors

Speech-November 3, 1943; West Virginia; Bakers Convention

Press Release-1943

Speech-January 18, 1944; New York City; American Tariff

Speech-January 18, 1944; Chicago, Ill.; National Retail Furniture Association

Speech-February 12, 1944; Huntington, West Virginia; Lincoln Day Speech

Speech-February 19, 1944; Radio; The People’s Platform

Speech-March 27, 1944; Radio Station WHN; Washington, D.C.

Speech-Not given, May 12, 1944; New York City

Speech-May 12, 1944; New York City; New Jersey Bankers Association

Speech-May 23, 1944; Radio; American Forum of Air “The Fourth Term”

Speech-June 22, 1944; Radio Station WMAL; Washington, D.C.

Speech-September 11, 1944; Chicago; Beauty & Barber Supply Institute

Speech-October 6, 1944; Chicago; Illinois State Chamber of Commerce

Speech-October 25, 1944; Chicago; National Association Industrial Tire Dealers

Speech-October 31, 1944; Charlotte, North Carolina

Speech-November 3, 1944; Kewanee, Illinois; State Central Republican Committee

Speech-December 11, 1944; Roanoke, Virginia; Virginia Highway Users

Speech-December 13, 1944; Chicago; American Farm Bureau

Speech-December 13 (or 14), 1944; Chicago; American Hotel Association

Press Releases-1944

Speech-January 18, 1945; New York City; Wholesale Dry Goods Institute

Speech-February 10, 1945; Radio; Is Congress Doing The Job?

Speech-March 12, 1945; Radio; Re. S. 585

Press Release-No. Ohio Personnel & Executive Conference, November 17, 1945

Speech-January 10, 1946; Boston; New England Clothiers

Speech-January 29, February 1 and 7, 1946; Investigation of Starvation Conditions in Europe; In the Senate

Speech-February 12, 1946; Providence, R.I.; Lincoln Day Dinner

Speech-March 3, 1946; Manhattan Center

Speech-March 7, 1946; Minneapolis; Independent Retail Lumber Dealers

Speech-March 19, 1946; Pre-Primary Convention

Speech-April 29, 1946; Atlantic City; American Trade Association Executives

Speech-May 6, 1946; Pittsburgh

Speech-May 7, 1946; American Forum of the Air

Speech-May 24, 1946; Chicago; Illinois Manufacturers’ Association-Cancelled

Speech-June 6, 1946; Radio-CBS WTOP

Speech-June 12, 1946; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association

Speech-June 13, 1946; Radio-WOW

Speech-June 16, 1946; Fremont; Saunders, Harry P.; Postal Employees Convention

Speech-June 26, 1946; Iowa State Convention

Speech-July 31, 1946; State Department Policy

Speech-September 30, 1946; Omaha; Advertising-Selling League

Speech-October 2, 1946; Idaho Republican Rally

Speech-October 3, 1946; Rawlins, Wyoming; Republican Rally

Speech-October 4, 1946; Portland; Republican Men’s Club

Speech-October 5, 1946; Centralia Chelais; Republican Rally

Speech-October 17, 1946; Chicago; National Paper Trade Association, Tentative

Speech-October 22, 1946; Atlantic City; Dairy Industry Committee

Speech-October 23, 1946; Chicago; National Association Furniture Manufacturers

Speech-October 24, 1946; Springfield; Sangamon Company Republican Central Committee

Speech-October 29, 1946; Cleveland; Frozen Food Locker Manufacturers & Suppliers Association

Speech-October 30, 1946; Chicago; Shoe Fair

Speech-December 18, 1946; National Metal Trades Association

Press Release-General

Press Release-The Challenge of the Republican Party; 3-19-46

Press Release-General Since; 4-15-46

Press Release-“Let’s Be American About Reconversion”; 4-29-46

Press Release-Cost of Price Control Extension; 7-24-46

Press Release-State Department & American Foreign Policy; 7-24-46

Press Release-“Bureaucracy-A national Menace,” 9-30-46

Press Releases-Republican Rally; 10-2-46

Press Releases-Republican Rally; 10-3-46

Press Releases-Republican Rally; 10-4-46

Press Releases-Republican Rally; 10-5-46

Press Release-“Bureaucracy-A National Menace”, 10-17-46

Press Releases-“Looking Ahead in Washington”; 10-22-46

Press Releases-“Is Bureaucracy A National Menace?”; 10-23-46

Press Releases-“The Challenge to the Republican Party”; 10-24-46

Press Releases-“Government Controls”; 10-24-46

Press Releases-“The Challenge to the American People”; 11-3-46

Press Releases-“Summing Up the Issues in This Campaign”; 11-3-46

General Speech Comments

Box 16 – 1947-1948


Speech-January 22, 1947; New York; Tax Foundation

Speech-February 12, 1947; Boston; Lincoln Day

Speech-February 27, 1947; Chicago; Cornbelt Livestock Feeders Association

Speech-April 24, 1947; Honoring Dr. Edwin N.C. Barnes

Speech-Sent to 2000 Illinois Men by American Enterprise Association; May 1947

Speech-June 16, 1947; Chicago; American Lumber Congress

Speech-October 31, 1947; Phoenix; National Reclamation

Speech-November 11, 1947; Nebraska Bankers Association

Press Releases-1947

Press Releases-Cornbelt Livestock Feeders Association, 2-27-47

Press Releases-Rationing of Sugar; 5-11 and 5-18-47

Press Releases-National Reclamation Association at Phoenix; 10-31-47

SSB Press Releases-Oil

SSB Press Releases-Steel

Speech-January 14, 1948; Washington, D.C.; Small Business Men’s Association

Speech-January 20, 1948; Republican National Luncheon Meeting

Speech-January 30, 1948; Radio Broadcast (for Senator Robertson)

Speech-February 5, 1948; Atlantic City; Middle Atlantic Lumbermen’s Association

Speech-February 9, 1948; Nashville; Lincoln Day

Speech-February 12, 1948: Huntington; Lincoln Day

Speech-February 12, 1948; Huntington; Lincoln Day; Radio

Speech-March 19, 1948; Washington, D.C.; National Rivers & Harbors Congress

Speech-March 30, 1948; “Missouri Basin Development Moves Ahead”

Speech-April 4, 1948; Chicago; Associated Retail Barbers of America

Speech-April 14, 1948; Omaha; NRFA Midwest Furniture Assoc.

Speech-April 15, 1948; Peoria; Ill.; Federation of Retail Assoc.

Speech-April 26, 1948; Washington D.C.; National Chambers of Commerce

Speech-April 27, 1948; Nebraska Theatre Men’s Association

Speech-May 1948; Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Manufacturers (Not Delivered)

Speech-June 22, 1948; Philadelphia; Republican National Convention

Speech-July 23, 1948; Meet the Press Radio Program

Speech-July 28, 1948; Re. President’s Speech; CBS

Speech-September 22, 1948; Radio Transcription for use on Caravan

Speech-October 18, 1948; Quincy; Republican Rally

Speech-October 20, 1948; Ponca City; Republican Rally

Speech-October 23, 1948; Lander; Republican Rally

Speech-October 25, 1948; Havre; Republican Rally

Speech-October 29, 1948; Radio Speech

Speech-November 1, 1948; Radio Speech

Press Releases

Press Releases-General

Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases and Radio-Foreign aid, etc., Associated Retail Bakers; April 5, 1948

Press Releases & Radio-Marshall Plan & Our Domestic Economy; April 5, 1948

Press Release-Re: J.H. Parmelee Statements Inland Waterway Barges

Press Release-Republican National Convention; June 22, 1948

Press Release-Republican National Convention Rally; October 18, 1948

Press Release-Statement & Resume of Appropriations made and carry over funds revealed in the estimates of Bur. Rec.

Press Release-Re: The proposed loan to Greece and Turkey

Box 17 – 1949


Speech-January 12, 1949; Radio

Speech-January 17, 1949; New York; Wholesale Dry Goods Institute

Speech-January 20, 1949; National Committee Men-Women

Speech-February 12, 1949; Chicago; Lincoln Day Dinner

Speech-March 19, 1949; Radio Broadcast Interview Cloture

Speech-March 26, 1949; “Interview with George J. Burger, WWDC”

Speech-March 24, 1949; New York; National Industrial Conference Board

Speech-March 25, 1949; New York; National Fibre Can & Tube Association

Speech-April 4, 1949; Rivers and Harbors (Never Given)

Speech-April 4, 1949; Washington D.C.; District League of Republican Women

Speech-April 4, 1949; Washington D.C.; Newsweek-Dumont TV Network Show

Speech-April 6, 1949; D of C.-League of Republican Women

Speech-April 7, 1949; Philadelphia; Sentry Club (Given by Telephone)

Speech-April 21, 1949; Housing Act of 1949 (Not Given)

Speech-April 21, 1949; American Society of Newspaper Editors

Speech-April 30, 1949; Washington, PA.; Testimonial Dinner, Senator Ed Martin

Speech-May 12, 1949; Washington D.C.; National Lumber Manufacturers

Speech-May 13, 1949; Washington D.C.; Meet the Press

Speech-May 16, 1949; New York; National Paper Box Manufacturers Association

Speech-May 27, 1949; Pro & Con Radio Interview

Speech-June 5, 1949; Washington D.C.; ABC

Speech-July; Northwestern University Reviewing Stavel Broadcast

Speech-July 13, 1949; Radio, Re: the Pact

Speech-July 14, 1949; Television Camel News Program

Speech-July 15, 1949; NBC Statement

Speech-July 16, 1949; Reply to President Truman’s Economic Report

Speech-July 17, 1949; Telenews, President’s economic speech

Speech-August 5, 1949; TV “Know Your Congress”

Speech-August 8, 1949; TV Meet the Press

Speech-August 19, 1949; Radio, Gannett News Station

Speech-September 11, 1949; NBC, “Voices and Events”

Speech-September 13, 1949; Airport Advisory Committee

Speech-September 14, 1949; Reciprocal Trade

Speech-September 23, 1949; Sioux City

Speech-October 4, 1949; Chicago; Frozen Food Locker Institute

Speech-October 14, 1949; Radio CBS

Speech-October 19, 1949; Mutual Broadcasting Co.

Speech-October 22, 1949; Lenoir, N.C.; Young Republican Meeting

Speech-October 29, 1949; French Lick, Indiana; Indiana Republican Editorial Association

Speech-November 8, 1949; Chicago; American Butter Institute

Speech-November 10, 1949; San Francisco; National Retail Lumber Dealers

Speech-November 17, 1949; Cleveland; No. Ohio Personnel and Executive Conference

Speech-November 18, 1949; Beatrice; Soil Conservation

Speech-November 20, 1949; Chicago; Radio Interview

Speech-November 21, 1949; Chicago; National Association of Real Estate Boards

Speech-November 26, 1949; Sioux Falls; S.D.; Automobile Dealers

Speech-December 28, 1949; Telenews Interview

Speech-December 30, 1949; Blair Moody Recording

Speech Comments

Press Release-January 13, 1949; Freedom Train

Press Release-January 17, 1949; “What Business Might Expect from 81st Congress”

Press Release-January 26, 1949; Wherry’s Appropriation Subcommittees

Press Release-February 11, 1949; SSB Financial Steel Report

Press Release-February 12, 1949; Chicago speech

Press Release-February 21, 1949; Remount Station at Fort Robinson

Press Release-February 24, 1949; on proposed legislature for housing at armed force bases

Press Release-March 7, 1949; on proposed legislature for housing at armed force bases

Press Release-March 7, 1949; Proposed legislature for Congressional Charter to Reserve officers Association

Press Release-March 7, 1949; Income tax snow storm loss Deduction

Press Release-March 9, 1949; Cloture

Press Release-March 23, 1949; Protection of small business by FCA

Press Release-March 25, 1949; Re: Amendment to S. 1209

Press Release-April 7, 1949; Sentry Club

Press Release-April 30, 1949; Sen. Martin testimonial

Press Release-May 5, 1949; Federal Aid to Education

Press Release-May 11, 1949; S. Con. Res. 38

Press Release-May 12, 1949; Speech National Lumber Manufacturers Association

Press Release-May 16, 1949; Speech National Paper Manufacturers Association

Press Release-May 25, 1949; The Federal Fiscal Situation

Press Release-May 27, 1949; Pro & Con Bdct.

Press Release-June 1, 1949; Test on S.J. Res. 97

Press Release-June 8, 1949; ROA

Press Release-June 23, 1949; Creighton Anniversary

Press Release-June 28, 1949; ABC

Press Release-June 29, 1949; McClellan-Wherry; S.J. Res. 108

Press Release-July 6, 1949; Democratic leader blocks Small Business Bill

Press Release-July 7, 1949; Postal Leg.

Press Release-July 7, 1949; Government royalty oil contracts

Press Release-July 16, 1949; Reply to President Truman

Press Release-July 21, 1949; Reservation to North Atlantic Pact

Press Release-July 21, 1949; Statement on floor

Press Release-July 23, 1949; CAA Airports-Nebraska

Press Release-August 21-22, 1949; Reply to White Paper on China

Press Release-August 28, 1949; Cong. Rec. Reprints

Press Release-September 23, 1949; Cong. Rec. Reprints Rep. Farm Conference

Press Release-October 4, 1949; Cong. Rec. Reprints Frozen Food Locker Institute

Press Release-October 22, 1949; No. Carolina Rep. Rally

Press Release-October 29, 1949; Ind. Editorial Association

Press Release-November 21, 1949; National Association of Real Estate Boards

Press Releases-1949

Box 18 – 1950


Speech-January 2, 1950; Washington D.C.; Mutual Broadcasting System

Speech-January 5, 1950; NBC Television Recording

Speech-January 11, 1950; Broadcast on Pres. State of Union Message

Speech-January 18, 1950; Waukegon, Ill.; Waukegon Chamber of Commerce

Speech-January 19, 1950; Chicago; Union League Club of Chicago

Speech-February 4, 1950; TV Show “Who Said That”

Speech-February 6, 1950; Rep. Box Supper

Speech-February 9, 1950; San Francisco; Lincoln Day

Speech-February 10, 1950; Long Beach, California

Speech-February 10, 1950; L.A.; Lincoln Day

Speech-February 24, 1950; Meet the Press

Speech-February 24, 1950; Lincoln; Naval Air Reserve Base

Speech-March 2, 1950; World Cong. Of partisans of Peace

Speech-March 6, 1950; Question & Answers Independent Business Forum Committee

Speech-March 10, 1950; Re: Gubitcher

Speech-April 2, 1950; Upton case

Speech-April 13, 1950; Radio Blair Moody

Speech-April 21, 1950; Don Heomann Broadcast

Speech-April 28, 1950; TV Capitol Close-up

Speech-April 30, 1950; Washington-NBC

Speech-May 4,1950; Congressional Record ECA

Speech-May 9, 1950; Mutual Newsreel-Reply to President

Speech-May 12, 1950; Telenews

Speech-May 26, 1950; Omaha-national Livestock Exchange

Speech-June 3, 1950; Rep. School

Speech-June 5, 1950; Rep. Women Task Force SOB

Speech-June 21, 1950; Rep. Club of Arlington

Speech-June 23, 1950; Radio Telenews

Speech-June 26, 1950; NBC Morgan Beatty

Speech-June 30, 1950; Re: Voting for bill Mutual Defense Assistance Program

Speech-July 8, 1950; Radio recording

Speech-July 14, 1950; Mutual Broadcasting Co.

Speech-July 19, 1950; Re: Poes message to Congress

Speech-August 6, 1950; Gannett News Service

Speech-August 9, 1950; President request for legis. re. subversives

Speech-September 20-1950; ABC

Speech-September 21, 1950; Republican National Committee

Speech-September 23, 1950; Telenews with Lucas Senate and House Side

Speech-September 23, 1950; Telenews Lucas & Wherry

Speech-September 23, 1950; National Committee

Speech-September 26, 1950; South Dakota Francis Case

Speech-October 10, 1950; Ft. Wayne, Indiana; Republican Rally

Speech-October 17, 1950; Aberdeen, South Dakota; State Republican Rally

Speech-October 18, 1950; Renssleaer, Indiana; Republican Co. Organization

Speech-October 19, 1950; Belleville, Ill.; Illinois Republican Organization

Speech-October 25, 1950; Kirksville, Missouri; First Cong. Dist. Rally

Speech-October 27, 1950; North Platte; District and Convention Nebraska

Speech-1950; Salt Lake City

Speech-October 31-1950; Nampa, Indiana

Speech-November 27, 1950 (off the cuff)

Speech-November 28, 1950; Re: Chinese Reds

Speech-November 30, 1950; Voice of America

Speech-December 1, 1950: Re: Situation in Korea

Speech-December 13, 1950; Gannett News Service

Speech-December 16, 1950; San Antonio, Cancelled

Speech-December 28, 1950; NBC Radio

Speech-December 29, 1950; CBS Radio

Speech-December 31, 1950; Capitol Cloakroom

Speech Comments, 1950

Press Release-S. Res. 58 Estimate of permanent small business

Press Release-January 11, 1950; ABC Republican Round-up

Press Release-January 18, 1950; Waukegon Chamber of Commerce

Press Release-January 20, 1950; Union League Meeting

Press Release-February 9, 1950; California State Organization and San Francisco Co. Rep. Comm.

Press Release-February 10, 1950; L.A. Republican National Committee

Press Release-February 21, 1950; Re-est. of small business committee

Press Release-April 2, 1950; Upton Close Program

Press Release-April 19, 1950; Re: Letter to John J. McClay, Re: Dismantling

Press Release-June 20, 1950; Arlington, VA; Republican Club

Press Release-July 11, 1950; Re: Invasion of Korea

Press Release-August 17, 1950; Reply to President Truman’s Contemptible

Press Release-September 15, 1950; Re: Sen. ECA Amendment

Press Release-September 19, 1950; Re: Harriman’s speech re: Senator Taft

Press Release-September 25, 1950: Columbus, Ohio speech

Press Release-October 10, 1950; Nebraska rebase on Fort Wayne, Indiana speech

Press Release-October 19, 1950; Belleville, Illinois speech

Press Release-November 2, 1950; Attempted assassination of President

Press Release-November 2, 1950; surplus of potatoes

Press Release-1st half of 1950

Press Release-2nd half of 1950

Box 19 – 1951


Speech-January 4, 1951; Telenews

Speech-January 6, 1951; Coffee in Washington

Speech-January 7, 1951; American Forum of the Air “State of the Union”

Speech-January 8, 1951; Voice of America

Speech-January 8, 1951; Re: Soldiers in Europe

Speech-January 15, 1951; Intro. Of S. Res. 8

Speech-January 23, 1951; Capitol Cloakroom WTOP

Speech-January 29, 1951; Republican Rally for New Members

Speech-February 5, 1951; Republican Box Supper

Speech-February 12, 1951; March of Time

Speech-February 12, 1951; Pontiac, Michigan; Lincoln Day

Speech-February 14, 1951; Nebraska Reclamation Association, Lincoln

Speech-February 18, 1951; Radio program with Phillip Pearl

Speech-February 25, 1951; Blair Moody Meet Your Congressman

Speech-February 27, 1951; before Senate Armed Ser. Committee re: S. Res. 8

Speech-March 3, 1951; Boston; Beacon Society

Speech-March 8, 1951; Interview by Gunnar Back

Speech-March 8, 1951; Interview with Senator Langer of S.D.

Speech-March 9, 1951

Speech-March 10, 1951; NBC

Speech-March 16, 1951; re. presidency

Speech-March 19, 1951; Lincoln Women’s Luncheon Founder’s Day

Speech-March 22, 1951; National Society New England Women

Speech-March 30, 1951; Senate speech S. Res. 99 & S. Con. Res. 18

Speech-April 11, 1951; Radio Recording KHAS

Speech-April 12, 1951; National Conference of Business Paper Editors

Speech-April 19, 1951; Vandenberg Death

Speech-April 20, 1951; MacArthur

Speech-April 29, 1951; Transcriptions for radio station KMMJ & KXXX

Speech-May 3, 1951; Radio Interview

Speech-May 24, 1951; TV 17th Anniversary of Signing Declaration of Independence

Speech-June 4, 1951; OPS Rollbacks

Speech-June 6, 1951; Milwaukee; National Feed Industry Show

Speech-June 19, 1951; Philadelphia; Inaugural Lunch; 175th Anniversary of Declaration of Independence

Speech-June 23, 1951; Ohio Young Republican Convention

Speech-June 25, 1951; Washington Student Citizenship Seminar

Speech-July 4, 1951; Detroit’s 250th Birthday

Speech-July 6, 1951; Women’s National Press Club

Speech-July 13, 1951; Voice of America, Bastille Day

Speech-July 13, 1951; Senate Appropriations Armed Service Subcommittee

Speech-July 19, 1951; Speech on military housing

Speech-July 25, 1951; re. Agr. Approp. H.R. 3973 ECA Spending

Speech-July 28, 1951; Nebraska Young Republicans

Speech-July 29, 1951; Nebraska Young Republicans

Speech-August 4, 1951; Trans. For radio station KMMJ

Speech-August 9, 1951; Remarks at dinner in Senate honor as Floor Leader

Speech-August 10, 1951; Proposed speech re. MVA

Speech-August 11, 1951; Voice of America re. President reply to N. Schrernik

Speech-August 11, 1951; Kansas-West Iowa Newspaper editors; Flood control

Speech-August 20, 1951; re. report of the Md. Sen. Election 1950

Speech-August 25, 1951; Marine Corps League (Didn’t Give)

Speech-August 28, 1951; Senate Strategic Materials H.R. 4550

Speech-September 2, 1951; Substituting for Drew Pearson

Speech-September 14, 1951; Tape Recording for KWBE

Speech-September 14, 1951; The Executives Club of Chicago

Press Release-January 15, 1951; Original copy of S. Res. 8

Press Release-January 25, 1951; S. Res. 8

Press Release-January 29, 1951; District of Columbia Republican Club

Press Release-February 12, 1951; Lincoln Day Speech

Press Release-February 27, 1951; S. Res. 8

Press Release-March 4, 1951; Beacon Society of Boston

Press Release-March 22, 1951; National Society of New England Women

Press Release-June 19, 1951; 175th Anniversary Signing of Declaration of Independence

Press Release-June 23, 1951; Young Republican Ohio

Press Release-July 4, 1951; 175th Signing of Declaration of Independence, Detroit

Press Release-July 6, 1951; Debate with Sen. Kerr

Press Comments, 1951

Press Release-1st half 1951

Press Release

Press Release

Speeches (added 5/24/1996):

Volume 1   January 5, 1943-December 13, 1944

Volume 2   January 18, 1945-October 3, 1946

Volume 3   October 4, 1946-November 11, 1947

Volume 4   January 14, 1948-May 13, 1949

Volume 5   May 16, 1949-December 30, 1949

Volume 6   January 2, 1950-October 19, 1950

Volume 7   October 1950-March 8, 1951

Volume 8   March 8, 1951-September 14, 1951

Series 3 – Special Articles

Box 20 – 1943-1951


Debate in Print, “Should Presidency be limited to two terms” (Rex Stout), Nov. 29, 1943

Republican Party – special file on Quigley – C.H. Gunn letter, 1944

Article about the Senator, The American Press, Mar. 20, 1947

Article about the Senator, “New Small Business Committee,” Farm Equipment Retailing, May 1947

Wherry quote on disabled vet needs, Sept. 1946

Senator’s article, “The Future of Small Business,” The Republican, Oct. 1947

Wire sent to UNO Delegates by Senator and 25 others re. Partition of Palestine, Nov. 23, 1947

Statement by Senator re. Lithuanians, Feb. 14, 1948; Feb. 10, 1949

“Legislative Outlook for Small Business,” The Army Times, Mar. 15, 1948

“World Herald Economy Questionnaire, May 27, 1949

Article by Senator, “Rarin-to-Go,” (The Frontier Refining Co.), June 1948

Article about the Senator, “Senator Wherry Keeps Promise,” The Post Office Clerk, June 1948

Statement re. public service by the National Jewish Hospital at Denver, July 9, 1948

Statement on housing, July 15, 1948

Nebraska German article, Omaha Daily Tribune, July 21, 1948

Senator’s work regarding Italian Peace Treaty, Aug. 4, 1948

Senator’s Convention speech and advice to small business and Mrs. Wherry’s Plan, July 1948

Senator’s article in The American Magazine, Aug. 1948

Article in Gordon, Nebraska, Journal, August 1948

Farm Journal, Sept. 6, 1948

Article by the Senator in Trade Union Courier, Sept. 1948

Statement on Hon. Edgar Howard’s 90th birthday, Sept. 16, 1948

Hardware, Sept. 1948

Reserve Officer, Oct. 1948

Statement by Senator Wherry for Oklahoma meeting of National Reclamation Association, Nov. 15, 1948

Statement on Palestine, Omaha, Oct. 27, 1948

Article and picture in “The Brief Phi Delta Phi Quarterly,” Nov. 1948

“If You Believe in American Opportunity”

80th Congress document

Statement by Ed Gibbs re: Senator’s attitude toward distillers, Jan. 6, 1949

Statement re: reason for being a Senator, Jan. 6, 1949

Statement to Nebraska Reclamation Association, February 8, 1949

Letter re: private schools, Feb. 10, 1949

Statement to Nebraska Reserve Officers Organization for National Security, Feb. 12, 1949

Statement re. Parent-Teachers, Feb. 23, 1949

Statement re. Senator in “The Oil Forum,” Feb. 1949

Statement re. “Who’s Who in the Republican Party,” Mar. 2, 1949

Statement to National Rivers and Harbors Congress, Apr. 8-9, 1949

“The Amazing Mr. Wherry,” Omaha World Herald editorial, Apr. 12, 1949

Statement to “Spit and Argue Table” re: pictures of Senator close to the President, Apr. 23, 1949

“American Magazine” advertisement, Apr. 1949

Senator’s aid to young veterans, “Douglas County Legionnaire,” Apr. 28, 1949

Republican Progress, remarks about Lucas on Cloture, Apr. 15, 1949

Statement re: Agriculture Department Flood Control Policy, May 3, 1949

Nebraska Theatre Association meeting, Grand Island, May 11, 1949

Wire to Ted Mack Amateur Program, Omaha, May 18, 1949; Lincoln, June 15, 1949

American Magazine, June 1949

“What Price Arabian Oil,” for Flying Magazine, June 1949

Statement re: Salvation Army’s Gene Eppley Camp, June 7, 1949

O’Sullivan’s derogatory remarks re. Senator, Congressional Record, July 20, 1949

Statement re: S. 1772 for Nebraska Postal Clerk, July 31, 1949

Atlantic Pact for INS, July 1949

Postal legislation S. 1440, S. 878, The Postal Record, August 1949

81st Congress pictorial book, Aug. 1949

Atom bomb, New York Compass, Aug. 9, 1949

Statement re. Hon. Herbert Hoover on his birthday, Aug. 10, 1949

“What is the Unemployment Situation,” Trade Union Courier, Sept. 1, 1949

“The Nebraska Postman,” re: 60th anniversary of the Nebraska Association of Letter Carriers

Record of 1st session of the 81st Congress, Wherry S. Doc., Oct. 13-19, 1949

Tris Coffin’s statement re: colloquy between Taft and Senator on federal aid, Oct. 16, 1949

Senator’s statement on Nation’s primary security, Oct. 20, 1949

“Who are the Nation’s Best and Worst Senators?” Pageant, Oct. 1949

Statement by Pearson re: Senator, George Meredith and small business, Nov. or Dec. 1949

The Progressive, 1949 (Bob LaFollette)

Nebraska Retailer, Nov. 1949

For Mr. Charles Parmer, Alexandria Gazette, Nov. 23, 1949

Article special for INS re. reduction of government expenditures, Jan. 1950

Remarks by Senator re. Senator Reed, Jan. 2, 1950

Statement for New York Daily Compass (Clip Boutell) re. Bi-Partisan Policy, Jan. 5, 1950

Statement on foreign languages in schools, Jan. 11, 1950

Statement re. Civil Rights legislation, Jan. 11, 1950

The New York Times, Jan. 15, 1950 (William S. White)

Congressional outlook, domestic and international, The Chronicle, Jan. 19, 1950

Cut in Missouri Basin funds, Omaha World Herald, Jan. 22, 1950

Statement re. National Debt, Jan. 12, 1950; Reply to School Children, Jan. 23, 1950

“What the Hiss Trial Actually Means,” Jan. 25, 1950

Duties of Whip and Majority Leader

H-Bomb for Clip Boutell, New York Daily Compass, Feb. 1, 1950

Article for Lt. Col. Ian A. Marriott, to be published after British Elections, re. ECA, Feb. 16, 1950

Remarks re. 10th anniversary of the Senate Radio Gallery, Feb. 16, 1950

Election in Britain – INS – McKee exclusive, Feb. 23, 1950

World Congress of Partisans of Peace (in Senate), Mar. 2, 1950

Senator’s picture in “The World’s Snootiest Beanery,” Saturday Evening Post, Mar. 4, 1950

“History of the Coal Crisis” in Senate, Mar. 4, 1950

Senator’s letter in Life Magazine, Mar. 28, 1949, re. housing near bases (S. 1184)

Senator’s statement in Congressional Record, Mar. 30, 1950, in reply to President re. loyalty records

Statement why young people should be interested in political trends, Mar. 30, 1950

“Senator Cracks His Whip,” The Michigan Voter, April 1950

Statement re. Dean Acheson and foreign policy, Apr. 4, 1950

Statement re. Floor Leader, Apr. 4, 1950

Statement re. rural schools, Apr. 5, 1950

Statement re. Senator’s vote on Public Works Authorization Bill, H.R. 5472, Apr. 14, 1950

Statement on “Senate Mail,” Apr. 27, 1950

Nebraska Postal Clerk, May 18, 1950

Mid-Century Edition, Grand Island, June 2, 1950

Scripps-Howard article by Andrew Tulley

Statement to Republican Valley Conservation meeting, June 26, 1950

Pros and Cons of Welfare State, June 27, 1950

Picture in New York Times re Korean situation, July 9, 1950

Re. Senator, Saturday Evening Post, Aug. 5, 1950

Senator’s reply to President’s statement in press conference re. Dean Acheson, Aug. 17, 1950

“Turning Point,” American Weekly, Aug. 27, 1950

Regarding Drew Pearson’s statement re. Senator’s objection to funds for crime committee, Sept. 23, 1950

Special article for INS, Sept. 1950 (81st Congress)

Statement to National Reclamation Association Convention, Spokane, Washington, Nov. 15, 1950

Christmas message to County Officials Magazine, Dec. 11, 1950

Hoover’s speech, Congressional Reprint, Dec. 20, 1950

International situation, Nebraska Retailer, November 1950

Senator’s statement on 81st Congress Senate Doc. 237

Resolution re. Senator Wherry for President

Requests for statements (not made)

Omaha World Herald advertisements re. economy, June 1950

175th anniversary of signing of the Declaration of Independence – for C.S. Publishing Co. (Czech newspapers)

DeSeversky – “How Should America Prepare,” Cosmopolitan, June 1951 (refers to Senator)

Campaign publication, Nebraska Leader, re. Senator Wherry

“Banking,” H. Bratter

Statement for National Association of Meat Processors, Jan. 8, 1951

Senator mentioned in “The Congress Goes Popular,” Nations Business, Jan. 1951

Long Beach Men’s Bible Class, Feb. 15, 1951

Statement to Lithuanians, Feb. 16, 1951 – Lithuania’s Independence Day

Statement re. box car shortage, Senate Agricultural Committee, Feb. 20, 1951

Statement on Formosa, Feb. 22, 1951

Statement re. Westbrook Pegler’s article in the Idaho Statesman, Mar. 7, 1951

Statements re. federal aid to education, S.Res. 8; Hawaiian Statehood; Health insurance; and the Missouri Valley Authority

Article for the Hearst Papers re. S.Res. 8, March 9, 1951

Statement re. opening the Bank of Bellevue, Mar. 14, 1951

Article for Lawrence Griswold, National Press Building, Mar. 16, 1951, re. Korea and world conditions

Young G.O.P. Capers, guest editorial, Mar. 19, 1951

Tribute to Dr. H.D. Myers, Howells, Nebraska, Apr. 5, 1951

“Fanny’s Restaurant,” Apr. 12, 1951

Liberty – re. President Truman, written approximately Apr. 23, 1951

“Sunday School Resolution Given National Attention,” Standard-Times, San Angelo, Texas, May 20, 1951

Statement for Order of Ahepa Convention at Grand Island, June 10-12, 1951

Statement to Nebraska Stock Growers Association Convention, South Sioux City, June 14, 1951

Wherry re. conference on civil rights (May 23rd), June 16, 1951

Statement for Chicago Daily Tribune, July 9, 1951

Statement to Palmer Hoyt, The Denver Post, July 10, 1951, re. roll backs & quotas (S. 1717)

Statement for Childers re. reduction in non-military expenditures, July 13, 1951

Quotation for Ladies Home Journal, July 18, 1951

Dedication of St. John’s American Lutheran Church, Beatrice, Nebraska, July 18, 1951

Foreign Policy for Sen. Watkins for Political Science Quarterly, Aug. 1951

World Affairs, The Wichita Beacon, Wichita, Kansas, Aug. 2, 1951

Urbana, Ohio, August 1951

Material for Herbert V. Prochnow’s book on public speaking, Aug. 11, 1951

Statement re. William Randolph Hearst, Aug. 15, 1951

Article for Paul Scott (Bob Allen Col.) Air Power, August 16, 1951

Article on “Major Problems,” for Baldwin Associated Newspapers, Aug. 17, 1951

Statement on Report of Maryland Senatorial Elections of 1950

Congress and foreign aid, Young America Review, Aug. 29, 1951

Article for Trade Union Courier, Sept. 3, 1951

Kefauver reference to Minority Leader and picture of Senator, Look Magazine, Sept. 1951

National Reclamation, Oct. 1951 – statement re. Senator

Columbus Day article for Public Ledger, October 1951

Article for Implement and Tractor, Kruckman News Service, Oct. 24, 1951

Series 4 – Miscellany

Box 21


1932 Gubernatorial campaign posters (see oversize)

S. 1184 – Wherry – Housing – relative to Omaha and Sidney

S. 1184 – Wherry – Housing – out-of-state correspondence and requests for copies of bill

Military Housing bill – misc. correspondence

Military Housing bill – misc. correspondence

Military Housing bill – misc. correspondence

Military Housing bill – misc. correspondence

S.J. Res. 118

Mills & Petticord and Associates, Architects & Engineers, Washington, D.C.

Relief of Farmers Union Coop. Association, Dawson, Nebraska


Press – July 25, 1949 – President’s Atlantic Pact Arms Proposal

Work of 82nd Congress, etc.  Speech prepared but never delivered

Small Business Bill – S. Res. 58 – Reported out of Rules Committee

Material on Constitutional Amendment

University of Nebraska Foundation to acquire Sen. Wherry’s papers

Cornhusker Republican Radio Program, 1940

“Which Form of Government” speech by Robert A. Taft at the Republican Rally, Topeka, Kansas, May 18, 1940

Final Report by State Chairman, Kenneth S. Wherry, to the State Central Committee on Party activities during term of office, Dec. 19, 1939 to June 22, 1942, inclusive

Misc. unfiled correspondence, 1943-1946

Misc. unsorted documents

Misc. Senate Bills, 81st Congress

History of Bills and Resolutions introduced in the United States Congress during the Eightieth Congress

Series 5 – Scrapbooks, 1938-1952 (Acc. 2012.0167)


    1. 1938, Mar. 4 (Founders’ Day)

    1. 1939, Dec. 19-1941, Sept. 22

    1. 1940, Campaign

    1. 1940, after Campaign

    1. 1941, Oct. 2-1942, June 12

    1. 1942, Apr.-Aug.

    1. 1942, Aug. 3-Sept. 17

    1. 1942, Oct.-Nov. 20

    1. 1942, Nov. (Election results)

    1. 1942, Nov. (Congratulatory letters filed by state)

    1. 1942, Nov. (Congratulatory telegrams, Nebraska, filed alphabetically by city)

    1. 1942, Nov. (Congratulatory telegrams, other states, filed alphabetically by state)

    1. 1943, Feb. 16-Aug. 1

    1. 1944, Jan.-Dec.

    1. 1945, Jan.-Dec.

    1. 1946, Mar.-Dec.

    1. 1947, Jan.-Dec.

    1. 1948, Jan.-May

    1. 1948, June 1-Nov. 10

    1. 1948, July-1950, Oct. (editorials)

    1. 1949, Jan.-Apr.

    1. 1949, May-Sept.

    1. 1949, Sept.-1950, Mar.

    1. 1950, Mar.-July

    1. 1950, Aug.-Nov.

    1. 1950, Nov.-1951, Feb.

    1. 1950, Sept.-1951, Dec.

    1. 1951, Mar.-Aug.

    1. 1951, Aug.-1952, Jan.


Added Entries:

Acheson, Dean Gooderham, 1893-1971

Agriculture — United States

Brownell, Herbert, 1904-1996

Budget — United States

Butler, Hugh Alfred, 1878-1954

Coffee, Harry Buffington, 1890-1972


European Recovery Program

Griswold, Dwight Palmer, 1878-1954

Lilienthal, David Eli, 1899-1981

Marshall, George Catlett, 1880-1959

Norris, George William, 1861-1944

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Politics — Nebraska

Price regulation

Republican Party

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945

United Nations

U.S. Armed Forces

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

U.S. Congress. Senate

U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Department of State — Appropriations and expenditures

U.S. Economic Cooperation Administration — Department of Commerce Joint Mission

U.S. Foreign Relations, 1945-1952

U.S. Relations

U.S. Rural Electrification Administration

Wallace, Henry Agard, 1888-1965


DDS/ds/ks   07-19-1971

Encoded TMM   12-18-2006

Revised TMM   06-12-2012

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